Monday, October 20, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 2.05: "The Weeping Lady"

“Marriage is difficult on the best day. But without rust, without honesty how can a union between two people hope to survive?”
- Ichabod

It seems Ichabod’s little venture into the Colonial Reenactment last season has paid off. Miss Caroline has been making Ichabod new clothes and other assorted items. She thinks he’s just really hard core into the Colonial way of life. She also tries to hit on him which makes Ichabod a tad uncomfortable and then Caroline mistakes Abbie for his wife. Nope, let’s not go there, folks. I’m firmly in the Crane marriage camp, even though Ichabod and Abbie have amazing chemistry. Speaking of the real Mrs. Crane, Katrina manages to send off a message to Ichabod via carrier crow (Tom told a rather funny story at Comic Con about working with the bird and how it kept biting him). Abraham thinks the wards Henry set up to keep her from using her witchy powers are weakening and Henry agrees to check them out. He suggests they could just perform the creepy decapitating binding ritual but Headless wants Katrina to join them willingly. Henry’s a tad miffed that he can’t mess with his parents more. He really needs to get over it, honestly.

Still, Henry decides to do a little digging to find anything that can drive a wedge between Mommy and Daddy. He finds a reference to a woman named Mary and things get creepy pretty quick. A teenage couple speeds off after something attacks their car. Ichabod goes to apologize to Caroline and it’s obvious (if you’ve ever seen a creepy show or horror movie) that she’s not going to be long for this world. She goes back inside and is almost immediately attacked by a weeping woman. I think this version is actually scarier than the one they did on Grimm last season.

As it turns out, Caroline’s body has washed up on the shore many miles from her house. I didn’t quite get how that worked but whatever. Ichabod is very distraught over the fact that Caroline is dead and he resolves to find the person (or more likely monster) responsible. He and Abbie do some sleuthing and find tire tracks from where the teenagers sped off. So Ichabod gets his first introduction to high school and cheerleaders. Not nearly as funny as it could have been but the kids put the Witnesses on to the Weeping Lady. It’s a local legend about a woman who comes back from the dead after drowning and has glowing green eyes and cries over being jilted by a lower. Abbie and Ichabod split up to search the stacks and Abbie runs into Nick. He flirts with her a little but she’s not having it. Even when he offers to help out on their next case pro bono. In the fiction section, Ichabod gets Katrina’s note. It doesn’t really have much in it other than she loves him and she’s in good health. But it’s something to lift his spirits a little.

Abbie spots the Weeping Lady in the library and gets dragged into the water. She nearly breaks free but the woman is strong and drags her back down. It seems that the woman is tied to the river where she died and that’s how Caroline ended up where she did. Ichabod manages to finally get hold of Abbie but she’s not breathing. Nick has to come to the rescue and do mouth-to-mouth to get her to cough up the water in her lungs. I guess Mr. 18th Century doesn’t know everything.

Abbie’s recovered quickly and they head back to the Archives to do a little more research. Ichabod found the reference to the original short story and when Abbie reveals she snagged a piece of lace from the woman’s shawl under water, we get a new facet of Ichabod’s past. I have to say, he really is not very lucky when it comes to being connected to harbingers of the apocalypse. He was once betrothed to a woman named Mary Wells but he broke off the engagement when he left for the war. She shows up unexpectedly, intent on bringing him home and getting married but he’s not having any of it. She insists he recant his whole colonial allegiances but he refuses and tells her that he cares for her as a brother and sister, not lovers. She gets super jealous and ultimately killed herself in despair. Abbie points out that she’s been harmless up until now. They don’t yet suspect Henry but I’m guessing they will at some point. Ichabod realizes that Katrina is at the top of Mary’s hit list and when he can’t find her note, he worries that Mary now knows that Katrina is alive and she and Ichabod are happily married and in love. Indeed, Mary has found the letter and she’s not happy about it at all.

Abbie and Ichabod pay Nick a visit and after some posturing by the boys, Nick hands over a crossbow and super magic silver bolt that should take down the Weeping Lady. Next stop, Headless’ cabin. Just as they approach, Headless goes riding off, giving our Witnesses a chance to get inside. But Katrina’s already gone. Abbie figures out that Katrina will likely be at the same spot as Caroline and they get there just as Katrina uses some magic to break free. Her reunion with Ichabod is short lived, however, because Mary is still coming. Katrina can counteract Henry’s magic but she needs another witch to anchor her soul. She uses Abbie instead while Ichabod tries to talk Mary down. It turns out she can’t hurt him which is a good thing. The spell works and Mary’s soul leaves this world. But Ichabod tries to get some answers out of her before she turns to dust. He’d gotten a letter from her saying she’d gone back to England but obviously that never happened. Katrina knows something and her hubby wants the truth and he wants it now. She explains that Mary contacted her the day they met and accused Katrina of seducing Ichabod away from her. Mary tried to attack Katrina and she tripped and hit her head. Katrina wrote the letter to keep Ichabod from bearing all that guilt and jeopardizing his role in the War against Evil. He’s pretty unhappy with the Missus right now but he doesn’t have much time to vent because Headless shows up. Katrina convinces Abraham to let Ichabod live and goes with him back to the house.

Jenny ends up paying Nick a visit and says the crossbow was a dud. I’m guessing our witnesses will be hanging on to it for now. But it appears that Miss Jenny and Nick have some history. Romantic history if the smooch fest is any indication. It turns out she just wanted his food. Ichabod and Abbie set up a memorial for Caroline with some of the other Reenactors and he uses about how he’s supposed to trust Katrina now and how their union will survive. I’m sure they’ll be fine. Katrina gets a little honesty from Abraham and she’s at least thankful he wasn’t involved in the whole Mary plan. And it seems Henry’s desire to mess with his parents is only making Moloch angry. I think he needs to chill out for a bit.

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