Friday, August 15, 2014

Dominion 1.08: "Beware Those Closest To You"

“That’s when I realized my Father’s commands weren’t always straightforward. Sometimes they were a test. In this instance, a test I had failed.”
- Michael

It’s hard to believe but season 1 is already at a close. We are still awaiting word from SyFy as to whether we will be graced with a season 2. But with the stage set from last week, this episode promises to be full of intense climaxes. We begin with Alex barging into the Senate meeting, yelling about how Michael knew about the higher angels and even gave a citizen card to Felicia. He also outs Noma (I was rather annoyed at him for that). Becca goes to warn Michael about Alex’s little tirade and Michael takes off. Before he does his trademark diving out a window thing, he asks Becca to look after Louis (I guess he didn’t die when Alex evicted Gabriel…maybe him being an angel helped). Alex gets an invite from Claire and they argue about her marrying William and taking over as Lady of the City. She laments not going with him and Bixby the night her engagement was announced but they can’t change the past. Michael confronts him down in the market before taking off. Things are looking pretty tense between them until Alex is out on the road and Michael literally flies into the car. The whole thing was an elaborate rouse to fool Gabriel into thinking Alex is joining up with him.

That’s not all the angelic shenanigans going on in Vega though. Arika has a Helena delegation show up with her wife’s head. It seems the takeover and merger between Vega and Helena is well under way. The next time we see Arika she’s greeted by a covered up woman who turns out to be Uriel. I can’t tell if Arika knows that Uriel is an archangel or not but they seem to get pretty hot and heavy quick. It makes me wonder if Uriel is the one who killed Arika’s wife. Actually, it turns out that Arika is actually the ruler of Helena and by the conversation, not only does she know Uriel is an archangel but it’s pretty clear she is a higher angel herself. Juicy! Oh and the lady angels have their eye on Claire for some reason. The Wheel-Rysen wedding takes all of about two minutes, including William telling Claire he doesn’t have very high expectations of their wedding night. I still don’t trust the sleazebag. I like that we are finally getting some clarity on Uriel’s motives. She gives Claire a “prayer” of matrimony but she’s really somehow testing to see if Claire is pregnant. I totally called it right before they confirmed she’s carrying Alex’s baby. Uriel thinks Alex will follow Claire wherever she goes when he finds out she’s pregnant. Uriel hopes once he deciphers the tattoos she can defeat both of her brothers and stop the bloodshed once and for all. So Michael just wants humans left alone, Gabriel wants them wiped out and Uriel wants to pound her baby brothers into dust. Interesting. WE also learn that the angels are susceptible to electric shock. So shoot them with extra strength stun guns! Becca isn’t happy that General Rysen is skipping town without telling Claire. I could kind of care less.

Out in the desert we get a much needed Alex and Michael conversation. I’m not going to lie, this was the sneak peek they released earlier in the week before the episode aired and I watched it about ten times. It was so damn juicy. Michael admits to his past, including that he had rather severe bloodlust. But he learned that his Father’s commands weren’t always meant to be taken literally and he’d failed this one. Alex is surprised to know that Gabriel defended humanity once up on a time (and apparently Gabriel and Uriel can jointly kick Michael’s ass). Noma shows up as Michael tells Alex not to let him down. I really want Alex to forgive Noma and for them to be happy together. Since he can’t have Claire and all. Alex is pissed at Noma for lying to him but she tries to make him see that not all of what happened between them was orchestrated by Michael (he certainly didn’t tell her to sleep with Alex). But as Noma goes off to see Gabriel, they share a parting kiss. Oh, and I think Alex is a little jealous that Noma and Furiad had a thing back in the day. Michael uses it to twist the soldier’s arm into getting Noma into Gabriel’s stronghold. Gabriel isn’t stupid though. He realizes there might be a trap. I really hope he doesn’t try to possess Noma. That would just really annoy me.

Alex and Michael head back to Vega after Alex has a weird vision of Jeep and he kills his dad. It turns out that Gabriel didn’t show up because he’s surrendered in Vega. I totally yelled at all the soldiers when they started shooting at him. They have to know by now that his wings are freaking bulletproof. But anyway, they lock him in an electrified cell while Claire, Becca, William and David decide what to do. I don’t know why they are the only ones involved but whatever. The ultimately decide to interrogate Gabriel and then execute him. Claire goes to see Gabriel and he points out that he’s got heightened senses and can hear baby’s heartbeat. Meanwhile, William blows up at daddy for not being loyal enough to Gabriel. I have a feeling William is going to get the short end of the stick very shortly.

Despite Claire giving him an order to stay away from Gabriel, Alex goes for a chat, ready to kill the angel and end the war. He gets close but Gabriel drops the baby bomb and throws Alex off his game. It’s going to be super awkward when William finds out. He definitely overhears the news when Alex goes to confront Claire about it. She wasn’t going to tell him. Yeah because that’s fair. Just because he’s the Chosen One doesn’t mean he’d be an absentee dad.

Things then go from bad to worse as Michael pays Gabriel a visit and we get some very intriguing backstory on them. They’re twins (as are Uriel and Raphael). Michael’s first memory is of Gabriel’s voice and being comforted by it. They had been bonded and could always hear what the other was thinking. Their bond broke a long time ago but just the way they interact you can tell they still care for each other. That brotherly love is still there. And Gabriel imparts some disturbing news on his twin. He possessed Louis one last time and it wasn’t good. Michael’s off to find the poor guy and find him he does. Becca and another of the Senate members have been dissecting the poor guy. They cut off his wings and it looks like they cut him open, too. Of course, Gabriel has acolytes everywhere and they help him escape before shooting themselves in the head. There had better be a big ass fight on the way because I think both Gabriel and Michael need to expend some anger here.

It would seem that Michael does get some of his anger out but it quickly turns to rage when Becca arrives. He’s had to kill Louis and he is just broiling underneath. He snaps her neck and kills a bunch of guards before Alex joins the fray against his mentor. I was worried that Alex was going to stab Michael but then I realized that wouldn’t make sense since Michael is a pivotal character. Michael seems to realize the horror of what he’s done and takes off just in time for Gabriel to arrive and try to recruit Alex. Alex naturally declines and Gabriel gives him an ultimatum; join up or everyone in Vega (and Noma too) dies.

We don’t get a Michael and Gabriel fight like I was hoping but we do see Michael flying off somewhere. One hopes he can overcome his rage and face off against his brother and sister because it appears Uriel is keeping her word to Gabriel and pledging her sword to his cause. Meanwhile, Claire deduces that William is an acolyte and Wheel promises to take care of it and claim he was a coward in death. In reality, he sets William free in the desert with some supplies and an edict never to return to Vega (and he burned all the other acolytes to death). Before Alex leaves Vega, he gives Ethan a note to pass to Claire. We end the first season with Alex climbing the mountain to Gabriel’s fortress as his voiceover reads the letter he’s written to his unborn child. I really hope this isn’t the end because there is so much left to be told. Bravo, SyFy, you’ve had me hooked all season and I’m going to be hungering for more until we get it.

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