Sunday, October 1, 2017

Summer TV Rewind: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2.03: "All Signs Point to Josh . . . Or Is It Josh's Friend?"

“So you know what, I’m going to let destiny take the wheel like Jesus supposedly does sometimes.”

The whole Greg/Rebecca/Josh situation had to come to a head sooner or later, and it happens in this episode. I pretty much saw this entire episode as a cry for help on Rebecca’s part. She is so off the rails it’s almost uncomfortable to watch. Scratch the almost, it was legit uncomfortable to watch. I’m not usually all that sympathetic to Josh, but my look of horror matched his with what Rebecca put him through in this episode. And then for her to go seriously after Greg right after that disaster – it just wasn’t right. Rebecca is seriously unwell and needs to get help. She’s seeing Dr. Akopian again, which is great, but whatever she’s doing isn’t working, because Rebecca seems more manic than ever, and she’s destroying the lives of people she cares about. I don’t mean this as judgment on Rebecca as a person at all – just expressing my sincere wish that the creative team eventually has her get the help she needs, because girl is spiraling downhill, and it’s painful to watch.

The beginning of the episode features a fantasy sequence where Rebecca imagines herself with both Josh and Greg. Josh and Rebecca are chatting in bed together when Greg stops by with a pizza and the three of them start spooning. In reality, Rebecca is talking to a polyamorous threesome she recruited on Craigslist. Apparently she wants to know if she should try dating both Josh and Greg. The polyamorous folks tell Rebecca that not being able to choose is different from polyamory. Being torn between two people isn’t going to be solved by polyamory. At this point, we get our first musical number of the episode (the only one actually, I believe). It’s called “The Math of Love Triangles,” and it’s an effective Marilyn Monroe pastiche. I’ve never seen a full Marilyn Monroe movie (I’ve seen clips), but maybe I should get on that.

Rebecca goes to see Dr. Akopian, who I think is pretty quickly becoming Worst Therapist Ever (and she even admits her own ineffectiveness in this episode – wondering if it’s even ethical to keep taking Rebecca’s money when Rebecca doesn’t listen to her at all). Rebecca tells Dr. Akopian that she wants a sign from the universe about whether she should date Greg or Josh. Dr. Alopian, understandably, is skeptical about this. Rebecca joyfully walks down the street after her appointment, looking for signs. Of course, she gets conflicting signs for both Josh and Greg. Later at work, Paula and Rebecca talk about how their periods typically synch up (they even have an app on their phone to track this). I can’t judge this because my next door office neighbor at work and I tend to synch up too (if you really wanted to know). They are both a little late, and Paula thinks it’s her fault because she’s been stressed over applying to law school. Rebecca suddenly starts not feeling well, and she hurls in the trash can. Rebecca thinks this means she must be pregnant, but Paula thinks it’s probably the bad quality egg salad sandwich Rebecca had for lunch. Rebecca’s not hearing that, though, and she’s convinced that “carrying Josh’s baby” is the sign from the Universe that she’s been waiting for.

Meanwhile, Greg has his own drama he’s dealing with. He arrives home to find his dad having a conversation with a Realtor about a deal closing. It turns out Greg’s dad sold their house. He offers Greg half the money from the sale to go to Emory. He is using the other half to buy into a swanky retirement community. Greg is reluctant to make this move. He says it’s because he’s supposed to avoid big changes during his recovery, but his dad suspects there’s something more to it, especially when he finds a picture of Rebecca among Greg’s stuff while they’re packing. Near the end of the episode, he straight-up tells Greg that he thinks Rebecca is bad for him. Regardless, though, he says the money is still Greg’s no matter how Greg decides to use it. Greg also talks to Guardrail, his AA sponsor, to see if he has any advice. Guardrail stresses that he can’t make Greg’s decision for him, but despite it being early in Greg’s recovery, he isn’t against Greg going to Emory. He even knows someone in Atlanta who can take over as Greg’s sponsor.

And soon after discovering she’s “pregnant,” Rebecca goes even more off the rails. She texts him repeatedly to come home, and when he does arrive at the townhouse, Rebecca immediately jumps him and tries to make out with him. Then he sees her prenatal vitamins. When questioned, Rebecca says that yes, she’s pregnant, but she has to go pee. When she returns, Rebecca announces that she is having her period, so apparently she isn’t pregnant after all. And she wants to know if Josh is up for some period sex (we see her start to sing a song about this, but she gets cut off). Josh looks absolutely horrified, and he tells Rebecca he’s leaving for good. And he follows that up by actually walking out the door. I don’t really blame him for that. Rebecca is clearly unhinged and needs help, but I don’t think Josh is really equipped to help her. He can barely take care of himself.

At work, Rebecca tells Paula what happened with Josh. Paula thinks this means Rebecca should be alone for a while, and Rebecca decides to take a walk to think this over. When Rebecca leaves, Paula makes an emergency call to her husband and asks him to meet her at home. She tells him she thinks she’s pregnant. Her husband is supportive and makes it clear he still wants Paula to follow her dreams and go to law school, but Paula is dejected. She’s convinced she’s fate’s bitch, basically. Back at the office, Darryl has good news for Paula. He knows the dean of the law school she applied to, and he got her accepted via rolling admission. This means she can start school right away. He arranged a whole office party for her and everything, and he gives her a gift of a pair of Nine West heels. The whole thing means a lot to Paula, even moreso now that she might not be able to go to school after all. She starts crying and leaves, but somehow she still won’t say that Darryl is her best friend! By the end of the episode, we learn that Paula is indeed pregnant.

Greg conveniently happens to be taking a walk in the Park while Rebecca is (or is Rebecca deliberately walking where she knows Greg will be?), and they see each other. They have some banter, and Greg ends up kissing her. I wanted to scream at Greg to stay away from Rebecca and scream at Rebecca to stop messing with Greg. Rebecca tells Greg she wants to try again, but this time they would take things slow. If he’s interested, she wants him to meet her on the bridge in the park the next day, and they’ll go have dinner at Olive Garden together. If Rebecca wasn’t obviously using Greg as a Josh substitute, I would be all about this. As it is, I just think run, Greg, run! The next day, Rebecca is waiting on the bridge. A happy Greg approaches, but as he does, he sees a danger sign, remembers his father’s words, and hesitates.

Eventually, Rebecca goes home to wallow, and when she wakes up the next morning, there is still no text (or any other communication) from Greg. Then she gets a Snapchat alert, and she immediately runs off. It’s quickly apparent why. Greg and his crew are gathered at the airport because Greg is about to leave for Atlanta and Emory. He’s saying his goodbyes to each of the guys, and it’s actually a very touching scene. His goodbye with Josh is the best, though. They’ve been friends for practically their whole lives, so they quickly put the Rebecca drama behind them and genuinely have a moment. As the guys are leaving, Rebecca is rushing to the airport. Rebecca rushes into the airport and stops Greg at the escalator. Will Rebecca have her perfect rom com moment and convince Greg to stay? Or will Greg do what’s best for him and finally attend the “Harvard of the South.” We’ll find out soon enough.

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