Sunday, February 21, 2016

Marvel’s Agent Carter 2.06: “Life of the Party”

“This is my surprised face.”
- Dottie

The situation is getting pretty dire for our team. We pick up pretty much right where we left off with Wilkes disappearing. We see it from his point of view where he’s almost pulled into this black void before Peggy manages to snap him back. After a little bit of arguing over how to move forward, they agree that if they can get more Zero Matter, they might be able to temporarily make him solid long enough to get him into a containment chamber. They think the best way to do this is to get some Zero Matter straight for Whitney (via a blood sample).

It looks like their best chance to obtain said sample is at a fundraising gala for Chadwick. He shares the news with Whitney that he’s convinced the council to meet with her (which is nearly unheard of because they don’t deal with women or outsiders and Whitney is both). She’s quite excited by the prospect of demonstrating Zero Matter for them (and even manages to get over the giant crack in her face with a well-placed hair decoration courtesy of her husband.

With Peggy still injured, the team needs someone who is skilled and unknown to get the sample which leads Peggy to the terrible idea of breaking Dottie out of lockup and using her to do their dirty work. It isn’t a bad plan exactly. I mean Peggy and Sousa know that Dottie is a wildcard and likely to try and run and screw them over. But they’re somewhat ready for that. For instance, Peggy tells Dottie to go right when she gets out of the building so naturally, Dottie runs left to try and escape. But Peggy and Sousa are waiting with an electrified net. Peggy and Sousa aren’t the only ones a little worried about the mission. Anna is definitely not liking the idea of her husband going on such a dangerous mission with a dangerous woman (given what just happened to Peggy). But she doesn’t really get a say in the matter. We do get some hilarious pantomiming from Jarvis as he and Peggy argue over how best to arm him given Dottie’s propensity to steal things (it involved a hair dryer to block out the sound of their voices).

At first the plan seems to be going ok. Peggy and Sousa are in a van monitoring everything via two way radio. But then things get very complicated because Jack shows up. I swear, he’s going to be the death of our girl. He thinks he’s so ambitious and in the right but he’s getting dragged down by the dregs of upper society and he doesn’t even know it. But his arrival causes some hitches. Dottie takes off after Whitney while Jarvis tries to distract Jack. Jack isn’t buying Jarvis’ diversion but hey, at least Dottie got the sample.

Unfortunately, the council meeting is about to commence and Dottie doesn’t have an exit strategy. So she ends up hiding out in the room and witnesses everything that goes down. First Whitney demonstrates her power and she thinks the council will be supporting her. But then she gets choked by a bunch of guys (apparently the plan was to kill her). But she’s stronger now and has better control over the Zero Matter and ends up killing most of the council, her husband included. She leaves four members alive and they seem to be going along with her as their new ringleader. Dottie sneaks out once the meeting is done but Jack’s FBI buddy (who is also involved with the council) spots her and she reacts by fighting. This interrupts a very sweet, almost kiss moment for Peggy and Sousa. I honestly can’t be mad that they are going this direction. Sure Wilkes is nice and I’d be fine with him ending up with Peggy, too, but I like Sousa (and hey Violet broke off the engagement).

The problems still abound for the team, though. Dottie’s been captured and Peggy’s popped her stitches. Oh and Jack gets order to shut Peggy down. The council wants Jack to disgrace her so badly and use whatever secrets he can find on her to ruin her reputation and make sure what she’s done so far is discredited. I couldn’t quite tell if Jack’s reaction this was because he sort of cares for Peggy or if it’s because he just has something of a moral code he doesn’t want to break. Still, it rubs me the wrong way. Jack is kind of a sexist jerk but I don’t think he’s really a bad guy per say. Either way, he’s spelling bad news for Peggy. He shows up at Stark mansion and interrupts Peggy and Sousa trying to figure out the best way to find Dottie again (which kind of bums out Wilkes). Jack tells Peggy she needs to get on a plane with him but she declines, basically saying she’d rather resign from the SSR than go back and be told what to do, especially when she knows she’s in the right. He warns her that she’s going to lose everything and she won’t see it coming. And because things are bad enough, Whitney now has custody of a chained up, locked up Dottie. This can’t possibly end well. Not that I really care what happens to Dottie but I think since she did leave the Zero Matter sample behind, she realizes just how dangerous this woman is. I have a feeling that Dottie would rather be in a world where Peggy is her greatest adversary (because they are fairly evenly matched) than be ruled by this crazy woman.

The story is really picking up now and I can’t wait to see what happens in the final few episodes. I know it’s unlikely given the ratings that Peggy and company would get a third outing but a girl can hope. In a perfect world, Peggy’s journey wouldn’t be over in four more episodes.

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