Friday, August 8, 2014

Dominion 1.07: "Ouroboros"

“The people have faith in you, Michael. And you lied to us. All of us.”
- Becca

Based on the promos, this episode promised to be rather Michael centric, specifically giving us some insight into his past. If you follow this blog at all, you can guess I like Michael and want more of him (especially if it means more wing action). We do in fact get a look back at Michael’s past. There are just hundreds of bodies strewn across the desert (all missing legs for some reason. I don’t know if that was a choice or if there was some reason for it). A little boy has survived the massacre and he starts running. He falls and an angel appears. It’s Michael with longer hair and he’s covered in blood. He takes the boy’s hand and tells him not to be afraid.

In the present, Gabriel shows that not only can he possess the lower angels but he can possess higher ones, too. He possesses Louis, the angel Michael spoke to in the market a while back. I don’t think things are going to end well with this. Outside of Vega, Alex and Michael are continuing their efforts to evict eight balls. Well Alex is continuing and Michael is pointing out the futility. But Alex isn’t giving up. He also points out maybe the guys have been hanging out too much when he starts talking like Michael. Love it!

I think I’m more disturbed by the sort of kindness William is showing his father as Wheel recovers from his rib cracking than anything else. He’s trying to tell his father that Gabriel will spare some humans when the end comes and those William cares about will be among them (presumably including his father though their relationship seems to be so toxic I can’t imagine why he’d want daddy dearest to survive). He goes off to see Claire and she decides to move up the wedding to the following week so that she can take her father’s seat so she can maybe move on from all the drama with her mom. He’s thrilled. Alex, of course, isn’t too pleased and Noma catches him showering alone. They hold a conversation for several minutes and I had to wonder why she wasn’t saying anything about the tattoos. She’s not seen them before. She’s not particularly impressed or bothered that he’s the Chosen One. This of course leads to a quickie in a storage closet. Why does Alex get all the naked people sex? Why can’t Michael get some?

Gabriel is still possessing Louis’s body and he goes the infirmary to talk to another higher angel. They have confrontation of sorts when the other angel won’t work for Michael and doesn’t trust Gabriel. He wants no part of any of it. The next morning, Becca and her guards are out for a run when she comes across a pool of blood. High up on a building, several higher angels are dead with their wings broken it looks like. I have a feeling Michael is not going to have a good reaction to this. He is pretty furious. He admits to Becca that he knew they were around but they were innocent neutral higher angels. They needed refuge during the war just as much as humans. Alex is pretty appalled but Ethan is glad they’re dead. Michael summons Alex and accuses him of killing the angels. Alex reminds him what it took to fight off Felicia. He does offer to help protect the others so Michael sends him off to warn Louis who can then pass on the message. Yeah, I’m guessing “Louis” killed them. I really hope we get to see some awesome fight scenes from Michael by the end of this episode.

Things don’t seem to be going well for Wheel. He gets dressed and tries to sneak out when William’s second in command soldier guy finds him. He dumps Wheel in the lion pit room (not in the cage exactly but it doesn’t look promising. They won’t kill of Tony Head though. Then again, they did it on Merlin so who am I kidding. William shows up and talks a bit about the myth of the snake eating its own tail and that it is a metaphor for his father. Ultimately, Wheel shoots the lion to save himself but I still don’t think he’s going to accept Gabriel. Well he may not be up to it seeing as the next time we find him, he’s basically catatonic. I guess William broke daddy after all.

Michael somehow gets off to see Uriel. I don’t know how since he can’t exactly fly out of Vega or else he’ll be shot but maybe they hadn’t turned on the guns yet. Anyway, Uriel’s place is a mess and so is she. Gabriel paid her a visit and threatened to mutilate her if she didn’t give up the names of the Vega neutral higher angels. Michael tells her he’s killed some of them and he suggests Gabriel is stronger now and can possess a higher angel. It seems words are no longer an option when dealing with Gabriel. We are so finally going to get a fight between these two! Also I love that Michael is just so pissed off that his big sister is hurting. Yay family!

Back in Vega, Alex does as he’s told and pays Louis a visit. It was a little confusing at first, seeing when Louis was talking versus Gabriel but it wasn’t too hard to follow. Gabriel reels Alex in by mentioning that Michael has changed. He explains that the Noah myth wasn’t about a giant flood and that it wasn’t an arc he was building. It was a bunker to protect humanity from someone. We don’t quite get the story but Alex comes back with a bible and he starts to question what they really know about Michael. Noma is a little concerned but their conversation it cut short. And then, as Alex heads out on patrol, he gets a call from Louis and is summoned to Michael’s pad. Noma shows up and Louis pushers her over the edge. Alex shoots him in the head and we see that Noma is actually a higher angel. I’m guessing since she’s in the Archangel Crops, she’s sided with Michael. But since she’s in the air and flying around, I have a very bad feeling that she’s going to get shot down. Just when things were starting to look up for her and Alex. Bastards!

Alex is freaking out that someone so close to him that he trusted was a higher angel. But Michael says she was there to protect him from himself since he was such a hot mess. Of course, Gabriel has to interject and reveal himself as himself. I was hoping we’d get a wings out knock down fight but alas, Alex actually succeeds in evicting Gabriel. Of course, Louis dies but hey, it kind of worked. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Uriel was messing with Michael earlier. It would appear Gabriel’s plan was to unleash another flood. Back in Vega, Michael is fuming that other higher angels (all but Noma) are now dead. I would actually say he’s seething with rage. Alex demands to know if what Gabriel told him about Michael’s past is true but Michael just storms off. We cut back to the original flood and Michael is about to murder the little boy when Gabriel stops him. Michael says that killing all of humanity was their father’s order because the people were starting to worship angels over God. Just as the two are about to come to blow, Uriel swoops in to break it up. I have to say I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the backstory stuff. The guys look a bit rough with the longer hair but it’s interesting to see their roles reversed so much.

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