Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer TV Rewind: Lost Girl 1.11: "Faetal Justice"

“But remember, Vex can get into your head. But there are ways you can get into his, too.”

“Faetal Justice” was the first episode of “Lost Girl” to really focus in on Dyson and what he means to the rest of the regular characters. It also gives us another look into the ins and outs of Fae politics, particularly how the Dark and Light try to manipulate each other. This episode also gives us a bit more of a look into what life is like on the Dark side of the Fae world. Most of the time, Bo mostly operates within the Light, but these rare glimpses into the Dark are a treat, just because it’s something different. A trip to the Dark now also means spending time with Vex, the creepy, sadistic mind control Fae from a couple episodes back. In fact, much of this episode takes place at Vex’s club. Bo and Kenzi must spend quite a bit of time there in an effort to save Dyson from some pretty deep trouble.

This episode starts at Vex’s club, where Dyson arrives to have a bit of a row with one of Vex’s minions called Ba’al. Dyson has words with Ba’al, and people at the club definitely see it. We next see Ba’al step outside the club, and next thing we know, he’s attacked and killed in the alley. Dyson wakes up in the alley all bloody, and he sees the torn up body of Ba’al nearby. And that’s when he (and we) realize he is in some serious trouble. Dyson heads straight for the Dal and asks trick for Sanctuary. Trick agrees, and we learns that Dyson has no memory of going to Vex’s club or attacking Ba’al. He has no memory of anything that happened after leaving work that day, in fact. Over Dyson’s protest, Bo and Kenzi are on the case to figure out what actually happened.

The reason Bo and Kenzi were at the Dal in the first place is because Bo has decided she wants to know all the details she possibly can about Dyson’s past, and she’s hoping Trick can help. Dyson has lived in Spain and Iceland, and he’s been a cop for about fifty years. Before that, though, he wasn’t so squeaky clean. I find it interesting that Bo and Dyson are considered “in a relationship” again considering how prickly things have been between them. I’m also kind of surprised by Bo’s sudden need to learn everything she can about Dyson. Her own past is far from squeaky clean, so I don’t know why she’s being so judgmental early in this episode.

Bo and Kenzi’s first stop on Operation: Save Dyson’s Ungrateful Ass is the police station to see Hale, of course. Hale’s ability to help is limited because of the Fae politics involved in what happened, but he does help as much as he can. He shows Bo and Kenzi surveillance footage from the night of the murder. He also gives Bo and Kenzi a list of potential witnesses to speak with. Bo and Kenzi head right to Vex’s club, and we quickly meet all the players. There’s Silas the bartender, there’s Vex himself, and there’s a human barfly named Portia. Bo and Kenzi have trouble finding Portia at first, though, even though they know she’s the person they are looking for. Kenzi attracts a rather sad looking Goth boy, and he points out Portia.

Portia is a pretty interesting character for a one-off. She’s a runaway, and as such, Kenzi feels a kinship. Portia thinks she has found a new friend, and she understandably feels a bit betrayed when Kenzi and Bo start grilling her about Ba’al’s murder. She’s got a very succinct story. She saw Dyson contront Ba’al at the bar. Later, she went outside, saw Ba’al go into the alley, then saw a wolf-like creature enter the alley and start attacking. While Kenzi is working on befriending Portia (partially because of their connection, and partially to see if she can get any more information), Bo stops by the Dal to deliver a change of clothes to Dyson. In keeping with her wanting to know details about Dyson, she asks him about the meaning of his tattoos. Dyson explains that the tattoos are Lycan writing that describe important things about his history like the Fae he has owed fealty to. This becomes important later in the story. Yeah, shirtless Dyson is nice, but it’s also nice to have a reason for it! Another important piece of the story is that Trick has a memory reading Fae come to the Dal to help Dyson with his amnesia. It turns out, though, that there is nothing the memory reader can do. Dyson’s memory of the evening of Ba’al’s death has been completely, utterly erased.

Obviously, Trick harboring a Light Fae who may have killed a Dark Fae causes all kinds of Fae political problems. The Morrigan really, really wants the Light to turn over Dyson to the Dark. Dyson wants to avoid that fate, because there’s no way he’ll get a fair trial. Oh, Dyson would get a trial, alright, but it would almost certainly end in a very public execution. Unfortunately for Dyson, the Ash thinks that turning him over to the Dark would be the best outcome, too. All that’s standing between Dyson and certain execution is Trick. Trick knows Dyson wouldn’t get a fair trial, and he also wants to uphold the non-negotiability of Sanctuary, so he stands his ground, and the Ash (only slightly) backs off. Trick knows that with this stand, his position in the Fae community is in trouble. He starts making calls to friends trying to get their support, but it’s not looking good.

Bo continues to run with the investigation with one new fact. The only new memory that the memory reader was able to dredge up in Dyson was that Dyson got a phone call before he left work. Bo calls up Hale to see if he can figure out who called Dyson, and it turns out that the mysterious caller is an art dealer. Bo pays the dealer a visit, and thanks to Bo’s succubus powers, the art dealer reveals that he attends a sex ring at Vex’s club that is run by Ba’al. The girls in the ring are abused, and they are given a potion to wipe their memories. Also, one of the girls that was recently killed had glowing eyes (our team quickly figures out this girl was Light Fae). When Bo learns from Kenzi that Portia has lash marks on her back, the pieces come together. The picture becomes even clearer when Portia tells Bo and Kenzi that the bracelet she’s wearing, which contains Lycan language, was a gift from Silas the bartender. They’re almost too late, though, because Dyson has already stupidly gone back to the club, has been captured, and is being tortured in the basement.

Bo enters the basement at Vex’s club and puts a temporary stop to Dyson’s torture by holding a hot poker to the Morrigan’s throat. If she keeps that up, she’s not going to be able to be “neutral” for much longer! Bo then gets to take the “j’accuse” honors this episode (as opposed to Kenzi in the last episode), and she explains exactly how Silas, who is a werewolf too, killed Ba’al. A disappointed Morrigan and Vex have to let Dyson go. At the end of the episode, we get a nice little goodbye scene with Kenzi and Portia. Portia has miraculously gotten herself a job in a pizza shop, and in exchange for all her help, Kenzi is pretty much set up with free pizza for life. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.

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