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Upfronts Round-Up: What Survived, What Died and What’s New

Well folks, as you may have guessed, upfront season is a big deal here at More TV, Please! Since we cover popular TV shows, it’s important for us to be “in the know” about what will be on your (and our) screens come fall. All of the networks have finished unveiling their line-ups for the 2012-2013 season, including what shows have made it to another season, which ones have said their last goodbye and which new pilots have been ordered to series. All new shows are followed by an asterisk.

We thought it interesting to note that Gilded Lilys is missing from ABC’s fall line-up as well as the midseason programming. Guess we really have some pull with the network after all! Anyway, popular freshman show Revenge has moved to Sundays and Body of Proof has been benched until midseason along with three pilots. In total, the network is bowing eleven pilots between fall and midseason. Here’s a look at the fall offerings.
The Schedule:
Mondays: 8pm – Dancing With the Stars/The Bachelor (in January)
10pm - Castle

Tuesdays: 8pm – Dancing With the Stars Results/How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life * (in January)
8:30pm – Family Tools* (in January)
9pm – Happy Endings
9:30pm – Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23
10pm – Private Practice

Wednesdays: 8pm – The Middle
8:30pm – Suburgatory
9pm – Modern Family
9:30 – The Neighbors*
10pm – Nashville*

Thursdays: 8pm – Last Resort*
9pm – Grey’s Anatomy
10pm - Scandal

Fridays: 8pm – Shark Tank/Last Man Standing (in November)
8:30pm – Malibu Country* (in November)
9pm – Primetime: What Would You Do?/Shark Tank (in November)
10pm – 20/20/Primetime: What Would You Do? (in November)

Saturdays: 8pm - Saturday Night College Football

Sundays: 7pm – America’s Funniest Home Videos
8pm – Once Upon A Time
9pm – Revenge
10pm – 666 Park Avenue*
What didn’t make it: Not that Sarah ever watched it for long but ABC cancelled Desperate Housewives. Jen watched for like 4-5 seasons so she was a bit more invested. Sarah watched like one episode because John Barrowman was in it and then promptly lost interest. Short-lived jungle thriller The River also sunk into the cancellation quicksand.

The Eye network has kept the majority of its 2011 line-up. Though, let’s be honest. It’s not that surprising. It has a lot of monster shows that still bring in fantastic numbers and it intends to keep it that way as long as possible. However, it was not without its casualties. And the network did a bit of shuffling around, including moving Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, CSI: NY and The Mentalist. Reality show Undercover Boss bows at midseason along with three new pilots; Friend Me, Golden Boy and The Job. Here’s the fall line-up.
The Schedule:
Mondays: 8pm – How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm – Partners*
9pm – 2 Broke Girls
9:30pm – Mike & Molly
10pm – Hawaii Five-0

Tuesdays: 8pm - NCIS
9pm – NCIS: LA
10pm – Vegas*

Wednesdays: 8pm – Survivor
9pm – Criminal Minds
10pm - CSI

Thursdays: 8pm – The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm – Two and a Half Men
9pm – Person of Interest
10pm – Elementary*

Fridays: 8pm – CSI: NY
9pm – Made in Jersey*
10pm – Blue Bloods

Saturdays: 8pm – Crimetime Saturday

Sundays: 7pm – 60 Minutes
8pm – The Amazing Race
9pm – The Good Wife
10pm – The Mentalist
What didn’t make it: Not that we watched a lot of the shows that met the axe this fall but the Eye network finally cast off CSI: Miami. Freshman medical drama A Gifted Man also bit the dust. Sarah wasn’t surprised by A Gifted Man getting the axe but she was saddened. She enjoyed the show.

It’s worth pointing out that Joey Dakota is among the pilots missing from the series pick-up list for the CW. I guess we have enough pull that our panning it earlier this month convinced the network it was a stupid idea (yeah, we know that’s not true but it makes us feel important). Freshman charmer Hart of Dixie made the cut, though. However, given that the CW only has original programing from 8pm-10pm Monday through Friday it cut half of its programming. So it will be bowing five new shows come fall. It did make some changes to the line-up, including pulling Supernatural from its Friday spot and putting it on Wednesdays. Interestingly, the entire line-up won’t be premiering until October. It looks like only two of its five pilots will bow in the fall. Here’s a look at how things are laid out for fall.
The Schedule:
Mondays: 8pm – 90210
9pm – Gossip Girl/The Carrie Diaries* (in January)

Tuesdays: 8pm – Hart of Dixie
9pm – Emily Owens, MD* (formerly First Cut)

Wednesdays: 8pm – Arrow*
9pm - Supernatural

Thursdays: 8pm – Vampire Diaries
9pm – Beauty and the Beast*

Fridays: 8pm – America’s Next Top Model
9pm - Nikita
What didn’t make it: Of the biggest note to the blog, Ringer will not be returning in the fall. Apparently the network wanted to try out some more new fare and had to clear some of its schedule. The Secret Circle also suffered on the chopping block this season.

Fox took a bit of a bite out of its 2011-2012 programming, cancelling eight shows from its line-up. Despite the large cut to the schedule, the network is only bowing three new shows in the fall and two at midseason. See below for the fall line-up.
The Schedule:
Mondays: 8pm – Bones
9pm – The Mob Doctor*

Tuesdays: 8pm – Raising Hope
8:30pm – Ben and Kate*
9pm – New Girl
9:30pm – The Mindy Project*

Wednesdays: 8pm – The X Factor

Thursdays: 8pm – The X Factor Results Show
9pm - Glee

Fridays: 8pm – Touch
9pm – Fringe

Saturdays: 8pm – Fox Sports Saturday

Sundays: 7pm – NFL OT
8pm – The Simpsons
8:30pm – Bob’s Burgers
9pm – Family Guy
9:30pm – American Dad
What didn’t make it: Not surprisingly, Alcatraz ended up in the cancel pile. We figured that would happen after the finale and its numbers continued to sink. The Bones spin-off The Finder joins it in cancellation land.

NBC has changed up a lot of its schedule for the upcoming season. In total, it added six new shows to its mid-season lineup (along with alums Smash, The Biggest Loser, and Celebrity Apprentice) and six shows during its fall/spring lineup. Interestingly, 75% of its 8-11 block on Wednesdays are new fare. Here’s the breakdown for the fall.
The Schedule:
Mondays: 8-10pm – The Voice
10pm – Revolution*

Tuesdays: 8pm – The Voice
9pm – Go On*
9:30pm – The New Normal*
10pm – Parenthood

Wednesdays: 8pm – Animal Practice*
8:30pm – Guys with Kids*
9pm – Law & Order: SVU
10pm – Chicago Fire*

Thursdays: 8pm – 30 Rock
8:30pm – Up All Night
9pm - The Office
9:30 – Parks and Recreation
10pm – Rock Center with Brian Williams

Fridays: 8pm – Whitney
8:30pm – Community
9pm – Grimm
10pm – Dateline NBC

Saturdays: Encore programming

Sundays: 7pm – Football Night in America/Dateline NBC (post-football)
8:15pm – NBC Sunday Night Football/8pm – Fashion Star (post-football)
9pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (post-football)
10pm – Do No Harm* (post-football)
What didn’t make it: Of particular note for the blog, the Jason Isaacs-helmed Awake did not survive its freshman outing. Other causalities joining it in the cancellation wasteland include (but are not limited to) Tony Head’s Free Agents, David Krumholtz’s Playboy Club and the Zachary Levi-helmed Chuck.

You’ll all just have to wait and see what the schedule for the blog is come fall. I know we’re getting excited for it and we hope you will be, too.

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