Sunday, October 13, 2013

Person of Interest 3.03: "Lady Killer"

“Just once, I wish you guys would call about something that didn’t require a firearm.”
- Carter

This week starts off right in the thick of things for our heroes. Reese and Shaw are checking out this week’s POI, Ian Murphy. He happens to be on a date out on the lake and Reese and Shaw are fighting over who gets to row the boat. On first watch I just thought that was funny, however on re-watch I realize now it was sort of a set up for later on. Anyway, Reese heads to Ian’s apartment while Shaw follows him. He’s a chameleon, changing his outfit and hitting on a completely different woman. That’s not all that’s creepy about Mr. Murphy. In his apartment, Reese uncovers dozens of files on women who’ve all used the same online check-in app at the same restaurant. While Finch insists this doesn’t mean the guy’s a killer, Reese also finds a flyer for a missing woman and an article about a woman who died in a car accident. Hmmm….suspicious.

The gang doesn’t have enough to go to the cops yet so they’re going to stage their own little trap. And of course, this includes the awesome plotline of sending Shaw, Carter and Zoe undercover as potential bait. The scene where they all arrive at the safe house to get briefed is pretty hilarious. Carter is miffed the assignment involves being armed but she gushes over Shaw’s mini gun. It’s kind of adorable. And Zoe’s got a phone Taser courtesy of Reese (aww). They head out to the club and share a drink while waiting for Ian to show. Thankfully they’ve got Fusco watching their backs. I’m so happy Fusco got to be part of the action. I miss him and Carter as a team. Not surprising, when Ian shows up, he picks Carter as his next target. He flirts with her and she agrees to let him make dinner for her the following night. Then things get creepy. He follows her out of the club and starts stalking her down the street. Al the while, Fusco’s whispering in Carter’s ear where Ian is. She gets a little freaked and ducks behind a car and slams into Reese. It would seem Ian cut off his pursuit before anything hinky could go down. But now it means Carter has a second date with a potential killer.

Elsewhere in the city, things are moving along with Root, as well. She steals some drugs and aerosolizes them to knock everyone in the institution out so she can escape. She even tells her doctor the plan (which includes punching him in the neck and stealing his car keys). There’s an added element of danger though because Special Counsel is still hunting her down and it seems they’ve found her. As Root (and the Machine) predicted, the hired gun from Special Counsel shows up. Root manages to take him out and escape but Finch has been alerted that something is up (via the Machine sending him Root’s social security number). He goes to the facility and sees the dead hit man. Root out in the world again isn’t good.

Meanwhile, Carter is prepping for her date. Ian got a large sum of money nine years earlier supposedly from an uncle but it turns out to be the father of the car accident victim. Carter’s date is going all right though she’s a bit jumpy. Outside, Reese and Shaw are waiting to see if they need to shoot Ian and we get some confirmation that Reese and Zoe kind of have a thing going. Shaw is more pragmatic. She’s more a free spirit not tied down by relationships. Anyway, dinner ends and as Carter heads out, two guys show up to mug her and Ian. Luckily she’s got her gun on her and Shaw covers the other guy and they whisk Ian off to the Library. Fusco does some digging and figures out the thugs were hired by the dead girl’s father. So it’s time for an info dump. Ian and this girl met in college and fell in love. But Daddy got super protective when she got pregnant. He basically threatened Ian with public ruin if he didn’t take the money and leave. He didn’t have anything to do with the family until the funeral. Ian explains the father flipped out and our guys figure out why. Ian was led to believe his child was aborted but it would appear she had the child (a little boy). Well now we know he’s a victim not a perp.

Reese and company share the news with Ian and he’s kind of shocked. He wants to see his son once, even if the kid doesn’t know who he is. Reese and Zoe go to find the kid’s birth certificate but it’s nowhere to be found. Ian and Finch are off to see the kid from a far but since that’s about the time Finch gets the warning call from the Machine, Ian ends up kidnapping his own kid. He realizes the mistake and calls Carter for help. Shaw does a little digging at the hospital where the boy was born and found the birth certificate with Ian’s name on it. So it looks like he may have a shot at being a father after all. Let’s just hope the kid isn’t too traumatized (to be fair nothing really happened…he even got an ice cream out of the deal). Before Ian heads off with his kid he asks Carter out again. She says that it might work when things have settled down a bit for everyone. I really hope they bring him back. He seems like a decent guy (minus the creepy stalker-ness) and Carter needs something good in her life.

I’m a little worried that the plotline with Root is going to start to overtake the bigger story but we’ll have to see what happens. I kind of wish they’d just finish the HR storyline. As I’ve said before, that’s gone on a season too long at this point. Carter needs some resolution so she can get back to being a detective and Fusco’s partner. Because they developed such a great bond and chemistry last season.

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