Sunday, February 21, 2016

Marvel's Agent Carter 2.07: "Monsters"

“Look at you. You’re trying to act ruthless, but you’re terrified.”
- Dottie

So I thought things were going bad before, but they are about a million times worse for all of our heroes this episode. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to go exactly the way it was going but I suppose that’s just a mark of good television. You should be surprised by what you watch sometimes. We start off the episode with a small victory. Yes, Dottie is still missing but they’ve managed to build the containment chamber for Wilkes and it actually works. This results in a celebratory and slightly confusing and awkward kiss between him and Peggy.

While they are celebrating that tiny win, Dottie is having a bit of a rough time. Vernon (the FBI guy that I seriously want to punch in the face every time he’s on screen) threatens to break her and do all kinds of torturous things to her but she’s not scared of him. As she remarks, she’s pretty much done everything to herself that he’s threatening to do. Yes, she’s kind of weird like that but I also suppose it would make sense for the Black Widow program to be that bizarre. So, Whitney decides to try interrogating Dottie on her own. She also tasks Vernon with a new assignment: recover the stolen uranium rods. So Vernon pays Sousa a visit and tells him he needs to find the rods (he couches it as if Sousa is falling down on the job since the theft hadn’t been solved yet). Whitney is quite effective in getting Dottie to spill the beans on Peggy’s goals. She just touches Dottie and sort of infects her with Zero Matter. I was a little surprised Dottie broke so quickly for Whitney but then again, we’ve seen Whitney’s powers before and they are pretty brutal.

Jarvis manages to get a signal on Dottie’s tracking necklace but they know it is most assuredly a trap. Still, Peggy feels that Dottie is her responsibility, having broken Dottie out of prison and all. So she is trying to clean up her mess. Before they go, we get to see a new little device that should help even the odds against the bad guys. And we get a touching moment of Anna and Jarvis saying goodbye. As she points out to Wilkes a little later, she misses the lies Jarvis used to tell, hiding the real dangerous nature of his adventures with Peggy. She now worries for his safety constantly. I can understand her concern. Wilkes is also a little mopey (even though he’s happily enjoying expensive wine and Hungarian food with Anna.

On the way to the trap, Jarvis and Peggy have a rather touching conversation about the fact she went from having no suitors (what with Steve Rogers being presumed dead and all) to having two very eligible and bright men vying for her affections. I really can’t decide who I want more! Of course that may not matter given how the episode ends. But a girl and dream. As expected, they get locked up for a bit but manage to get free. Dottie also admits that there was a trap just not for Peggy. See, she told Whitney about Wilkes.

So Whitney and her thug friend go to kidnap Wilkes. But before they manage to drag him away, we learn that Zero Matter reacts differently between them. Without even trying or meaning to, Wilkes pulls a bunch of Zero Matter out of Whitney. It’s made him stronger but we know it won’t last forever. It never does. She ends up having to knock him out to get him to go with them. Anna gets a call from Sousa asking about Peggy and Jarvis’ whereabouts but doesn’t manage to make it there to lend much needed back up. On his way out of his house, he gets attacked and beaten by masked men. I have a feeling Vernon sent them to get Sousa out of the way. It’s easier to take over the SSR and screw over Peggy’s efforts when you can run the place. Which is exactly what happens when Sousa shows up to work the next morning. I can’t imagine he’s going to take that lying down. I fully expect our dear Chief Sousa to fight back and even harder for what he and Peggy have been doing.

Unfortunately, Sousa isn’t the only one caught in the crossfire of this whole mess. Anna tries to stop Whitney and her thug from taking Wilkes and just as Jarvis and Peggy arrive back at the house, Whitney shoots poor Anna. Just as she was worrying about Jarvis getting hurt, of course she’s going to be the one to take a bullet. Much like the soldiers who survive combat overseas and then die in senseless tragedies back home. What’s worse is when we leave our heroes at the end of the hour, Anna is still in surgery and the prognosis isn’t good. The doctors can’t even say if she’ll live. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to poor Jarvis if she doesn’t make it. He’ll go on the warpath and that isn’t a good thing. We need our dear, sweet, comical Jarvis to stay around and provide the levity. He can’t just got all super dark and angry. And I think Peggy is starting to realize that Jack’s words to her about not seeing her world crumbling around her coming as coming to fruition. I really hope that Jack doesn’t completely screw everything up going forward but I suspect he’s going to put his own ambition ahead of her and Sousa’s safety and it’s going to cost them a lot. Oh, and because she’s such a good villain, Dottie escapes and takes off into the wind. So yeah, overall, I’d say Team Carter is not having a very good time of it at the moment. But I have faith in the writers and in Peggy that they’ll rally and win the day in the end. It’s a Marvel show after all and the bad guys never win completely or for long.

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