Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Once Upon a Time 3.05: "Good Form"

“We are sworn to serve the King and the realm. They sent us to retrieve an unthinkable poison, one that killed our dear Captain. Never again will anyone set sail to that cursed land. And never again will we take such orders. Serving the King, fighting his wars, that is the way of dishonor.”
- Killian Jones

For all the Captain Swan shippers out there, this episode probably made them squeal with delight. Me, I’m a Swan Thief fan so I’m waiting for the inevitable Neal/Emma reunion. Anyway, this episode delves deeply in Hook’s backstory which was definitely due. I like Hook as a character and I think given what we learn in this episode, he’s got the potential to step out of his bad boy role and be a decent guy. I just don’t like him with Emma. Anyway, things kick off back in Neal’s cave. Emma happens upon a bunch of tally marks that dwindle off. Snow thinks it’s because he got off the island but Emma is wiser. She realizes he gave up hope and that’s something she strongly identifies with having done the same thing in foster homes. And she’s worried Henry will lose hope, too. Snow suggests they find a way to get Henry a message and her plan involves kidnapping a Lost Boy. Getting him to cooperate will come later.

Speaking of the Lost Boys, they’ve dragged a now unconscious and drugged Neal to a bamboo cage and ultimately string him up next to “the other one”. We’ve no clue who his cell mate is but this is awfully reminiscent of the bear cages on Lost. Albeit much smaller confines. Back at camp, one of the Lost Boys starts goading Henry into some swordplay and Pan approves. He tells Henry he can make a real sword by magic and then urges Henry on until he strikes his opponent. Henry is apologetic and Pan isn’t happy about that. He wants Henry to be a real Lost Boy and lose all sense of happiness and decency. Henry plays along though. He can be quite clever at times.

David and Hook have their own issues this week. Charming goes all protective papa for Emma and tells Hook to leave his little girl alone because Hook is nothing but a selfish pirate who is only helping to get in Emma’s pants. We learn and eventually Charming does, too, that Hook didn’t start out that way. In the Fairytale Land that was, he’s a proud navy lieutenant serving with his older brother Liam (Captain of their vessel) on a special mission from the king. They’ve got a fancy new sextant to lead them to Neverland where supposedly they will find a plant that can cure any illness. They outrun some other ships by deploying the Pegasus sail (made of Pegasus feathers). Yes, they’ve got a bloody flying ship.

Meanwhile, Hook tells Charming about his brother after David passes out and finds Liam’s lapels. It’s going to be an arduous journey but it might help them crack Neal’s code and get off the island. This leaves the women to lure the Lost Boy. They lay in wait for one to come along and they just so happen to score the one who was sparring with Henry. Emma tries to reason with the kid but he’s not having it. He doesn’t want to go home (so their offer to take him away with them is moot). Regina offers him some candy but he’s not interested in that either. Against Snow’s protests, Emma lets Regina rip out the kid’s heart so they can control him and get a message to Henry. Regina also splits a compact mirror in two and enchants it so they can actually see Henry. This is also a landmark moment because Emma and Regina refer to Henry as “our son” not “my son”. And I think it’s interesting that Emma says it first. Their plan actually works. The boy gets the message to Henry that his family is coming. Henry thinks it is a tricks set up by Pan, even when he sees Snow, Emma and Regina in the mirror. Emma says they’re on “Operation Cobra Rescue” and he believes. Pan appears and Henry tosses the mirror to avoid suspicion. I honestly had hoped he would pocket the thing so he and the family could communicate more. I’m glad that it seems the family working together is going to save Henry and maybe defeat Pan. I’ve read theories that say the combined magic of Emma, Regina and Rumple will do it. I think that would be pretty sweet actually.

The men are still off on their trek and David is getting worse. He’s got hours before the dream shade reaches his heart. Hook is still annoyed Charming won’t tell his family that he’s dying. He’s more focused on saving Henry. I have to say, I agree with some of the other viewers who say they’re tired of Charming. He’s so opinionated and sanctimonious. Anyway, as Hook’s backstory continues to unfold we learn that he and Liam are in pursuit of dream shade. Pan appears and warns them that it’s poisonous but Liam refuses to believe his King would send him on such a mission. Hook is skeptical and it seems he was right because when they find the plant Liam scratches himself with it and is proved wrong as he keels over in pain. Hook begs Pan to help him and we learn that at the peak is a spring with water to cure any illness (yes the damned fountain of youth). It revives Liam but Hook doesn’t heed Pan’s warning. They leave the island and Liam promptly keels over and dies on the ship. The water works so long as he stays on the island. Hook rallies his men in anger and announces he’s leaving the navy and becoming a pirate (bit of a drastic reaction but okay). It’s also a little surprising how quickly his men go along with his plan to abandon their livelihoods and become sea crooks. Hook explains all of this to Charming who says its’ a small price to pay to save Henry. So he drinks and is revived. Oh and Pan appeared to make Hook an offer. All he has to do is kill Charming and he’ll know that Hook is back in employ. Clearly, Hook doesn’t do that.

They return to the women where Charming exchanges a very passionate kiss with the Missus and even toasts Hook for saving his life. Of course, he doesn’t admit he was dying of poison and that he is now bound to the island. Charming and Snow go off for some more reunion time and Emma thanks Hook. He kind of goads her into a more physical show of gratification. They kiss. For a good minute or so. It looks pretty hot and Hook is clearly turned on and flustered by it. Emma’s a little hot around the collar too but she professes it was a one-time thing. I’d like to believe her. Love triangles can be so tiresome. As Hook sits alone, downing his rum, Pan appears and snarks that Hook will never have Emma, especially since Neal, her true love, is alive and on the island. If Hook is an honorable man like he is claiming to be, he will tell Emma the truth. Of course, that goes against his self-interest if he has a shot at getting with Emma. Oh the dilemmas the little brat puts our characters in! I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop the rest of this half of the season.

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