Monday, October 6, 2014

Once Upon a Time 4.02: "White Out"

“You were right. It was an impossible battle which is why I had to fight it.
- David

Now that we’ve been introduced to the “Frozen” gang (at least some of them), it’s time to see what kind of shenanigans they can get up to with our Enchanted Forest/Storybrooke family. Elsa kicks things off by vowing to find Anna and not letting anyone out of town until she does. This includes building a giant pointy ice wall around the town. Oh and hiding in it for some reason. Over at the Charmings, Snow bas just put baby Neal down for a nap and she doesn’t seem to be taking the sleep deprivation too well. It seems she’s not the only member of the family who ends up out of sorts early on, either. Henry’s packing up a bunch of break-up chocolate and wine into a bag for Regina when she sends a message via carrier crow that she doesn’t want to him. I honestly feel bad for the kid. He just lost his dad and now one of his moms doesn’t want to see him. He doesn’t even want to investigate with Emma and David as they check out the massive power outage that Elsa’s wall created. Not surprisingly, Hook arrives at the wall and does a bit of flirting with Emma before she goes to check things out. David warns Hook that Emma’s not some conquest which Hook understands. Emma finds Elsa in the wall cave and thus, a new badass friendship is born. Well until David and Hook get too close and Elsa causes a cave in, trapping her and Emma inside.

Back in the Enchanted Forest that was, we find Anna meeting David (with a ridiculously long wig). HE and Kristoff are buddies and even though Anna won’t tell him her name, he picks up on her being Kristoff’s fiancée. Unfortunately, they don’t have much time to bon before the evil war lady Bo Peep (yes you read that right) played by Robin Weigert shows up and threatens to take the farm if David and his mother don’t pay up. I have to say I have no idea what accent Robin was going for but it sounded really bizarre. Bo Peep leaves and Anna begs David to fight and stand up to her. He’s hesitant but she at least gets him to agree to let her train him in sword fighting. I have to say the writers really are doing a great job of capturing Anna’ speech patterns from the movie. David gives up pretty easily after Anna bests him a few times and she calls him on his lack of confidence and calls him a coward. He explains that he knows there are some battles you can’t win. His father was an alcoholic and he swore to get better but he lost his battle and died when David was six years old. So he’s got a reason to not fight. Interesting that they’d bring that type of a storyline in as his back story. The next morning, David goes to give Anna some supplies and send her on her way but Bo Peep has already branded her and hidden her away. So David’s a bit out of luck at this point.

Apparently since Snow cast the most recent curse, she’s now Mayor of Storybrooke. Just what she needs right now, a town full of cranky powerless people on top of no sleep and breast feeding. And boy does she lose it as Grumpy and Happy bitch and moan about not having electricity. They slink off after she blows up at them. I have to say post-partum Snow is kind of amusing. In the ice cave, Elsa demands that Emma give her Anna and maybe she’ll let the town survive. So now it’s up to Hook and David to find some magic that will undo the ice magic. I doubt Regina is going to be in a helping mood. And Emma’s magic is on the fritz due to the fact she’s freezing to death. She and Elsa do get to bond a bit over their uncontrollable powers and lack of parental units in their lives growing up. I want to see more of them working together when Emma isn’t freezing to death. They could be good for each other. Too bad she’s passed out and Hook and David now have to hurry to save her.

David and Hook are on the hunt for Anna and their first stop is Gold’s shop. It seems the Golds are doing some inventory and David realizes he knows exactly who Anna is and how to find her. Since Anna was branded by Bo Peep, he and Hook liberate her shepherd’s crook from her (she’s now a creepy butcher in town) and are off to locate Anna. I just hope it’s not too late. And man, if Anna set off back before the first curse, Kristoff must be really old by now! David ends up fighting Bo Peep’s guards and even bests her. He uses the crook to find Anna and they both seem pretty pleased with themselves that he actually stood up for himself. I like how they’ve weaved Frozen into this part of David’s past but I will be glad when that wig is gone. David gives Anna his horse and his mother gives her Rumple’s name as someone who might be able to help. It would appear the Dark One is aware of his impending visitor which can’t be good.

David manages to convince Elsa that she can use her magic to take down the wall at least enough to get Emma out. Hook seems overjoyed that his sort-of girlfriend isn’t dead and she seems pretty happy to be in his arms. I am really trying to just go with it but I’ll always hold a little part of my heart for Neal. Snow manages to get the generator up and running and while David and Elsa can’t get the crook to glow like it did in the past, Emma does hear a heartbeat so at least Anna’s alive. And Henry decides he’s not going to let Regina wallow ins elf-pity. He goes home and tells her he’s not leaving until she lets him in. I think she just needed to know someone wanted to love her. Things are going to still be complicated for the denizens of Storybrooke since Elsa can’t take down the wall. It seems there another ice magician in town, played by the ever badass Elizabeth Mitchell. I guess now that she’s not fighting Patriots, too, she can come chill with our fairy tale gang (see what I did there).

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