Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Person of Interest 3.06: "Mors Praematura"

“Now there’s a third category. Things are evolving and besides, my relationship with the Machine is a little different.”
- Root

Things pick up not long after we see Root abduct Shaw. Finch sends Reese to her apartment since she failed to check in while he tackles their latest number. Their newest POI works for the city identifying relatives when people die without any apparent next of kin. He at least seems like an interesting guy. Reese realizes Shaw is likely in trouble when he finds Taser confetti (which only shows up when fired). We cut to Shaw waking up zip-tied to the steering wheel of a car while Root watches her. Root is seriously sketchy. She explains that the Machine has a mission and it involves them working together. Shaw’s not too happy about this arrangement but after Root busts out some info on Shaw’s past to show that the Machine never lies, Shaw reluctantly agrees to be a party to whatever is going on. Besides, if Root is right, it could save a lot of innocent lives.

Finch’s investigation leads him to some late night snooping around a dead man’s apartment. AT first he thinks Sloane (the POI) is stealing but it turns out the deceased is his foster brother who apparently died of a heroin OD two weeks earlier. Funny thing about that, Sloane thinks it’s murder given how Jason’s parents died (burning down the house cooking meth). Finch decrypts a small portion of an ominous email and Sloane does some digging on a storage unit address he finds in Jason’s coat. It turns out that Jason and some other people went to the unit at all hours and then it got cleaned out after Jason died. Meanwhile, Reese uncovers Shaw’s abductor and gets a call from Fusco that things are going sideways. A guy driving a medical transport van got hijacked by Root and Shaw it appears they were in it together. All the guys realize it’s a deadly combination of Shaw is a willing participant.

While the boys are off on their respective missions, Carter is continuing her crusade against HR using her newly acquired lackey partner. I do hope they wrap that storyline up. Carter is a badass for sure but HR has been around too long. They need somebody new. It seems that her partner may be cutting his loyalty to HR when finds out that Simmons killed the guy he was collecting money from (who the rookie knew growing up) and is ordered to bury him. The next morning, he admits that he’s Russian and is one of twelve new officers on the force. So it seems HR is securing loyalty by seeding the force with Russians to keep the mob in line. And they’re amassing money (millions at least). That could get very interesting. First creating new drugs, now amassing large sums of money.

Across the city, Root and Shaw are continuing their mission which is pretty vague aside from having Shaw cut through a metal bar. Root explains that she doesn’t worry about the big picture. That’s for the Machine to consider. She just does what she’s told. They break into an apartment and find an operative. Shaw takes him out and Root calls in to see what the mission is. Apparently, it’s to bring her in as a package or something. Creepy.

Finch and Sloane discover another storage unit was opened the same day the one that Jason went to was closed. Finch also finds it interesting that the names of the people who reserved the units were generals in the American Revolution. They get there (with Bear along because there can never be enough Bear) and find the unit empty. Sloane has an idea and he gets a black light and they discover all kinds of code written on the side the storage unit. Bear starts to whine and the guys notice the sprinkler heads aren’t connected to the usual line. They activate and the door closes, showering them in gasoline while a propane tank starts to ignite. Just in the nick of time, Reese shows up to rescue them.

Things are getting increasingly tense (and interesting). I wasn’t expecting the two storylines to merge and I was pleasantly surprised. It seems that Collier (the guy who was responsible for killing the sleazy POI who was putting people’s information up online) is back and he may have had Jason killed. And the information they found on the walls is a cypher. They just need the key. Reese and Sloane head back to Jason’s apartment and find the right book but not in time to do much else because Collier’s guys show up and take Sloane. Finch manages to decode the message and it’s a plan to kill Jason that night. So I guess he’s not dead. This is where things really kick into high gear and link up with Root and Shaw. Thanks to Root’s connection to the Machine, Shaw is able to smooth talk her way to a CIA black site and Root ends up being placed in a cell right next to Jason. She blathers on about how much she knows about him. We do learn that the organization Collier works for is called Vigilance. I have a feeling the Machine is trying to save his life and is using Root and Shaw to do it.

My prediction is pretty spot on. Our two teams collide (quite literally) when Collier intercepts the van transporting Jason. Root manages to escape along with Jason down to the tunnel where she and Shaw were before. Shaw gets free of the truck and heads after them while Reese shoots it out with some of Collier’s boys. It would seem Root and Shaw are the more successful pair at the end of the encounter. Jason gets to freedom with a new identity. Shaw saves Root from the guys that followed her. I got kind of a weird vibe between them this week. But in true form, Shaw clocks Root. Meanwhile, Reese faces off with Collier but the latter gets away after shooting Sloane. Things turn out okay for Sloane. He survives his injury and gets to talk to Jason one last time. It’s sweet. And Reese and Finch now have actual custody of Root and she is not happy. She’s been locked in a room and given an anklet to monitor her. And she’s cut off from any electronic device with a Wi-Fi signal. She accuses Finch of upsetting the Machine by keeping her locked up. Finch retorts that maybe she’s right where the Machine wants her. This is going to be an interesting dynamic going forward. The battle of who knows the Machine better.

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