Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ringer 1.22: "I'm The Good Twin"

“I so wanted Siobhan to have changed. I guess you believe what you want to believe.”

“Like I wanted to believe you might forgive me. That you might somehow love me for me.”
- Andrew and Bridget

Well we’ve made it to the finale. It’s been a crazy ride, and it remained that way until the end. We start off with Bridget and Andrew renewing their vows. Or at least that’s what it appears to be until Bodaway shows up and we realize it’s a nightmare. We next find Bridget at an NA meeting, getting her one year chip. It’s a big deal because she didn’t think she could make it. And she’s finally going to come clean to Andrew and Juliet about “her secret." Obviously the rest of NA thinks it is about her drug habit, but we know she means to tell them she’s really Bridget. Unfortunately not all of Bridget’s allies think it is a good idea to out herself. Namely, Solomon. I have to say I like him a lot better than Malcolm. He’s competent and can actually protect her. She understands the risks but doesn’t think they outweigh the damage she’s doing to her relationships with Andrew and Juliet by continuing to lie.

Speaking of liars, we find Tim signing off on papers with Andrew to take over Martin/Charles. Have I mentioned how much I dislike Henry’s father-in-law? He’s a slime ball. Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t have a point that Andrew screwed up and so did Henry. But he should just move on. It’s not worth the drama. We jump over to the hospital where Henry finds Siobhan watching the twins in the NICU. It looks like they’ll be released the following week. Those babies must not have been that premature if they’re going to be released only a couple weeks after birth. Henry wants to move to Chicago, and he says that the only keeping him in New York is Siobhan. So she needs to drop her vendetta against Bridget, because if she was wrong about Andrew wanting to kill her (Siobhan), she’s probably wrong about Bridget, too.

Now before you start wondering what happened to Mr. Obsessive (aka Agent Machado), he’s back in Denver getting his job back after the heroics with Catherine last episode. But it comes with a price. He can’t work on the Bodaway case anymore. This is a little unfortunate seeing as former Detective Kemper shows up in the Martin’s apartment just as Bridget gets back from shopping. He wants her to pay him $50,000 to keep his mouth shut about Siobhan and their plan to make Bridget run to New York seven months ago. So that’s what Bridget and John were doing in Wyoming before the trial. Siobhan really is a heartless bitch. Unfortunately, it looks like Bridget is going to go along with the demand seeing as the alternative is Jimmy tells Bodaway that she is Bridget. Across town, Siobhan is packing for Chicago, and when Henry mentions a house listing, she offers to put the down payment down to show him that she’s moving on and giving people the benefit of the doubt. We flit back to Denver for a minute where Victor gets the news that Jimmy escaped from prison and a body was discovered in Hoboken that is likely Malcolm Ward. So Malcolm really is dead. Can’t say I’m too choked up about it.

The Martins are enjoying a spirited family dinner when Juliet gets a text from a friend and races off. Her being rude means she’s doing better (thanks to therapy and the upcoming vow renewal/vacation). Bridget is about to spill the beans on her identity when Andrew interrupts and asks if he can read her a poem he found. It’s kind of sappy but that’s the point. And both times I watched it, it made me cry. He’s so in love with her and Bridget sees that. She can’t break his happy mood by telling him the truth. We next cut to Jimmy racing around stuffing cash into a duffle bag. He doesn’t get far because Bodaway had him followed. He gets a knife in the gut for his betrayal, and Bodaway heads off in search of Bridget. So that’s death number two of the episode.

Siobhan is hanging around Henry’s apartment and finds a letter from the hospital. It has the paternity test results. She confronts Henry about it and he says that since she was sleeping with Tyler, he wanted to be sure. He asks what it says and she lies, saying he’s the father. At this point I’m banging my head against a wall at how absolutely clueless Henry can be. Well, maybe he’s not so stupid after all. Siobhan is checking her account balance to find it drained. Henry says he took all her money just like she took everything from him. He already knew the test results before she opened the letter. He throws her out on the street with no money and nowhere to go. Harsh but finally he grew a pair and didn’t sissy out five seconds later.

Solomon and Bridget are having another chat where she shares the info about Siobhan and John being involved in why she ran to New York. He had a police buddy from the Hamptons send John’s file, and it shows he met with Siobhan in September shortly before Bridget arrived. He’s going to check it out. And Bridget swears she’s going to tell the truth after the going away party that night, despite how far she has to fall from the high pedestal Andrew has her on. The fall comes painfully hard when Andrew shows up to the party having just learned from Tim that Henry and Siobhan had an affair. He orders everyone to leave. Greer sticks around to make sure everyone gets home and sends Juliet to her place to cool off.

As Greer’s trying to comfort “Siobhan”, the news comes on that Jimmy was found dead. Bridget mumbles something about needing to be alone and calls Machado to tell him that Bodaway is in New York. He promises to send a team, but Bridget hangs up before he can tell her to stay on the line. Andrew’s come back and she finally admits to him that she is Bridget. I have to say, this is another bit of the episode where I got teary eyed both times I watched the episode. Bridget’s world comes crumbling down around her as she tries to apologize to Andrew. He admits that he does love her but that it was all built on a lie. Juliet has much the same reaction. I understand why they’re so upset, but I really like Andrew and Bridget as a couple and I hope they can find their way back to each other (if there is a second season). Sometime between Andrew telling Bridget to leave and Juliet getting back to the apartment, he swings by Henry’s place and gives him a solid punch in the face. I cheered a little at that. So father and daughter are off for a much needed trip to the beach just as Siobhan slips past the security guard to raid the apartment for things she can pawn.

She’s about to start on a cabinet full of shoes when Bodaway grabs her from behind. She manages to stab him with something and run out to the balcony, but he catches her and he almost gets her when Bridget shows up with a gun that Solomon gave her. She shoots Bodaway and thinks he’s down until he grabs her ankle and drags her to the ground to choke her. I mean really. Has she not seen horror movies? Unless he’s got a bullet in the brain, he can still attack you. Anyway, the FBI busts in with Victor in the lead, and Bridget shoots Bodaway a second time. This gives Siobhan a chance to get out of the apartment. She ends up at the hospital and a nurse goes to find her a cot. She proclaims that she wants her old life back. Meanwhile, Solomon shows Bridget some video footage from the marina where Siobhan docked her boat. John had a boat there too and three hours after Siobhan’s supposed time of death, she and John are caught on camera getting into his car. This prompts Bridget to storm over to Henry’s to demand information about Siobhan’s whereabouts. He rightfully says he has no clue and says that Siobhan knew someone wanted her dead so she faked her death to put Bridget in her place as her twisted idea of justice for Sean. Bridget is shocked that Siobhan wanted her dead. And thus ends Ringer.

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