Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lucifer 3.03: “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith”

“Burn brighter, Mazikeen. Go out and hunt the most challenging human you can find.”
- Lucifer

Maze is finally back on the scene (or more accurately the actress portraying her is back from maternity leave). Maze is hanging at Lux with Linda (they’ve been drinking for the last 3 hours and Linda isn’t holding up so well) when Maze realizes she’s even getting bored hunting humans. Lucifer suggests she goes out and finds the biggest, trickiest bounty hunting case to get some thrill back into her job. So, she does just that and decides to find a cold-blooded killer who has recently popped up in Canada.

As Maze is packing her things to head out, Chloe warns her to be careful. Also, our dear detective (rightly) critiques Maze’s cold weathering packing skills. And then there’s the matter of Trixie trying to stow away to watch Maze’s back. Chloe and Maze convince Trixie to stick around as Maze heads off. At the precinct, after bidding farewell to Dan for a few weeks in Hawaii, Chloe is not only tracking the last known whereabout of Maze’s bounty but she’s also trying to keep tabs on Maze through reports of violence. We see part of one of the alterations when she gets to a ski lodge and his shivering and a kid bumps her and laughs. She steals his jacket and sticks him headfirst into a snow pile. Later, she humiliates a concierge at a different lodge to get the location of her man.

Maze is definitely hot on the guy’s trail as Chloe and Lucifer bring in her query’s lawyer. Lucifer even gets Chloe’s approval to use his power on the woman to learn that she’s in love with her murderous client and has been helping him out financially. She explains that no matter who you are, his charm will win you over. Which could be a problem for our resident demon when she puts on a blond wig and meets the guy at a bar (pretending to be his girlfriend). She has the sense to at least cuff him to a rail under the bar. They share a drink and he ends up cuffing her to the bar and taking off. Maze doesn’t seem too miffed by this situation as she likes the chase. She also isn’t pleased that Chloe is checking up on her.

At first, Lucifer isn’t happy with Chloe’s helicopter parenting of his favorite demon, either. But after Chloe finds the bounty’s address and Lucifer then sends it to Maze, things take a dangerous turn. Sure, Maze gets to handcuff herself to the guy and they tussle for a bit. But then another bounty hunter with a big ole machine gun pops in and he gets nicked by a bullet. Cue a Skype call to Linda (while in session with Lucifer) and even our devil is now worried. Maze is going to stick up the bullet wound but after she knocks the guy out so he doesn’t fight her trying to remove the bullet, she sticks a pillow under his head and fluffs said pillow. This convinces Lucifer that the man is a devious con man going after his Maze.

When he wakes up, he fills Maze in that he used to be a bounty hunter for the same Lieutenant that Maze is working for. But the kids he’s accused of killing weren’t his fault. He refused to kill them and then he got framed. We still don’t know if he’s telling the truth when Dan shows up (from one of his many layovers) because Chloe called and asked him to check in. He starts to report the bounty as a fugitive to Canadian police but Maze takes off, intent on finding her bounty and the woman who tried to kill them both. Back in LA, Chloe gets a weird feeling about the Lieutenant and brings in the security guard who testified that the bounty was the shooter. In short order, Chloe and Lucifer manage to get him to admit he was lying. But things don’t stop there. Maze still has to attempt a daring rescue (with a little help from Dan). I’m glad Maze is back and that she got to kick so much butt this episode. I also liked that we got to see her evolving as a character and while she may never have a soul, she’s at least gaining emotions and learning that there are people in her life that matter to her.

In the end, Chloe and Lucifer get to arrest the Lieutenant and all seems well. Maze tells her former bounty that with the cop’s arrest, he’s a free man and she doesn’t have to bring him in. I was almost expecting her to still ask him for the money for the bounty so she wouldn’t have a wasted trip but she didn’t (which is probably progress in and of itself). But he insists that the cop wasn’t the only piece of the puzzle. He worked with other people who know all about him and won’t stop hunting him. He tells Maze that they know more about her than she thinks too and now that she had contact with the Lieutenant, she’s in their cross-hairs, too. She’s not too worried. I mean, she is a crazy powerful demon. But that might be what they know. And now I’m wondering if this is all connected to the Sinner Man and Lucifer’s abduction. Maze shares a kiss with her former bounty (who offers to let her run away with him) before heading back to LA to be with her roots. As the episode ends we see someone putting photos of Maze and the bounty into a folder and then into a cabinet. That really doesn’t bode well. But, I did enjoy the episode and thought it was a lot of fun seeing Maze kind of in her element with the rest of the cast having to support her.

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