Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer TV Rewind: The 4400 1.06: “White Light”

“We needed them. To survive. In my time, humanity is dying out. Only those we took can prevent the catastrophe from happening. That’s why they’ve been altered and seeded back into the timeline.”
- Kyle Baldwin

And we’ve reached the last episode for the summer. If you’ve enjoyed the recaps of this season, I would highly recommend you watch seasons 2-4 as well. They really delve much deeper in to the mythology and it was pretty awesome. Sadly, USA decided to cancel it without giving it a proper ending. Maybe the success of things like the Veronica Mars Kickstarter will spawn other projects. Though I suppose with a lot of the cast having full-time TV gigs now (I’m looking at you Patrick Flueger), it might be difficult.

Tom and his wife has readmitted Kyle to the hospital for some additional tests. He’s gone from trying to find “himself’ in books and maps and now on TV. He’s really worrying his parents but there’s not much they can do. Of course, Tom flips out when Lytell shows up and takes Kyle by force from the hospital. He goes so far as to put a gun to Lytell’s throat and threaten to shoot him. If I were Tom, I would have. Though Kyle did tell Tom’s wife that he knows where he needs to go now. Elsewhere, Maia is concerned about seeing the future. She wants to be normal but Diana says that all the normal people in world all just wish they were special and that seems to perk Maia up. Quite frankly I could do without the stupid Shawn/Nikki/Danny drama. It turns out that Shawn hasn’t actually told his baby brother that he’s hooking up with his ex-girlfriend. They end up getting into a fight and Shawn accidentally uses his powers on Danny. So he takes off and ends up asking to live at the 4400 complex. Jordan happily welcomes him into the fold. I honestly don’t remember if thee love triangle crap continues into season 2. It might. Or we might be free of Nikki and Danny for a while. Either way, I prefer Shawn on his own. He’s less irritating and mopey. Plus, he gets to come into his own when he’s with Jordan.

Tom finally comes clean to Diana about Shawn’s ability and they agree to work together to find and rescue Kyle. And it seems they’re roping Marco and Tom’s wife in on the action. Marco hacks Lytell’s computer allowing Diana to find out where Kyle is being held. Meanwhile, Tom’s wife has found a decent safe house. So now they just have to go and get Kyle. Unfortunately, Lytell is still poking at things he shouldn’t and he’s gone to see Maia at daycare. It seems she’s done well to keep her visions secret from him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to probe more.

Richard and Lily have their own family woes to worry about. The doctor they’ve been sent to see wants to grow one of the baby’s chromosomes in a lab because there might be something wrong. It turns out the baby is a carrier for cycle cell. And the only way that could be possible is if the baby’s father is Black. So it seems Richard and Lily were drawn together for more than just the tie of Lily’s grandmother. That baby is actually theirs. And it appears Jordan has been keeping this information from the couple. So Richard goes to have a chat with his boss. Things erupt shortly after Jordan says he’ll stay out of their affairs. He shows Lily an article about Richard being arrested for assault. It seems Jordan is trying to split the happy couple up. But it doesn’t shake them. Instead, they’re driven to get out of dodge. Jordan tries to stop them and he gets a psychic whammy from the fetus before they manage to drive off. Jordan seems to believe he has a claim on their baby. I forgot how annoying Jordan was in the beginning of this show. He’s so manipulative and possessive. The prick.

While all the interpersonal bullshit is going on, Tom and Diana initiate Operation Rescue Kyle. They break into quarantine where he’s being kept and abscond with him. They’re trying to take him to the safe house but he insists on going to Highland Beach (where Shawn went missing and he ended up in a coma). Lytell is railing back at headquarters that Tom and Diana have gone off the reservation and he insists on joining Ryland as they chase after our heroes. Kyle is wandering around the beach looking for something, but we don’t know what it is. The feds are closing in when a bright light appears in the sky and a bluish thing starts coming out of Kyle’s chest. It’s clear that he was being inhabited by something. Tom runs forward and sort of gets time locked and we jump into their minds. The thing that’s been possessing Kyle explains that he was supposed to be a channel to communicate between those who took the 4400 and Tom but they got interrupted when Shawn tried to intervene and got taken. The being explains they are humans from the future who are trying to avert a catastrophe and so they took the 4400, altered them and put them back here to try and stop what’s coming. And Tom is supposed to help them achieve that. It’s no big surprise to anyone that Lytell gets itchy when Tom is stuck in the mind meld and so he fires off a shot and his Kyle in the chest. It looks like he dies but the being leaves Kyle and he’s fine. He wakes up as if he were one of the returnees with the last memories being with Shawn on the beach drinking beer. Things aren’t ever going to be the same. And as we wrap the first season of this exciting show, we jump six months into the future where Richard and Lily are living in a cabin out in the woods. It’s time for her to deliver the baby and as they drive off, we see trees along the road bend towards the car as it passes. Jordan may be right. There’s something special about that baby.

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