Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer TV Rewind: Lost Girl 1.10: "The Mourning After"

“I mean, if the universe wants me to find love, it knows where to look. And I am in no rush. Let’s face it, Kenzi. The dating scene is killer.”

“The Mourning After” was an interesting meld of case of the week and Bo learning more about the Fae world. Bo finally meets another succubus, and she isn’t quite sure what to make of it. At first, she’s excited to meet one of her own kind, and she’s anxious to learn all that the other succubus can teach. Then she sees just how far most succubae are willing to go in ignoring morality, and she has second thoughts. It’s an interesting journey, for sure. This episode also includes a completely separate subplot for Kenzi. I guess that makes sense, considering one of the consequences of Bo meeting another succubus is that she’s not spending as much time with Kenzi. This episode really takes the issues with sexuality that the show tries to address and addresses them head on, maybe almost too on-the nose. Bo’s foe is basically a type of Fae that feeds of being a prude. Apt (almost too apt) foe for a succubus, right?

Anyway, this episode begins with a woman named Allison, who brings a guy home after a night of clubbing. She’s so enthusiastic about this guy that she calls her sister and tells her she met a guy that she’s really hopeful about. Something about this seems a little desperate to me. Granted, I am in no position to criticize someone regarding lack of a personal life, but it does seem odd to call a relative about somebody you just now picked up from a club, gushing about how he could be the one. I’d think that would scare most guys off, actually, especially the type of pick-up artist this dude turns out to be. Anyway, when we next see Allison, her man is gone, and she’s waking up alone. When we next, next see her, she’s electrocuting herself with a hairdryer in the bathtub after having written words like “slut” and “whore” all over the bathroom walls.

Bo and Kenzi are enlisted by Allison’s sister, Collette, to investigate this case. The police have ruled it a suicide, but Collette doesn’t believe it. She thinks that Allison sounded too happy when making that phone call to have committed suicide hours later. Bo first goes to Dyson for intel, of course, and he says that because he already officially closed the case, he can only help Bo off the record. He says that the evidence is going to have to be taken to Lauren for analysis, which just thrills Bo, of course. That particular encounter is all awkwardness thanks to Bo learning that Lauren slept with her on the Ash’s orders. Insults fly back and forth a bit before Lauren agrees to help.

Bo and Kenzi see that Allison frequented a nightclub called Crimson, so they go check it out. There’s a singles speed dating event going on. It’s a regular thing every Friday, and they figure that’s why Allison was going to Crimson so often. We next get a sequence of Bo and Kenzi participating in the speed dating event, which is pretty funny. The event is run by a man named Betram, who seems nondescript enough at first. While participating in the speed dating, Bo is approached by a woman named Saskia. Saskia accuses Bo of moving in on her territory, and Bo quickly learns that Saskia is also a succubus. When Saskia realizes that Bo is so new to the Fae world that she doesn’t even know succubae mark their territory, she warms up a bit. She wants to teach Bo all the ins and outs of being a succubus.

Saskia hangs with Bo and Kenzi as they investigate the case, and she’s actually responsible for a break in the case at one point. Not unsurprisingly, Collette is found dead under similar circumstances to her sister. Saskia sees the writing (literally) on the wall and instantly knows what sort of Fae is responsible. It’s an Albaster, which is pretty much the anti-succubus. Albasters are prudish and feed off of causing humans to feel sexual shame. So Saskia and Bo set off to find the Albaster responsible for killing Allison and Collette and apparently a few other women in the area, too. Their first suspect is a pick-up artist who frequents Crimson. They use their succubus powers (and the pick-up artist’s natural douchiness) to get him interested, and they figure out that he’s just human. Somebody else at Crimson is the actual Albaster.

While all this is going on, Kenzi is kind of on the outs with Bo. She’s feeling excluded since Bo is spending so much time with Saskia. Kenzi decides to drown her sorrows at the Dal, and she runs into a problem with which Trick needs her help. A Fae named Valentine comes into the Dal and he demands a coin from Trick. It’s a very rare coin with the power to give the holder good luck in business. When Trick and Valentine found the coin together back in the day, they decided to share it, alternating who would hold the coin every 100 years. Trick tells Valentine he’ll give him the coin the next morning, but Trick discovers the coin is missing. That’s when he needs Kenzi’s help. He wants Kenzi to talk to the Lightning Bird he intends to summon. The bird can provide an egg that has the power to locate any lost object, but it only speaks to human females. Kenzi is happy that somebody needs her help, and she uses her negotiation skills to get the bird to exchange the egg for a future favor. Before she leaves, the bird mentions that Trick could have found what he wanted by just writing in his book of blood again. Kenzi is puzzled by this, but she doesn’t get a good answer from Trick.

Trick uses the egg to make an amulet that will find the coin, but when he and Kenzi arrive at the cemetery where the coin is supposed to be, it’s missing again. Kenzi, however, recognizes some flowers that have been freshly placed on a grave. They are the same flowers that Valentine wears in his lapel. When Valentine stops by the Dal to start measuring things (Trick had offered the bar as collateral if he ever lost the coin), Kenzi approaches him with her accusation. She thinks Valentine had the coin all along and gave Trick a fake coin at the last exchange. She is proven right, and the Dal is saved. Kenzi’s pretty proud of herself for being useful all on her own, as she should be.

It doesn’t take long for the real Albaster to reveal himself to Bo. It’s actually Bertram, the guy who runs the speed dating event at Crimson. Bo tries to fight him off, and she is successful at first, but then Bertram starts getting the better of her. Saskia appears just in the nick of time and takes Bertram down. Bertram is tied up, and Saskia uses her succubus powers to completely finish him off. Dyson (who is called in later) helps clean up the mess, both physically and politically, but Bo is horrified. Saskia has no remorse for what she did, and Bo really, really doesn’t ever want to be like that.

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