Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.13: “Take Me Back To Hell”

“One last bit of punishment on the way out? Sounds like fun to me.”
- Lucifer

Well folks we’ve made it to the finale and boy is it going to be a doozy! Our favorite Lord of Hell is under investigation for a murder we as the viewers are 99% certain was committed by Malcolm! Chloe pretty quickly decides her buddy is innocent but he gets a little hysterical and calls Amenediel for a ride out of Lux (confusing the hell out of some cops). Meanwhile, Malcolm goes from cagey to downright creepy. He shows up at Lux as if he hadn’t been there and then sees one of Maze’s knives (no idea how it got into the club since we didn’t see either brother pick one up). But this seems to give Malcolm an idea.

While the police are trying to find him, Lucifer and Amenediel have a heart to heart on a rainy rooftop where the latter admits to the former how much he’s screwed up and needs to fix so he won’t be taking Lucifer back to hell. But the thing is, they need a plan. And boy do they squabble about everything. Lucifer thinks being in his brother’s fake therapist office would be a great idea and eventually that turns out to be the case when Linda finds them. But they tell her the truth about their relationship (she doesn’t believe them) and after she admonishes them, they figure out that Malcolm is probably skipping down and would need new IDs and such fast and Lucifer happens to know a guy. While the angels are hunting for Malcolm’s new ID man, Chloe learns the truth about the Palmetto case from Dan and everything that happened. But hey, at least Detective Douche is on Lucifer’s side in all of this! I also liked that the core group of character we’ve been introduced to over the season play a part in all of this unfolding.

Chloe goes to look for Lucifer back at Lux and all she finds is Maze. Our resident demon isn’t all that interested in helping Chloe until she learns that Chloe believes Lucifer is innocent. What follows is a rather amusing team up with the girls. They haven’t had much to do with each other until this point but I hope next season we get to see more of it. Around the same time the boys drop in on Dan with some information about where Malcolm may be going to get some getaway money, the girls learn from Malcolm’s wife that he’s gone off the deep end. Maze has seen it before (apparently she’s witnessed other people come back from Hell?). It basically just makes his appetite (both for food and other stuff) insatiable and it will only get worse. He’s a lunatic really and I’m so looking forward to the gang getting him for good.

Unfortunately, while the brothers kick some serious ass when they find where Malcolm went to get money (lord they looked like they were having fun), Malcolm gets the upper hand on Amenediel, stabbing him with Maze’s blade. It was interesting to see the emotion and anger and fear from Lucifer of losing his brother. Luckily, the girls show up around that time and Maze urges Lucifer to go after Malcolm while she tends to the big guy. It turns out to be a pretty lucky thing that Maze kept a feather from Lucifer’s wings because she needs it to heal Amenediel’s wound. It is also interesting that she made that sacrifice for him, since she thought she could use the feather to get home to Hell. Very interesting indeed. I suspect the writers will explore that whole dynamic in the next season.

Malcolm gets away but the gang does find a way to clear Lucifer’s name. Dan turns himself in for taking the gun out of evidence. I don’t know that he’ll lose his job over this but it will certainly jam him up for a while. But hey, at least he’s not dead. Lucifer even uses his real name in thanks for what he’s done (which shocked me and Dan). But things aren’t all cozy and rosy for long because Malcolm has taken Trixie and he’s using her as leverage against Chloe to get his money (he left it behind when he took off so they wouldn’t catch him). Chloe goes to meet him alone but Lucifer shows up. We know that something has to happen to him since Chloe is around and he gets shot at pretty much point blank range. As he’s dying, he offers up a plea to his father, that he will be the son his father always wanted him to be if he protects Chloe. Lucifer pays a short visit to Hell (we don’t see much) before finding some sort of chamber empty. He doesn’t have time to ponder or investigate because he’s pulled back to the mortal world and boy is he angry. His eyes go all Hellfire red and he’s going to rip Malcolm to shreds. But just as Lucifer corners him, Chloe shoots him. And it turns out that God ended up giving Lucifer his coin back (to get out of Hell) so Malcolm has no way back and he’s going to be stuck tortured in Hell for all eternity. Hallelujah!

With Trixie safe, Lucifer heads home to fill Amenediel in on what he saw in Hell (and that he sort of had a chat with Dad). Maze is nowhere to be seen which is interesting, too. I suspect she will have a lot to say about the missing Hell inhabitant. As the episode comes to a close, Lucifer shares with his brother that their mother has escaped Hell. My first reaction was “Mother? What?” I can’t wait to see what all of this means for our characters. Up until now it’s all been about Lucifer and his father and their strained relationship. It makes me wonder if part of the reason Lucifer was sent to look after Hell was because of their mother. But who is she? Biblically (and as far as I know canon-wise in the comics) no mother of the angels exists because God created them in his own image. It’s all very interesting and I hope that the show premieres in the fall so we don’t have to wait quite as long for answers.

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