Monday, October 23, 2017

Lucifer 3.04: “What Would Lucifer Do?”

“I’m what I’ve always been: a punisher and for reminding me of that, I salute you.”
- Lucifer

Lucifer seems to be living up to his promise to get back in the favor game. He even manages to sort of save a judge’s marriage by sleeping with the new wife so the judge can reconnect with his ex. Very weird but Lucifer seems to be enjoying himself. He even is mildly interested when Amenediel says he believes that God’s task for him relates to Lucifer. Our angel isn’t sure exactly what dad had in mind but Lucifer suggests he walk a mile in his shoes and grants big brother access to his social media and closet. This is going to be interesting. He certainly rocks the duds but his attempts to “be” Lucifer falls painfully flat the first two times at Lux. But hey, he manages to get a pretty lady to ask him to buy her a drink in the end!

While Amenediel is doing a little soul searching, Chloe is miffed at Pierce for turning her down as a union rep (I’m not quite sure that’s how it works but whatever) and they land a new case: a counselor at a reform program for juvenile drug offenders was murdered. Lucifer is skeptical (of course he is) but it seems he may be right that one of the kids is to blame for the crime when a tool belt with a missing knife is found in the counselor’s office. Only the residents get those types of toolbelts. The search for the missing tool leads our team to a resident named Tyson who has gone missing. Dan does a little digging and finds camera footage of the kid in downtown LA but since his juvenile record is sealed, they have no idea what his crimes are. Oh, and Pierce is being a total dick to Chloe by saying he thought they’d be farther along in the case by now. Ella insists he’s got the hots for our lady detective but Chloe isn’t buying it.

Lucifer uses his favor with the judge to find out Tyson’s crimes and finds him boosting a high-end muscle car (which in the past he’d used to buy drugs) and Lucifer decides to scare the literal crap out of the kid by driving real fast toward a ledge and dangling the kid from the open passenger side until Tyson says he’ll tell Lucifer everything. According to young Tyson, the victim was planning to expel a resident and she wouldn’t leave with him (Tyson was in love poor sod). Peirce is still annoyed with Chloe’s lack of progress and a lack of consensus about the crime and he event ells Lucifer that our devil is being a “good” influence. That rankles Lucifer to no end and he ends up paying the reform program a visit and chatting up all the kids. It’s kind of an odd situation as he is discussing with them about drug distribution tactics (he’s desperately trying to prove he isn’t a good influence at all) when one of the residents clues him in to a giant pot field. Someone’s been busy!

Lucifer has the kids cultivating the cache until Chloe shows up and arrests the girl who had been growing the pot. She at first says she’s not going to talk and then decides to cough up that she saw Tyson burying something by a sundial on the property the night of the murder. And while Lucifer, Chloe and Ella are digging up the murder weapon—and Chloe is lamenting how Pierce hates her—Dan is bailing Amenediel out of jail for paying a prostitute. The poor guy had no idea what he was getting himself into and Dan is totally amused. Gotta love when Amenediel is uncomfortable in social situations. It’s almost endearing. And later, at Lux, he and Dan get to bond a little as Amenediel explains what he’s been doing. Dan recounts what basically amounts to Lucifer’s life and Amenediel realizes what a lonely existence his brother lives, even if Lucifer doesn’t see it that way.

Even though the evidence is mounting against Tyson, Chloe isn’t ready to call the case solved. The other resident’s alibi was that she was Skyping with her boyfriend. But as previously explained by the head of the program, kids had to earn such privileges and if she was on the verge being booted, she wouldn’t have had computer time. So, Chloe is going to head back to the program to chat with the head of it and Pierce is tagging along. She kind of lays into him about all the crap he’s been giving her but he explains that she’s one of his best detectives and he wanted to see her work. Unfortunately for him, the program head has a shot gun and Pierce takes one to the abdomen. Ouch!

Lucifer ends up tracking the guy down and beating him half to death before Amenediel shows up and sort of talks some sense into his brother. And with the case solved, Chloe goes to visit Pierce in the hospital and she is way more emotional than I expected and it makes me worried they are going to throw another love triangle at us! Oh, and Dan go the union rep gig which Pierce told Chloe is for “has beens” which annoys me. Dan is a good guy who did one bad thing. He shouldn’t still be punished for it. And Back at the penthouse, Amenediel shares with Lucifer what he thinks his task now is: to be there for Lucifer when he needs him. Lucifer isn’t convinced and recounts a story about a soul he tortured for centuries and one day when he didn’t, he realized that whatever meager attention he paid the soul made the guy feel like he mattered and that is exactly how Lucifer sees Amenediel. Lucifer rips into his brother but Amenediel won’t take the bait. He’ll take his brother’s harsh words but he will still be there when Lucifer needs him most.

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