Monday, October 6, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 2.03: "Root of All Evil"

“What if these coins were not meant to bankrupt us but to turn us?”
- Ichabod

This being “Sleepy Hollow” and all, things can’t possibly be going the way of our heroes. In fact, Abbie and Ichabod head to see Irving and find out they can’t see him by order of Henry. This clearly annoys Ichabod to no end and after doing a little police work they find that Henry left the psych hospital and went to the bank. As they wait to see if Henry is still there we get some rather amusing moments of Ichabod seemingly questioning two men holding hands but it turns out he’s down with gay marriage. One of his commanding officers was gay and he’s seen the finale of Glee (I laughed really hard at that). It turns out he was commenting on one of the guys wearing a hat inside.

Just as Henry leaves the bank, shots are fired inside. Abbie races in and tries to talk the shooter down (a loyal employee of the bank) but the new Sheriff shoots her. Oh and it would appear Abbie got Jenny out on those weapons charges with only community service. My dislike of the Sheriff is only intensifying when she brings up that Mrs. Mills spent time in the psych hospital, too. Back at the archives, Abbie is scrolling through security footage when Ichabod spots the shooter pocket a silver coin. He recalls a mission he and several others were sent on by Washington to obtain counterfeit coins that ultimately led Benedict Arnold to turn traitor on his count. This immediately reminded me a plotline in the more recent Dresden Files books about the thirty pieces of silver Judas was paid for betraying Christ that imbue the holder with a fallen angel. It seems that this concept is very similar to what’s going on in Sleepy Hollow. Our Witnesses are going to have one hell of a mess on their hands because the person who picked up the coin at the bank is now building a bomb.

At the house where Headless is keeping Katrina, she overhears Abraham and Henry talking about the latest plan. Headless is not happy he can’t go wandering free while Henry can (and is living at Fredericks manor house). Katrina is nearly caught spying and Henry cautions her to stay out of things. Unfortunately, her attempt at being motherly falls flat. I’m telling you, he’s not able to be saved. Back at the archives, Jenny joins Ichabod and Abbie and things quickly blow up. While Jenny gives them the name of a rare supernatural artifact guy she know (Nick), she finds out that the new Sherriff is the one who locked away Mrs. Mills (side note: Mama Mills apparently committed suicide). This leads to a big argument between Abbie and Jenny and the latter storms off. Something tells me things aren’t going to end well between the Mills sisters.

Abbie and Ichabod head off to find Nick and it would appear my 30 pieces of silver analogy was spot on. Ben Franklin made a similar deduction. He wants to go find the coin with them and keep it for his trouble. I’m guessing that’s not going to fly. Ichabod raises his concerns privately to Abbie but they don’t have time for much else because the bomb we saw the guy building earlier blows up. Also if the creepy factor wasn’t enough for Henry, he’s made a little wooden model of Sleepy Hollow. The flower bomber is in custody and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that his new lawyer is Henry. I want to know what law school gave this guy a degree! While Ichabod is confronting his son, trying to convince him that his efforts have failed, Abbie confronts the Sherriff and actually takes Jenny’s side in the argument. Very interesting.

I know I’ve said several times that I dislike the Sheriff and again, it grows when he basically threatens Ichabod since she can’t find any record he exists. Now, on top of trying to secure the Judas coin, he has to produce proper ID within 24 hours. Dude doesn’t have ID! Also, Abbie gets to evidence and finds that Henry’s swapped the coin for a quarter and out on the town, Jenny picks it up while she’s doing community service. I can see exactly what Henry’s (and Moloch’s) plan is here. Get Jenny to kill Abbie and you ruin the Witnesses and the Apocalypse has a shot at going forward.

Nick calls our Witnesses for a meeting at a bar (Ichabod gets riled up about the fact that Paul Revere is on the bottle of Sam Adams and then about not having an ID to drink). Nick also imparts that he saw Jenny and she was acting weird. She stole a high powered rifle from him. Abbie heads to the station because she thinks that’s where Jenny will be looking for her while Nick and Ichabod go vandalize a church to get some stained glass that apparently is consecrated and can fight off the effects of the coin. This little crime involves sort of falsely confessing to a priest. Abbie comes up dry at the precinct but she does eventually learn that Jenny is heading for the forest (the same forest where the Sheriff is currently hunting). Maybe we were off about who Jenny intends to kill.

Abbie, Nick and Ichabod head off to the woods and it is Abbie who talks Jenny out of shooting the Sheriff. And Nick might be a smuggler and in it for the money but he at least pays Ichabod back with a fake passport to satisfy the Sheriff. And maybe the Sheriff isn’t so terrible. She does give Abbie her mom’s psych records. Moloch was going at the Mills girls for a long time, even at their mom. Ichabod manages to go see Irving in a somewhat circuitous route and warns him that Henry is not to be trusted. Irving is a little upset since Henry was going to get him out. Now he has to decide if protecting the greater good is more important than being with his family. While Katrina thinks that Henry is actually clinging to her by living in the manor where he was born, we see him burn the bed frame where he came into this world. I just can’t wait to see where this show goes next week. Everything is really heating up and I have to commend the writers for continuing to go full steam ahead. I don’t want this wild ride to end.

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