Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 1.05: "John Doe"

“Brush up on your Chaucer, Crane. I need you to question our John Doe.”
- Captain Irving

This week begins with a young girl picking flowers in the woods when a little boy appears. She invites him to play and tells him to chase her. He does for a brief time until she disappears and he’s suddenly being chased by a horseman. The boy gets to the road and a truck zooms by. The boy takes off and the horseman dissolves into black mist. Back at the sheriff’s cabin, Ichabod is moving in. He feels more at home in the cabin than the motel. He asks Abbie if she thinks he looks out of place in the present and she says he looks good for his age though a change of clothes wouldn’t kill him. I know that will make some fans happy but I like his outfit. It suits him. Before she can really explain the art of cutting plastic with scissors, they get a call about an unconscious boy. It’s the one from the woods and it seems he’s infected with something that turns is veins black. The boy also speaks Middle English. Ooh, interesting. I have a guess as to which Horseman was pursuing our young time traveler through the woods but I’ll hold on sharing it until a little later on.

Back at the precinct, Abbie is checking the boy’s picture against missing kids. It clearly turns up nothing. Ichabod is tasked with questioning the boy since he’s the only one who speaks Middle English (obviously….dude’s got skills). They’ve quarantined the boy so Ichabod has to communicate via a camera. The boy’s name is Thomas and he says he broke the rules by leaving home and following the girl in the woods. We also learn he’s from Roanoke (and not the town in present day Virginia). Ichabod explains the story of the lost colony to Abbie back at the cabin and he has a hunch that they may find said lost colony in the woods of Sleepy Hollow. They’re on a bit of a clock now because the illness is spreading. The EMT who treated Thomas dies (and he sees the figure of the horseman.

Abbie and Ichabod head off to the woods to retrace Thomas’s steps while the CDC tries to figure out what is going on with people getting infected. And it would appear Luke, Abbie’s ex, has a bug up his ass about Ichabod. So he’s going to do some digging. That’s not going to go well for our dashing hero. In the woods, Ichabod snarks at Abbie’s smart phone and proves to be an accomplished tracker due to noble blood and an upbringing. I like we’re still learning little pieces of information about him. It just makes him far more well-rounded. Abbie also tries to joke with him about who was funnier, Jefferson or Adams. He gives it right back to her. I think that’s part of what makes this show so fun. There’s not really any will they/won’t they sexual tension between them. They’re more like great friends who can pick on each other with respect. Besides, I totally ship Ichabod/Katrina. I want more of their back story. Finally, they reach a pond where Thomas’s tracks stop (well…begin really since they were backtracking). At first it seems impossible to get across but Ichabod’s keen sense of sight notes some marks on trees and a hidden walkway through the water. Not surprisingly, they stumble upon a community of people and when Ichabod asks where they are, they get the answer: Roanoke. So yeah, that place isn’t so lost now. The only problem is everyone’s infected. This doesn’t bode well.

Ichabod and Abbie meet with one of the village elders and get a history lesson. The Horseman of Pestilence (by the way that was my guess at the start of the episode) infected the colony but the baby Virginia Dare guided them to Sleepy Hollow as a ghost. Thomas left and the plague began to spread anew. Thomas needs to be brought back to Roanoke or else Pestilence will join his headless buddy Death and bring the apocalypse that much closer. Unfortunately, by the time they get back to the hospital, Ichabod realizes he’s been infected. The CDC guys sedate him and he ends up on the netherworld with Katrina. She’s worried because the only way he could arrive in that realm without her help is if he’s dying.

We get a bit more info on her situation as well. She’s basically trapped in purgatory and Moloch decides when souls can move and to where. It seems Katrina’s done something to land herself in this place but she won’t tell Ichabod what it is. Back in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie ends up praying for a sign to show her how to save Thomas and Ichabod. She realizes it is in the water at Roanoke. She gets Irving to back her play as she manages to take Thomas and Ichabod back (thus pulling Ichabod away from Katrina before he can coax the truth from her). Let’s just hope it works. Oh and my worries about Luke running afoul of Ichabod is not so justified. He gets a woman from Oxford who corroborates that Ichabod is tenured and on loan to the cops in Westchester County.

Ichabod doesn’t look like he’s going to make it as he collapses in the woods with Thomas in his arms. The Horseman is on their heels but miraculously (okay so thanks to some liquid adrenaline) they make it to Roanoke and Ichabod submerges in the well. The Horseman vanishes and shortly thereafter the entire colony disappears. Ichabod suggests that they were all dead and Thomas was lured back to life to spread the plague. Very clever man he is. He also notes that Abbie allowed herself to be a capital W witness and believe what she couldn’t see. That’s what really got them to prevent the plague from spreading. And that’s also rather creepy. Now they have to prepare in case Death comes back. Sure enough, Headless walks out of the river to his waiting red-eyed, white steed. They leave a trail of fire in their wake as they set off. Sadly, we have three weeks to wait until the Horseman makes his next move on our Witnesses.

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