Monday, October 14, 2013

Once Upon a Time 3.03: "Quite a Common Fairy"

“What if I can do what I say? I’m a fairy. You might try believing in me.”
- Tinkerbell

The clan (hey it’s easier to type and naming everyone) is trekking through the forest when they realize that Pan’s lair has moved. Sneaky little prick! Regina, once again, suggests she just use magic to pop in and grab Henry. Bu that won’t work according to Hook. Pan’s got wards. They need a fairy and he knows of one on the island. Of course it’s Tinkerbell. Regina isn’t so sure the little green lady will help them. We’re introduced to her by way of a Regina flash back. Regina is miserable being married to Snow’s dad. She’s always alone in the castle and she’s ignoring her training with Rumple. She’s frustrated and ends up falling out off a balcony. But Tink saves her. They have a chat and Tink thinks she can help Regina find love again with someone else. Unfortunately, Tink has to leave and she gets reamed out by the Blue Fairy (she’s kind of a bitch right now…wow).

Back on the island, Pan is being a royal prick. He’s making Henry do target practice with poisoned arrow (trying to shoot apples of Felix’s head). Yeah I think Pan’s just trying to turn Henry into a lost boy. Something tells me our young prince is stronger than that. The clan is still trekking along when Regina suggests she and Emma combine their magic. When Emma is less than receptive to this plan, Regina retorts about Hook being Emma’s boyfriend. Clearly Emma is still pining for Neal. And Hook notices Charming’s wound. He tells the prince he’s got weeks maybe at most but Charming refuses to tell Snow or Emma he’s been injured.

Speaking of Neal he’s trying to find a way to make a portal to get to Emma and Henry. He susses out from his time in Neverland that Henry must be there because that’ the only reason Emma would wind up in that hell hole. As the Merry Men show up, including Robin’s son, Neal is hit with an idea. He wants to use Robin’s son to call the shadow to take him. Understandably, Robin freaks out. Marian’s dead and the boy’s all he has left. Neal uses the fact that Rumple spared their lives as leverage to get what he wants.

Back on the island, Emma and Regina have a little heart to heart. Regina says it’s best if Tink doesn’t see her so if they find her, get Henry without Regina. They have a touching moment where Regina calls their quest “Operation: Henry” because that’s what he would have done (better name of course). It was cute. Back in the Fairytale Land that Was, Tink steals some pixie dust against Blue’s orders and goes to bring Regina to her new love. Tink leaves Regina at an inn with the man illuminated but Regina chickens out. In Neverland, Tink finally shows for Regina and she is really pissed at the Queen. Clearly, we haven’t seen everything that’s happened yet. We see that Regina lies to Tink about seeing the man and for her trouble, Tink gets her wings stripped. So I guess that’s how she ends up in Neverland. She kidnaps Regina and the rest of the clan realizes a little late that Tink was after Regina the whole time. Regina offers Tink the chance to kill her by crushing her heart but she also implores the ex-fairy to choose love and let Regina go so she can get Henry back. Tink finally relents but she doesn’t have magic anymore, not even pixie dust. They reunite with the rest of the group and Tink agrees to lead the way to Pan’s lair but they’ve got to have their own plan and only one shot to execute it.

Speaking of Henry, Pan explains that magic has been dying everywhere in every world because the people in the Land without Magic stopped believing. So Henry is the real savior of all magic. Henry doesn’t believe but Pan hands over the scroll. Henry tosses it aside at first and Pan remarks on how much like Neal he is. But Henry picks up the scroll and realizes Pan isn’t lying. I like that Pan is nefarious but it appears he’s also got an agenda and that the agenda isn’t all horrible death and mayhem. The Lost Boys are still super creepy but hey, you leave a bunch of teenage boys alone on an island that’s what you get (think Lord of the Flies).

Speaking of Neal, Robin agrees to lend his son to call the shadow. It actually works and Neal latches on just in time to hitch a ride back to Neverland. No sooner does he land than Felix pops up and says Pan is going to be so pleased to see him. I seriously hope Neal gets to deck Pan in the face. He does also recognize the fact that he’s going to have to earn his way back into Emma’s heart. I’m glad he understand it’s not going to be all sunshine and roses.

And finally, we seems to wrap up some of Mulan’s story. Robin offers to let her join the Merry Men since she’s such a great strategist and his son remained unharmed by the shadow. She says there’s something she needs to do before she decides. She goes to see Aurora and at first it seems she needs to tell Phillip how she feels but it’s really that she’s got feelings for Aurora. Unfortunately, the princess breaks her heart by exclaiming that she and Phillip have a bun in the oven. So Mulan heads back to Robin and company and we learn that Robin is actually the man that Regina was destined to fall for. Yeah because everyone saw that coming when they made him a recurring character this season.

I’m looking forward to seeing if Henry and Neal at least reunite next week. As I understand it’s a Rumple-centric episode so that side of the family could come together and I’d be happy. Rumple needs to know his boy is alive. It still weirds me out a bit that Pan knows all about Henry’s history and it seems Neal ending up in Neverland as a boy was no accident after all.

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