Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer DVR Dump: Continuum 1.10: "Endtime"

“I don’t know how to say this. Your journey here was no accident. The time travel device didn’t malfunction. Kagame knew this. The truth is I’m the one that sent you back in time. You’re not going to believe why.”
- Alec

The finale has finally arrived! I have to say I was very excited to get to this episode for the blog. Lots of stuff happens and even more questions are posed for season 2. We begin in 2076 on the day of the terrorist attack. We see it from Travis’s point of view as he and two of the other members of Liber8 actually cause the destruction. Meanwhile, a few months later Kagame has a meeting with another prisoner whom we don’t see right away but the voice sounds familiar. In the present, Kiera wakes up to find Kellogg not in bed beside her. She takes the opportunity to break into his safe and steal back the fragment of the time travel device. She ties to deny that there’s anything between her and Kellogg but how can you say no to him? He’s so charming.

No sooner does she step off his yacht and back on dry land when Carlos calls. He’s back on duty and some government types have showed up thanks to some high grade explosives gone missing. They assume it is linked to Julian and Liber8. They’d be right. As Kiera tries to get a location update from Alec, all cell service goes down (thank you Lucas). Today is apparently a big day for Kagame. It’s his birthday. He gets a copy of A Tale of Two cities from Sonya and he gives her a piece of paper and tells her all her questions will be answered.

As Kiera heads for the precinct, a hippie is rambling on about the end and he says something that catches her ear (he mentions her being at the execution). He claims he too was sent back in time. His name is Jason and he was supposedly monitoring the energy for the execution device when everything went haywire and he ended up in 1992. It reminds me of a two-parter of Star Trek Voyager. He’s kind of all over the place, rambling about Theseus and other time jumpers (someone named Mr. Escher). That becomes important later. At the precinct, the agent who is tracking the explosives is a little leery of Kiera’s presence (or lack thereof). Alec manages to track a possible location for Julian and he wants to go with Kiera to get him. He doesn’t want cops involved. While we know there’s not a huge amount of love between the stepbrothers, he doesn’t want what happened to Rolland to happen to Julian. So when Kiera won’t budge on getting the authorities involved, Alec goes off by himself.

Meanwhile, the paper Kagame gave Sonya leads to a safety deposit box with money and all kinds of things in it. And note. Travis is still crabby because no one, including Kagame, will tell him where Sonya is. He’s kind of possessive. During one of his bitch sessions, the doorbell at the house rings and they find Julian standing on their front step. Across town, Kiera has accompanied Jason back to his crazy lair. He says he’s got a time travel device of his own but that he needs one more piece to make it work. Kiera hands over the fragment and he realizes she’s CPS. She promises she’s not there to arrest him. She just wants to go home.

With Kiera busy with Jason, the government agent is getting edgy and distrustful that she’s who she says she is or that she’s even on their side. He gets one of his guys to run a check on Section Six because he’s never even heard of it. When Kiera realizes today is the day the first attack happens on Vancouver and thousands die, leaving a statue as a memorial, she can’t go back. She tells Jason to stay put while she goes after Liber8. But Jason is going with her to see about changing history. He also shares that he knows it was an inside job that even the Warden was in on the trip back in time. Things are starting to get dangerous, too. Kagame talks Julian into becoming a suicide bomber (though he doesn’t have to persuade him very much). Alec shows up and Garza ties him to a chair so Kagame can deal with him. Things are slowly falling into place. Kagame shares some very interesting information with Alec. Apparently Alec’s future self had some key alone time with Kagame where he convinced the terrorist that he could change the course of history. I have to say, the first6 time I watched it, I was completely surprised by all these turn of events. But rewatching the season for the blog, things made so much more sense and it was a beautiful execution of storyline.

Kiera and Jason make it to the plaza but neither remembers which building is going to be blown up. Kiera makes Jason pick one and they go in and demand to use the land line to call Inspector Dillon. She shares her suspicions and the federal agent tries to take over, saying they will send the bomb squad and he and Carlos will go meet up with Kiera. The agent thinks Kiera is a Liber8 plant so he’s got to be careful. Meanwhile, Sonya has returned from her errand and Travis is mad she won’t tell him where she went or what she did. He’s also starting to doubt Kagame and the plan. Alec manages to escape and gets a peek at the building they plan to blow up.

Kiera thinks they’ve stopped Liber8 when they catch Julian with the explosives. Kagame, in disguise, tells Julian that there are many types of sacrifice and they will meet again one day. Mr. Escher resurfaces when cell service is restored and the federal agent gets orders from his boss to cooperate with Kiera. I really want to know who that was. Things spiral out of control when Alec shows up and says that they plan to blow up a different building. Kiera can’t stop Kagame from detonating his suicide vest. And she’s now got a lot of questions for Alec. Kiera escapes the wreckage thanks to her suit and finds Jason again in his hideout. She takes back the piece of the time travel device and ends up back on Kellogg’s boat. See, I knew the pair of them were good together.

And in the big twist of the episode, we see a much older Alec Sadler having that first meeting with Kagame. And then we cut to him having a conversation with Julian, asking if Alec can be trusted. It would appear Alec and Julian have put their difference behind them and are working together and Kagame is at the center of everything. In the present, Alec decrypts a message from his future self and tells Kiera that he is the one who sent everyone back in time. Now we have to wait until season 2 to find out why.

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