Sunday, August 11, 2013

Graceland 1.08: "Bag Man"

“Was this every really about getting Odin or did you just want to get to Jangles?
- Mike

We pick up pretty soon after the apparently failed meet up with Bello and Briggs. Mike is a little confused since Briggs says Odin never showed but Bello says he’s made an arrangement with the guy. Briggs continues to feign ignorance and shock at Bello going behind his back. But Briggs tells Mike they still have a shot of getting Odin since his next shipment is the following day. I’m really not sure how long this whole charade is going to last. I mean, Mike thinks he’s now helping Briggs out of a crappy fate thanks to the Caza cartel and I can’t help thinking Brigg is just playing all sides against each other. Anyway, Brigg is up and out of the house at 5 the next morning. He swings by the CI apartment where Charlie rode out some of her heroine nosedive and loads up several packages of drugs. He drops them in a locker at a gym and Mike makes the reverse pick up and hands off to Bello. The FBI tech guys pulls some hair from the bag of drugs and Mike shares with Briggs that it as both of theirs, citing them both as the only ones making mistakes. Mike is not sure the plan is actually going to work. And he’s not too happy about letting millions of dollars’ worth of drugs out on the street.

Mike wakes up the next morning in bed with Abby, even though he’s told the rest of the house he broke up with her. He gets a text from Charlie, summoning him back to Graceland and he starts to head off but Abby calls him on his shadiness. He feeds her the partial truth about Briggs and she feels bad for thinking he’s seeing someone else. He gets back to the house and runs into Paige. She apparently has her own undercover drug op that night so she won’t be joining the rest of the house on their “Get Odin” campaign. Johnny and Jakes are at the gym, seeing if anyone shows to pick up the cash. Mike gets there after telling Paige he had a rebound hook up the night before and is surprised that no one has showed. Briggs posits that maybe Odin doesn’t care about money. Well yeah, it would be kind of hard for him to sneak down to snag the cash with everyone looking.

Charlie suggests Mike ride Bello a little harder and so he agrees to apply a little more pressure. He stops by Briggs’ room a little later where Briggs thanks him for keeping his mouth shut about his drug problem. Mike heads out to meet Bello with new drugs and leaves Juan a message, saying they need to talk about their “friend”. Apparently, Briggs had some people check and found no mention of his name or connection to drug use in any recent Bureau reports. Mike pulls Bello aside and expresses concern that he can’t effectively protect Bello if he doesn’t know what Odin looks like. Bello says that the product is good, the money is fair and the only string is that Odin is anonymous. Mike doesn’t get a chance to protest more because a bunch of armed gunmen bust in and start shooting up the place. Mike and Bello finally manage to take them out and Bello grabs one for a little chat. This is not going to end well.

Predictably, Mike is between a rock and a hard place. Bello is torturing the gunman for information and Briggs gives him two options; send in a team and get Bello but lose Odin or save the gunman’s life, protect his cover and continue the Odin investigation. Charlie starts to send in the team because Mike clearly sounds like he can’t do it but Mike sucks it up and saves everything. And he learns that Jangles is supposedly coming for them. Which makes something click in Mike’s brain. He finds Charlie and Briggs sort of arguing on the beach after the op and confronts Briggs with what he’s realized. Briggs was going to let that guy get tortured just to draw out his old adversary. Briggs brushes it off as Mike being in shock. He then heads over to Abby’s place because he needs some comfort from someone who isn’t in the thick of it and as she tries to console him, he makes the executive decision to bring her back to his place, rules be damned.

While Mike is bringing Abby back to Graceland, Charlie borrows Johnny for a little side mission. She is worried that something is up with Briggs. She doesn’t want to be right but she just has a sense that you don’t just hold a stash for your CI. It just isn’t how it goes. And we Briggs, sitting at the table in the apartment where he brought Charlie, starting to cook up some drugs. Charlie and Johnny get there and Briggs manages to hide in the secret room in the closet so they don’t find him. I almost wish they had. It would have to put rest a lot of the drama secretly going down. Meanwhile, Mike brings Abby home and up to his room (despite the rules) and he’s about to go change for their dinner reservation, leaving her alone in his room, when Paige spots her. Abby freaks out because Paige is carrying a gun. Paige passes it off as something her dad said (about single women owning a gun) and drags Mike off for a talking to. Paige tells him to get rid of Abby. Paige then confronts Mike so more when Abby leaves. Mike is kind of falling apart at the seams a little and Paige tells him that it’s good to break rules sometimes. He just needs to know which ones to break.

The next day, Mike takes matters into his own hands. He shows up to Bello without the drugs, saying they weren’t there. This forces Bello to reach out to Briggs to demand a meeting. Briggs obviously knows the team is going to be tailing Bello so he sets up an elaborate meeting between himself and Bello in a back warehouse off some shops. He gives the keys to the apartment with the drugs to Bello who takes off before the team converges. Johnny, Charlie and Mike enter the warehouse and Briggs has to find a way out quick. He ends up attacking Mike, subduing him in a rather spectacular fight then firing off a shot to send the rest of the team chasing phantoms. Back at the house, Mike says he thinks he’s got the beginnings of a profile on Odin, height and build. And he thinks he broke a few of Odin’s ribs which we see is the case as Briggs lifts his shirt up to examine the nasty bruising on his side. I don’t know how he’s going to hide this from the rest of the group but things are really kicking into high gear at this point as we draw closer to the end of the season.

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