Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lucifer 3.02: “The One With the Baby Carrot”

“I thought this would be a bit more … reverential, less angel wing dumpster fire.”
- Linda

Things for Lucifer aren’t going too well this week. I mean sure, he’s got a hot lady he’s about to hook up with but she ruins the mood after his wings accidentally unfurl and she makes some quip about cosplaying as a devil. This prompts Lucifer to hack off his wings anew, which has Linda concerned because it’s technically self-mutilation. I’d be honestly worried if she wasn’t worried about him. I just wish Lucifer could see beyond his laser focus to actually understand what she’s talking about. But he’s more concerned with the Sinner man and how he’s coopting Lucifer’s “schtick” of giving out favors with the expectation of repayment at the to be determined time. Then again, as Linda points out, he hasn’t been giving out favors very much of late.

Chloe is not interested in his theories about this new villain and shuts him down when Lt. Pierce comes by with a new case. Chloe begs Lucifer to drop things unless he can give her some actual proof. Knowing our devil, he’s not going to give up. So, they head to the crime scene of a struggling comic who was murdered. He posted a video online about how a famous comedian stole his jokes. Ella is a huge fan of the famous guy and her reactions to everything were really ridiculous. He’s totally an asshole when they go see him on his set but all Ella sees is him calling the make-up artist “honey” and telling them to stay for the taping. As they watch the start of the show, both Lucifer and Chloe are somewhat baffled by what’s going on. The guy is talking to puppets and Ella explains they are his imaginary friends. In typical fashion, Lucifer ends up interrupting the taping and trying to get the man to confess. He pulls out a puppet from the bag—I’ll give Tom Ellis credit for doing a pretty good puppet voice—and ends up discovering there’s a gun in the puppet and he inadvertently shoots the guy. The guy ultimately admits that he stole the jokes from the victim but he was going to let it run its course so he could get fired and keep all his money. Oh, and he was being threatened by anonymous email.

While all of the case stuff is going on, we get to see Amenediel and Linda spend some time together. She invites him for a drink at Lux to thank him for his part in saving her life. She even says it must be great having his powers back. He confides that it was a one-time thing until he completes the test his father is putting him through. That test, you ask, is getting rid of Lucifer’s severed wings…which he’s hiding in a closet! They pack up the wings in garbage bags and take them a dumpster where Amenediel lights them on fire and with Linda’s insight, realizes that Lucifer is his test. Everything his brother does has a way of hurting Amenediel. We need some family therapy again!

While Chloe has the cyber division looking into the emails—we also learn that whoever the victim stole the jokes from had a micro-penis—Lucifer tries to get a still-absent Maze to hunt down the Simmer man. When he gets home, he finds Lt. Pierce has broken in. The new guy shares that he had a run-9in with the Big Bad in Chicago and lost someone very close to him in the process. And later on, when Lucifer still won’t back down, Pierce agrees to work together but they have to keep Chloe out of it. As a favor, Pierce has brought in the killer of the man who kidnapped Lucifer but all Lucifer’s devilish interrogation tactics yield is a jealous guy who didn’t want his girl sleeping around anymore.

Back on the case, the gang discovers that the sender of the emails always sent them from a comedy club during an open mic night. Dan gets roped into doing stand up to try and draw the guy out but he’s terrible. In his defense, he does improv which is a different comedic skillset. Lucifer ends up tossing out some good jokes in an attempt to heckle Dan and draw out the killer that way. It works but the guy didn’t kill our victim. Sure, he was mad at the rich guy stealing his material but he kind of had sympathy for the victim, being a struggling comedian and all. He also reveals that there is a subset of women who sleep with comedians—like groupies—and he once shared stories with one who likely passed it along. He also clues Chloe and Lucifer in on the fact that our victim had been dealing with the warm up comedian for Ella’s idol (well she’s less thrilled with him now knowing he’s a thief). Our duo heads to the setup of the rich guy’s show and it’s all very creepy and dark with all the puppets. Chloe finds the rich guy who has a nasty wound on his head from the butt of the warm up lady’s gun whom Lucifer then corners on the catwalk. She gets to have her little Evil Speech of Evil and say that it isn’t about the content of the joke but what you do it with that mattered. Lucifer gets to punch her out and save the day, though so he’s pleased. And he takes her words to heart and decides he’s not going to keep cutting off his wings (as they’ve come back for the third time now). He’s just going to pretend they don’t exist and then decides he’s getting back into the favor business. Basically, he’s doing his very best to revert to the man we met in the pilot. That’s not a good road for him to go down and I hope he realizes that error sooner rather than later.

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