Sunday, October 26, 2014

Once Upon a Time 4.05: “Breaking Glass”

“Stop trying to get me to forgive you because it will never happen.”
- Regina

So if you follow the spoiler sites at all, you knew this episode was not only a big Emma and Regina episode but we finally get some more backstory on Emma as a kid. The Snow Queen is busy making what looks like an evil snowman (mercifully not Olaf) while Emma and Elsa are browsing old town records at the sheriff’s station. Hook pops by to drop off some more items and kiss Emma on the cheek before taking Henry sailing. Wil makes a good point that it’s fairly obvious that Hook is kissing up to Henry to get in better with Emma. I have to agree with Wil on this one. Anyway, Elsa finds some old photos that Sydney took when he was spying for Regina during season 1 and there’s one of Emma arguing with the Snow Queen in the ice cream shop. So Emma decides to pay Regina a visit. Regina is holed up in her vault trying to undo the curse on Marian. She orders Sydney off to find the woman shortly before Emma pops by and offers to help. She also wants to know if Regina has any idea what Emma was arguing about with the Snow Queen. She doesn’t. Elsa is waiting in the car and she hears Anna calling to her. Yeah, I don’t think that’s really your sister, honey.

In 1993 in Montana, a teenage Emma is trying to steal some food from a convenience store when she almost gest caught by a guard. Another girl about her age steps in and they end up conning the guard together and taking off after using a stolen credit card. It seems Emma has found a new partner in crime in the dark haired Lily. The girls bond over their shared shitty group home experiences and decide to crash in one of the houses that’s vacant for the fall. Oh and we learned that Emma ended up in Boston in a foster home. So I guess she’s got ties there. Who knew? Oh and this also takes place after the flashback last season to when we saw a teenage Emma before. Emma and Lily break into one of the houses and have a good time playing video games and mugging off for a handheld camera. We also see that Lily has a star-shaped birth mark on her wrist. I’m pretty sure that’s going to be very important and I’ve got a theory about who she is. We’ll see if I’m right by the end of the episode. The girls promise to remain friends and swear that nothing will ever be able to change that. Well Lily lying to Emma about being a foster kid might have something to say about that. Lily’s dad finds them in the middle of the night and is ready to take her home. Lily tries to get Emma to take her phone number so they can actually run away together but Emma’s not interested. She doesn’t’ handle betrayal well (as we know) and she leaves Lily screaming her name. And it turns out I was making connections where there aren’t any. At least not exactly.

In other Storybrooke news, David is trying to persuade Mary Margaret to leave the baby for a few hours in Belle’s capable hands to go on a walk. They stop by the sheriff’s station because she is insisting on having a walkie talkie that Belle can use to reach them once they are out of cell phone range and find Wil has broken out. So now their leisurely hike is going to be a royal adventure. They’ve been at it an hour when Snow starts whining but when David gives her the option of going home, she ends up relenting and staying with it. She finds Wil digging holes in the sand. He’s looking for his travel pack with a map in it and he drunkenly buried said pack. Snow realizes that David let him out to get her to have the thrill of adventure again and so she could feel okay to leave the baby. It was pretty funny that he couldn’t quite figure out which sheriff she was related to. I am intrigued to see why Wil is here and without Anastasia. David denies having any involvement in Wil’s escape but he’s pleased that it brought back a piece of his wife’s spirit.

Meanwhile, Sydney finds the Snow Queen’s lair just as Emma realizes Elsa has gone missing. She runs into Regina and they head off together (although Regina is really not happy about it) since it seems their targets are in the same general direction. Emma is trying to be nice and tries to compliment Regina on what she’s doing to save Marian but Regina is just in a really bad mood. She doesn’t want the compliments or Emma’s attempts at friendship. Regina’s been hurt and there’s no going back from that.

Elsa finds Anna in the forest but there’s a big gap between them so we get the iconic ice staircase building which I have to admit was pretty cool. But as soon as Elsa gets to the top of the stairs, Anna disappears. Yeah this is totally a trap. Yeah, I was right. The Snow Queen is totally messing with Elsa to lure her there to keep her in icy chains and out of the way. And apparently she’s going to use Elsa’s fear and worry to build a snowman. Wonderful.

Emma and Regina happen upon the ice stairway and start heading up when a heavy wind kicks up. They are also arguing over the fact that Regina lied about knowing where Sydney was and how she got her information. It very clearly is mirroring the storyline in the past. And it seems the mirror is working for the enemy. Can I just say it’s kind of amusing to see them working together given their characters; animosity on “Revolution”. The ice stairway starts to shatter and so it’s a race to the top for our Savior and our Queen so they don’t plummet to their deaths. Elsa manages to break free of her chains by letting go of some of her fear and Regina and Emma tag team the Snow Queen’s monster snowman (most definitely not Olaf) and it’s quite impressive to see them working together. I always liked it when they did that. But Regina doesn’t want to mend their relationship. Now whose the ice queen huh? At least it seems Elsa has more control over her powers. But the Snow Queen has Regina’s mirror (presumably with Sydney inside). That’s going to be a problem. The Snow Queen lets Sydney go because she just wanted the mirror Regina had. She usually it to fit the final spot on a big mirror and she’s intent on finding a family that loves her.

Emma, after a pep talk from Elsa, makes another go at bonding with Regina and it kind of works. Emma admits that she made a similar mistake with Lily and she doesn’t want to repeat the past. She wants to try being friends with Regina and it appears Regina might be willing to do that. And it seems Emma does have a connection to the Snow Queen after all. Hook stops by the sheriff’s station and they go through an old box of Emma’s stuff, including an old Polaroid of a very in love and happy Emma and Neal. They find the handheld camera Emma found at the house and play the tape. There are things on there from a foster brother Emma doesn’t remember and the Snow Queen seems to be her new foster mother.

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