Sunday, February 21, 2016

iZombie 2.12: "Physician, Heal Thy Selfie”

“One hundred and fifty three people watched you unpack a box. How? Why?”
- Ravi

A lot of the different plot threads that have been unfolding this season are finally starting to come together and it is rather uncomfortable for a couple of our characters. Well, all of them really. Not only does Blaine have to deal with realizing that Peyton and Liv know each other and Peyton is ditching him but his former boss is making not-so-idle threats and demanding payment for the drugs Blaine stole after the boat party. And Major isn’t have much luck with Vaughn over at Max Rager, either. Apparently they’ve figured out that the District Attorney is likely a zombie thanks to his credit score and spending habits. Major continues to espouse that the guy is among the living but eventually he changes his story by the end of the episode.

The case of the week is a bit of a complicated one at first. Ravi and Peyton spent the night drinking to ease her woes at work and so he is super hung over the next morning. Liv is equally on edge because she hasn’t eaten anything recently and it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting anything from their triple homicide. All three victims had their heads removed. Well damn! Liv ends up having to eat the brains of a social media obsessed millennial. It amazes me just how obsessed we all are with our phones and social media. Ravi warns Liv that she needs to make sure she doesn’t reveal too many zombie secrets online or else it would be very dangerous for her.

When Liv goes to see Peyton at work for that aforementioned awkward sort of break up with Blaine, she manages to ID the three dead guys (they had photo IDs but the names were fake) off of her evidence wall. They were enforcers for Blaine’s competition and one them was the guy’s nephew. I thought they looked familiar (and I honestly spent a decent chunk of time thinking it was Liv’s new boyfriend Drake who was the killer). But not, apparently it turns out the drug lord sent his goons in to kidnap the District Attorney, not knowing he’s a zombie. Guess they got what they were due in a way. They likely weren’t very nice fellows.

Clive and his FBI girlfriend are also a little confused by the fact that the crime scene of the DA’s house originally looked like the Chaos Killer (aka Major) but knowing now that it wasn’t him just puts Major in even more danger. See, Vaughn is a nut job and he had an internet troll killed for posting negative feedback about the product. I have to say I can’t decide if Vaughn or his character from season 2 of Helix is more annoying. It’s a really close call for me. Vaughn says that he will keep killing trolls until Major actually takes care of the DA.

Speaking of, the cops find the crime scene where the guys lost their heads (a boat) and trace things back to the DA’s cabin. It doesn’t look like anyone’s there but Liv makes the zombie connection and spots the DA hiding out. She feels guilty and so she brings him some brains and they kind of bond a little. He knows he can’t go back now because he’s a killer and either the cops or the drug lord will get him. But it turns out neither of those options is going to happen because Major swoops and in and offers him the drugged ice nap (and a faked photo to get Vaughn to calm down). They make it look like he jumped into the river and committed suicide. Clever. I still can’t wait to see what happens when Liv finds out what he’s been doing.

While all of the drama is going on (and poor Ravi’s liver is hating him), Liv is growing a little suspicious of Drake. She finds out he went to jail for two years for assault. But he explains he was defending his mom from her latest drunk, abusive husband. He got the sentence he did because the guy can no longer walk or feed himself. I honestly think he’s not that bad of a guy. He also ends up having to put a kibosh on their dinner date to fix his mom’s sink. Liv tags along and while his mom is kind of obnoxious it is sort of sweet in a domestic bliss kind of way. Of course Liv gets one vision at the end of the episode after their rescheduled dinner date gets interrupted by Blaine’s errand boy. The vision is of her social media maven and she realizes that Blaine is the drug lord’s new competition. Oh and Peyton—who had tried to resign—gets redrafted by the Mayor to take down the drug lord. They need to ensure the city doesn’t fall into the bad guy’s hands. Like I said, all of the storylines are starting to coalesce which is pretty cool (and a good thing since we are closing in on the back half of the season).

I am really liking that they aren’t still dragging out the Liv and Major stuff and giving her more species appropriate suiters. Also, Peyton admitting to Ravi that if she got turned into a zombie, she’d scratch him so she wouldn’t be alone was kind of sweet. And it makes me wish the two of them could get back together, especially now that she knows everything about Liv. It would make things so much easier and Ravi would be much less sad and pathetic. The man needs some happiness in his life (especially when he’s been so focused on finding the tainted Utopium to create a new and better cure before Major and Blaine turn back into the undead). Part of me also wonders what’s going to happen when the cops realize Major is the one going around nabbing the city’s elite zombie population. I can’t imagine it will end well for him.

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