Thursday, May 24, 2012

“Gimme Just A Little More Time”: Cancelled Shows That Deserved A Short Second Season

By now we’ve gotten the final word on which shows have survived to the 2012-2013 season and which have joined such seminal works as "Moonlight" and "Firefly" in the realm of post-first season cancellation. However, many showrunners don’t plan on this happening. They (understandably) want to believe that their show will make the cut and get a second chance. Some end with the ever-annoying cliffhanger. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good cliffhanger as much as the next girl, but not when said cliffhanger remains unanswered. As such, two of the pilots we watched here on the blog, ended with at least partial cliffhangers and were not renewed by their respective networks. In my dream world, I would have given them abbreviated second runs to tie up the loose ends. SPOILERS ahead.

Network: FOX
Dream Second Season: 13 episodes

Alcatraz had a lot of places it could have gone in a second season. As such, I would have given it an additional 13 episodes. That said I would have likely aired it during mid-season (not holding it off until like March) so it wouldn’t have had as much competition. Then again, if people were going to follow it going into a second season, they’d likely watch it so long as the network properly advertised it.

I would like to see more of the experiments going on at Alcatraz in the 1960s and why exactly the Warden wanted to alter the inmates’ blood. Obviously, he succeeded with Tommy and convinced him to do his dirty work. But we never did figure out why the inmates and guards were showing up in the present (only the how in the last few minutes of the episode) or what real purpose it served. I would like to see Rebecca not recover and actually have Hauser and Dr. Soto have to find and stop the rest of the ‘63s. Now I’m not saying I didn’t like Rebecca. I didn’t really feel all that connected to her. We spent so much time focusing on the inmates and guards back in the 1960s that I felt like I cared more about them. And it would be too convenient for them to revive Rebecca. They did it with Lucy already. No need for a repeat performance. Ultimately, I would have liked to have seen the show end with the mystery solved and the threat of Alcatraz stopped.

Network: CW
Dream Second Season: 10 episodes

Of the these two shows, Ringer had the most satisfying conclusion. That’s not to say it didn’t leave avenues open to explore, though. Bridget knows Siobhan is alive and wanted her dead. Siobhan wants her old life back and Andrew and Juliet know about Bridget’s secret and are off coping (or not). And finally, the threat against Bridget (aka Bodaway) is neutralized. I would have given Ringer a 10 episode second run and aired it in the fall just straight through.

Ten episodes would have been enough if they tweaked the format a little to resolve the twins’ issues from the past (namely the fact that Siobhan blamed Bridget for her son Sean’s death). Ideally, the twins would at least find each other and come face to face in the present in the first episode and through the final nine would each make their peace with Juliet and Andrew. Henry can move off to Chicago with his kids for all I care. He spent so much time being a wuss and bending to Siobhan’s idiotic vengeance that he deserved to be duped and called a moron most of the first season (yes I’m aware he manned up in the finale). I would like to see Siobhan admit that her marriage to Andrew was over and see them divorced. I know she got nothing because of the prenuptial agreement but that’s her own fault. I suppose Andrew might be convinced to pa child support for his twins (following a paternity test of course). And ultimately, I would like to see Bridget remain sober and end up back with Andrew and Juliet. I have to say I think she really made the Martins more bearable (especially Juliet) and they really were good for each other. As Andrew said in the finale, he really is in love with Bridget. It would have slightly less drama and twists than the first season but it would provide a more complete ending (and would give me an excuse to have Ioan Gruffudd on my screen for a little longer).

Even though I know I won’t get to see these second seasons come to pass, it’s always fun to dream about what could have been. But with every end is a new beginning and I have to say this has opened doors for my viewing come the new season. Maybe some of the new fare will survive its first outing.

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