Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer TV Rewind: Leverage 1.11: “The 12-Step Job”

“Sophie, you want to help me? You really, really want to help me? In the name of God give me something to do. Please, just give me something to do.”
- Nate

We are nearing the end of the season folks and you know what that means. Nate getting progressively drunker! We start with a guy named Jack Hurley (no not Jorje Garcia) rocking out to Irish rap while eating a burrito. He gets to work and after cordially saying hi to people, he freaks out and runs when he sees federal agents going through his records. We cut to a woman named Michelle telling Nate and Sophie about her food bank that was being managed by Jack. She needed to cut some checks and the company Jack works for says they don’t have a record of having an account. Sophie chides Nate on his drinking after Michelle leaves. Their first step in finding the money is to find Jack so they split up. Hardison and Eliot take all the social places he’s been (namely strip clubs and bars) and they spot him at the 12th bar they find. They almost lost him because the boys are arguing about Hardison spilling slushy in Eliot’s car. But then some Hispanic muscle shows up and starts to shake Jack down for money. Eliot and Hardison bust in but Jack gets away. Nate and Sophie find him around the corner crashed into a pole and asleep on the airbag. So they are going to run a game on him. When Jack wakes up, Nate is sitting beside him and welcomes him to rehab.

Sophie poses as a really well respected addiction therapist while Nate and Parker go undercover as patients. Parker is a kleptomaniac and Nate “enjoys drinking”. This episode turns out to be just as much about sticking it to Jack as it is about helping Nate see he has a problem. Jack really starts to open up in group therapy. He’s got all kinds of addictions and he lets slip that he needs to find his car (not the one he was driving) because there’s something in it. So Eliot and Hardison go searching after Parker gets the keys and ends up taking some antidepressants. Not a very good idea to give her drugs. Ever. Even if it is funny. Nate and Sophie kind of got into it where she was trying to get him to admit he’s got an addiction to alcohol but he deflects back to her about the fact she wasted $1500 on a pair of boots.

Eliot and Hardison find Jack’s car but they also find a bomb wired into the engine. After panicking a bit, our boys work together to trick the bomb into thinking it’s gone off. Just in time for the Mexicans and some Korean thugs to show up demanding the money. Hardison puts on an iffy Jamaican accent and when that doesn’t work, Eliot fiddles with the bomb and scares everyone off. Jack’s not just been messing with the charity but some serious overseas crime lords. Yikes! Back at rehab, Nate is not doing well 2 days sober. But he brushes it off. We get a rather amusing scene where Eliot and Hardison have to get in to see Nate and they convince the receptionist that Eliot is Nate’s brother and Hardison is rather flamboyant partner. The look Eliot gives Hardison while being dragged off his hilarious. The gang reconvenes and they determine that they need Jack to open up about people in his life so that they can find who is holding all the missing money. We cut back to group where Parker is blathering on rather happily about her foster parents and the revelations she’s had. I think the drugs actually make her more normal. Sophie and Nate get into an argument about if there are people he needs to apologize to for his drinking and he just doesn’t get that he has a problem. But it does prompt Jack to write up a list of people to call and make amends with. While he’s doing that, Eliot and Hardison visit a couple people on the list and find out he’s not such a bad guy. He gave a waitress a new car and paid a stripper’s college tuition. The team doesn’t have long to dwell on this because Sophie gets a call that Nate tried to escape the facility. He still is in denial but he’s spouting off about how he knows addicts and he just needs something to do. Sophie leaves him and Nate flat out starts hallucinating Sterling. He ends up wailing on Jack a bit. Jack has enough time to explain that he started doing odd things having all these addiction issues after his wife left. But he is stealing from thugs to try and help other people. He took Michelle’s money because he had ways of multiplying it and he was going to give her back all of it.

That’s great and all but the Koreans have found which facility he’s in (thanks to an overheard call Jack made to one of his co-workers). They show up and after playing some charades with the rest of group, Parker bumps into one of them and lifts a gun. She pops in to tell Nate about it and he makes the executive decision that they need to leave before they are found. Parker is uncharacteristically bubbly and says that she is staying because she’s making progress. So Nate shoots the lock on the window and he and Jack abscond from the facility. Nate takes Jack for tacos (one of his many addictions) to get him to share where the money is.

Back at the parking lot where Jack’s car sits, they meet up with the Mexicans and the Koreans. Jack says he just needs to get in the car to get the money and then everyone hears a beeping and one of the Mexicans sees the bomb under the car. The car explodes and the gang members take off. It wouldn’t be an episode of Leverage if it didn’t have some clever mechanics and we see that the Leverage crew se the bomb and then Sophie and Eliot got Jack out of the car before it blew. So the gang bangers think Jack’s dead and the money was hidden in a tire. So Michelle gets her money and Jack gets a new identity and a ticket somewhere new. He vows to get help once there. The rest of the team goes back to the facility to pick up Parker (who is trying to di Pictionary with the two remaining group members0. The pills should wear off in a day so normal Parker should be back. Unfortunately, it seems all of Sophie’s words of wisdom were lost on Nate who proclaims he just needs a drink and laughs off her suggestion of finishing what he started.

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