Monday, October 2, 2017

Lucifer 3.01: “They’re Back, Aren’t They?”

“Well, God’s your father, Lucifer. And things are never simple with him. You don’t know for sure why your wings have returned.”
- Linda

Lucifer is back, ladies and gentlemen and he is one unhappy devil. Or is it angel? Because, as we saw at the end of last season, someone knocked him, dragged him to the desert and returned his wings. Once he makes it back to the city (he encounters an armed robber and returns the armored truck the guy stole while sending him running out into the wilderness in just his underwear, Lucifer begins to try and make up for things. He lavishes Linda with flowers and a hot guy and then asks her to cut off his wings (after he shows them to her). She refuses, as both his therapist and his friend. He’s going to have to find someone else to help him with that particular issue.

When he goes to the precinct he’s surprised no one was upset that he was gone. Chloe tells him he’s only been gone two days and she figured he was hiding from the new lieutenant (Tom Welling). Welling’s character, Lt. Pierce is kind of a tool to everyone. He reminds us that Dan had that corruption stuff in his past and he won’t shake Lucifer’s hand due to his nearly three-digit list of the lovers. And worst of all, he refers to Chloe as Lucifer’s partner. What an ass. But the team doesn’t have a lot of time to dwell on that because they’ve got a case! A hotel mogul is found dead in the desert when Lucifer drags Chloe out there to try and prove he’d been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Amenediel still doesn’t have his powers back and only starts to suspect that Lucifer got his wings when he finds a feather in Lucifer’s apartment when looking for towels (Lucifer called a masseuse for his big brother to help relax). I did highly enjoy the fact that Lucifer send Amenediel a text in only emojis about Mom being in her own universe. That was pretty hilarious actually, especially when Lucifer tells his brother he’ll text him later and Amenediel calls after him that it better be in words this time.

Thanks to Ella’s stellar police work, Chloe and Lucifer head to the hotel to talk with the dead guys’ business partner. They found a keychain with the guy’s print on it. He doesn’t think they are real cops and is extremely sexist toward Chloe. This only serves to piss Lucifer off and he chucks him over a balcony. When they get him back to the precinct, he explains that his friend got him in trouble for having a tiger and so he arranged to have his friend fake kidnapped in retaliation. Not a smart guy if you ask me. And when Chloe attempts to indulge Lucifer by trying to see if there’s a connection between their case and his own experience, he can’t even show her his devil face. I’m wondering if maybe he doesn’t have that ability anymore since he’s got his wings back or if it was just performance anxiety?

The gang eventually decides to run a sting on the company that the friend hired to kidnap the victim and Dan gets set as the bait. Well, until Lucifer decides to take things into his own hands and throw the operation into chaos. No one at the precinct is pleased with that. While they are running the sting, though, we get a nice little scene with Ella and Amenediel which was fun. I like that we are getting to see some different characters interact. We also get some nice continuity about Dan being upset that Charlotte doesn’t remember him. Well, when your body is hijacked by a celestial being, that probably is a reasonable side effect.

Lucifer manages to get himself kidnapped just as he’d hoped and the guys who are responsible are pretty pathetic. It’s nice to know at least that his super strength and mojo aren’t completely gone. Just his devil face and he actually demands to know how they got rid of it so it wasn’t performance anxiety after all. He ends up taping the heavy guy on top of the smaller guy to a chair to get them to admit there’s a third person involved. And that’s about the time the gang at the precinct figures out that one of the non-local PD they dealt with at the scene is in fact not a cop and is likely their killer. Lucifer busts down the guy’s door and is ready to deliver some serious punishment to this guy.

Before Chloe and Dan show up, Lucifer gets out of the guy that he was hired by someone named The Sinner Man to kidnap Lucifer and that when the guy got him, Lucifer already had his wings. He doesn’t know anything more than that and he figures because he didn’t complete the job (he says the Sinner Man is a big-time mob boss) he’s dead anyway. And in fact, he gets out on bail and a while later Lucifer and Chloe are called to the scene of his rather gruesome murder. In the meantime, Lucifer tells Amenediel that he’s got his wings back (and in fact they’ve grown back since he cut them off again) but he’s now not so sure that God is behind it. He fears this is something far more sinister and evil. I do like that Amenediel pointed out that if Lucifer could be redeemed then anyone could be. That’s definitely a theme the show has been toying with for two seasons so far. I think they’ve set up some very interesting mysteries and new dynamics with the characters and I can’t wait to see what they do with the rest of the season. From what I’ve heard, some of the standalone episodes are going to be pretty awesome and hilarious. Well done, “Lucifer” on a very entertaining premiere.

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