Sunday, February 28, 2016

Marvel’s Agent Carter 2.08: “The Edge of Mystery”

“You can go back to your wife knowing full well I’ll make this right.”
- Peggy

This episode was quite emotional for a lot of reasons. When last we left, Sousa had been beaten up and Anna had been shot. Oh and Jack has been tasked with digging up dirt on Peggy. So while he’s in London pretending to get drunk and snagging a file from MI-5, Peggy and Sousa are trying to hunt down Whitney and get Wilkes back. Their task isn’t going to be very easy, though.

First, we find that Whitney manages to appeal to Wilkes’ scientific mind and convinces him to consider how to control the Zero Matter. She wants to study him (and allow him to study her) so they can fully comprehend what’s happened to them both. And they also kind of bond over hearing this creepy voice in their heads. Yeah, I honestly don’t trust her. And for some reason that I only just realized, Whitney kind of reminds me a little of Petra from Jane the Virgin. Strange, I know.

We also get a sweet flashback to the prior season where Anna overhears Jarvis talking to Peggy on one of her first missions to help clear Howard’s name. It was very sweet and it transitions rather painfully into Jarvis trying to tune a radio in Anna’s hospital room. After Peggy leaves, eh starts making all kinds of promises to his wife if she’ll just wake up. She does but things aren’t looking so good. I’m assuming she’ll still be able to walk but she can no longer have children. I was expecting her to have been pregnant and lost a baby but then again, that’s a pretty common trope on TV so I’m glad they didn’t go there. I have to say though, James D’Arcy did a marvelous job in this episode. This scene itself was heartbreaking and his demeanor the rest of the episode was just so emotional in his desire to avenge his wife.

Thanks to Jack getting back to town and trying to frame and blackmail Peggy, he overhears Vernon get a call from Whitney (after Peggy and Sousa pay her boyfriend a visit to tell him they’ll exchange the uranium for Wilkes) at SSR headquarters. This all comes to pass after Peggy and Sousa try to trick Whitney with fake rods. They also learn that Wilkes has changed teams. Sousa gave up the location of the rods to save Peggy from getting shot. I guess this helps in the Sousa or Wilkes love triangle debate. Unfortunately for Jack, he gets his brain zapped and doesn’t remember what happened. But, he did manage to write down coordinates of where Whitney needs the rods delivered. She’s going to try recreating the experiment that created Zero Matter in the first place. So the team has to race to get there to try and stop them. But first, a few additions to the usual trio. The easily offended scientist is coming along because he gets to build a gamma pulse canon of Stark’s design (a precursor to what made Bruce Banner the Hulk perhaps) and Jack is coming, too. After all, it appears he is really on their side and he was just being led around by Vernon like an obedient puppy. They aren’t sure whether the canon will work (if it will cure Wilkes and kill Whitney) but Jarvis insists on going along too. He tasks Rose with keeping Anna company. When he handed over his will I almost lost it. He really thinks this is going to be a suicide mission. And when Anna sees it (even though it’s kind of hidden) she just has this look of utter sadness on her face. They really are such a sweet couple.

The episode ends with quite a bang for several people. The uranium manages to open up the rift with the Zero Matter but it seems to only be talking to Wilkes. Whitney is very upset by this as he gets pulled up into the Zero Matter vortex. Jack, Sousa and the scientist are left to try and fiddle with the gamma canon while Peggy races off to try and stop Jarvis from killing Whitney out of revenge. The boys are successful (and Wilkes ends up back on earth in a crater). He’s still alive which was kind of a shock and so is Whitney’s survival of Jarvis shooting her twice. Perhaps he should have aimed for her head. But either way, Whitney thinks that they still need to control Wilkes so she wants her mob boyfriend and his goons to take Peggy and Jarvis alive so they get knocked out (which I’m assuming is what leads to the dream sequence that’s been talked about before). It looks like Jack and Sousa will have to team up to save Peggy this time. I did find it interesting that Peggy and Sousa still haven’t had a real chance to suss out their feelings for each other. I’m rooting for them harder than ever. I seriously just hope Jack isn’t the guy she ends up marrying.

With only two episodes left I’m anxious to see how the story ends. It’s still up in the air whether we get a third season. I hope we do because I just love Peggy and Jarvis and the gang and I want to find out who she marries. If we don’t get another season perhaps the writers will gift the fans with that knowledge anyway. But with this being a Marvel property and all, I suppose the odds are at least a little in our favor to get another adventure with the SSR team. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and thought it not only moved the plot along but gave us some great acting moments from the cast. I fully support Jarvis’ actions and I do wish they’d worked because I rather detest Whitney. But I’m sure most of our team will make it out alive. After all, someone has to go hunt down Dottie when all of this is done.

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