Saturday, February 13, 2016

Marvel’s Agent Carter 2.05: “The Atomic Job”

“In my experience, nothing is impenetrable.”
- Peggy

It’s hard to believe that we are now halfway through our second wild adventure with Peggy and the gang. But it has definitely been fun and this week is no exception. It seems that both Whitney and Dr. Wilkes are drawn to the Zero Matter and Wilkes discovers that absorbing the stuff temporarily makes him corporeal. So the team needs to find where Jane Scott’s body ended up and bring it back for Wilkes to absorb. But they aren’t the only ones looking for it. Whitney is intent on finding it, too. So of course, Peggy and Jarvis go to steal a corpse. But alas, they don’t get there before Whitney and her husband and she ends up absorbing the Zero Matter from Jane’s body. For some reason this also prompts her to want to build another atomic bomb.

According to Wilkes she likely wants to recreate another experiment like the one that created Zero Matter in the first place so she can become even stronger. Unfortunately for the good guys, the atomic bombs that were used are in a secured facility that none of Howard’s people have managed to get into and a lot of the interior locks require a special key. But at least Peggy and Jarvis won’t be going in alone. Peggy heads to the office to fill Sousa in on their plan and finds out that at least he had a good night (having proposed to Violet even though he couldn’t find the ring). He’s a little worried about Peggy’s plan to obtain the key because it happens to be on a guy they dealt with last season who remembers people. But luckily, the scientists in the lab have a prototype memory eraser. Which Peggy ends up getting to use about a dozen times in her search for the key. Ultimately, the key is in the guy’s belt buckle. It was pretty funny to see frustrated Peggy got having to wipe the guy’s memory constantly (the effect only lasts two minutes).

So now, armed with the key, the good guys are going to need some backup to get into the facility to find and disarm the atomic bombs. Peggy recruits Rose since she’s pretty badass too and is the one who keeps all the nosy people away. And the scientist insists on going because most of the toys the team want to bring aren’t tested yet. And apparently Sousa promised him field experience when he got hired. Of course, it wouldn’t be very suspenseful if our team wasn’t up against some kind of clock. Whitney has gone to a mob friend of hers and in exchange for all the construction contracts in the city when Chadwick is elected, he’s going to lend her some men to break into the facility, too.

At first it looks like things are going according to plan. One of the scientist’s gadgets takes all the electricity from the fence and channels it through the three guards. Then, the scientist finds the control room for all the security locks in the subbasement area and unlocks them all. Yes, that means that Whitney has access to all of them, too. But, lucky for our merry band of misfits, they find the bombs first. Unfortunately, in trying to lock out Whitney, Jarvis gets locked inside the room with the bombs. After panicking quite spectacularly, Peggy and Rose head off to intercept Whitney and her men while Sousa talks Jarvis through disarming the bombs. Despite his half-hearted reassurance that removing the uranium cores is like baking a soufflé, Jarvis manages to successfully remove the cores without blowing everyone up. Good work, Mr. Jarvis! And Rose does a pretty handy job of taking out one of the guys too.

Peggy, naturally, engages with Whitney. She gets a few good punches in (and Chadwick looks ready to surrender) but Whitney touches Peggy and then it kind of goes bad for our heroine. She ends up falling over the side of a catwalk and gets impaled on some rebar. Not knowing who they can trust, Sousa and Jarvis take Peggy to Violet’s place from some field medicine. Peggy is lucky that the rebar missed any vital organs and she’s already stopped bleeding. But in the way that Sousa handles things, Violet realizes that he still loves Peggy. I’m still rooting for Peggy to end up with either Sousa or Wilkes. It’s not that I dislike Violet because she’s sweet and helpful, but it is very obvious that Peggy and Sousa still have feelings for each other. It also appears that Chadwick is scared out of his mind by his wife and so he calls an emergency meeting of the council. I have a feeling he’s going to try and get rid of her. And while Peggy is all nestled in bed back at Howard’s place, Wilkes tries to get her to relax and rest (per Violet and Jarvis’s orders) but it’s very obvious she won’t be resting because Wilkes suddenly starts to disappear. It happened after Peggy turned on the radio which makes me a little suspicious.

Overall, I thought this episode did well in moving the plot forward as we hit the mid-point of the season. Different aspects of the plot need to come together soon and from the previews it looks like that will be happening very quickly (with the return of Dottie). Man, Bridget Regan is one busy girl (she’s also still guesting on Jane the Virgin too). I’m sure Peggy will bounce back from her injury to go on more adventures with Jarvis. As he points out, they’re only fun as long as they both come back from them. He makes a very good point and I can’t wait to see what kind of drama befalls our West Coast SSR family as Peggy puts her next plan into action. Also I appreciated that this episode sort of felt like it could have been a con and heist show, too. Makes the Leverage lover in me smile.

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