Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Merlin 5.11: "The Drawing of the Dark"

“I come here with a purpose, Morgana. I did not break stride to find you. I bring the news you have longed for.”
- Mordred

Arthur and his inner circle are on their way back from a hunting trip when Percival spots something. It turns out to be a broken arrow and soon enough they happen upon a group of bodies who apparently were delivering weapons to Camelot. Arthur is disturbed by the fact Morgana would attack so close to the citadel. As if that weren’t enough, Mordred races off after seeing a cloaked figure running the opposite direction. It turns out to be a young woman named Cara. She and Mordred appear to know each other and he lets her go. Merlin sees this and thinks Mordred let a Saxon go. Gaius still thinks Merlin is making more out of it than there is. They head off to tend to a patient and Mordred slips in to gather some medical supplies before heading out to the woods.

Arthur really ought to invest in some better guards because Mordred slips by them all with ease. He gets to the site of the bodies and calls out to Cara. She responds and it takes him a few minutes to get acclimated. It’s been years since he’s used his telepathy obviously. He finally finds her and he’s thrilled. My guess is they were romantically involved at some point. She can’t believe he’s a knight of Camelot and she doesn’t believe him about Arthur and the future he’ll bring. But for the moment, they’re just happy to be in each other’s arms once again.

Like a teenager, Mordred slinks back into the castle in the morning and Merlin confronts him. Mordred spills the beans about Cara but says she was wounded and one of them and he couldn’t turn his back on her. Really he’s just a boy in love with a girl. Merlin promises to keep his secret though. Unfortunately, as he and Arthur go out to patrol the area they were in yesterday, Arthur spots some muddy footprints that lead them straight to Cara’s hiding place. She comes out slow at first but as soon as Arthur moves in to help her, she tries to stab him. Merlin deflects the blade and she’s arrested. Mordred sees the guards taking her down to the cells and he freaks out on Merlin. He doesn’t believe Merlin didn’t rat her out to Arthur. Leon and Gwaine interrupt the little tiff.

Things really go from bad to worse for Mordred. Cara is being questioned by the King and she goes on about how he has crimes against her people to answer for and that Camelot will fall. But she denies being under Morgana’s orders. But her words convey otherwise. Mordred has to stand there listening to the back and forth. Arthur says he has nothing against the Druids and that it is Morgana and those who abuse magic are the ones who have caused the rift between those with and without the gift. And to boot, she’s not being charged for any sort of magic-related crime, just boring old murder. She’s taken back to the dungeons and Mordred goes to see her under the guise of Arthur wanting to know who helped her from inside Camelot. She vows never to reveal that Mordred was her helper. They really need to come out admit they have deep feelings for each other. Id’s ay they make a cute couple if she weren’t trying to kill Arthur. Mordred promises to speak to Arthur on her behalf. He can’t let her die.

Mordred confesses his part in getting Cara medical attention and finally admits that he’s in love with her. He begs Arthur to change his mind but Arthur must uphold the law. Clearly, it breaks Mordred’s heart that Arthur would not help him. Cara isn’t surprised. She goes on about how he’s a Pendragon and Mordred did all he could. You know, it confuses the hell out of me sometimes. All these magical folk bitch about Pendragons and yet, the majority of them are working with or for Morgana. Hello, she’s a Pendragon too!

That evening, Mordred goes to apologize to Arthur but it sounds more like a “forgive me once I’m gone” sort of deal. And Merlin picks up on that and warns Mordred not to abscond with Cara. For one thing, it will cement the divide between Arthur and Mordred (thus possibly cementing Arthur’s death by Mordred’s hand) and he’d live on the run forever. Not a way to be with your girl. Gaius reminds Merlin that he’s done things like this hundreds of times but Merlin wont’ listen. He warns Arthur of Mordred’s plan but they’re too late. Arthur rallies the guards but not before Cara kills one. Mordred stares in shock at her actions. He probably knew the poor sap that just got his throat cut.

They make it to the woods but Arthur and company find them pretty easily. Cara telepathically urges Mordred to kill them using his magic. It looks like he may actually be about to unleash some mojo when Percival sneaks up and knocks him out. He and Cara spend the rest of the night in the cells, falling asleep holding hands. Merlin tries to get Arthur to reconsider. He thinks if he can change Arthur’s mind and let Cara go, then Mordred won’t be on the outs with Arthur. It looks like Merlin’s attempt to sway the King fails until morning comes and Leon retrieves Cara for an audience with the King. He offers to let her go if she repents but she refuses, saying she cannot repent a crime she didn’t commit. She is hanged and Mordred freaks out in his cell. Merlin feels the psychic jolt of Mordred unleashing his power. Arthur now knows Mordred has magic, too and he feels like the world’s biggest moron for not seeing it and for trusting the boy. Clearly, Merlin has brought this about by betraying Mordred’s secret and then trying to fix it. Mordred is so pissed he goes straight to Morgana and spills the beans at to Merlin’s true identity and that he’s in Camelot. Really, all of this over a girl? You need to grow up Mordred. Honestly. There’s going to be other girls. And besides, you should be mad at Cara. Arthur tried to grant her a pardon. She just didn’t want it. But now the dark duo is back together and the final battle is just over the horizon.

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