Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 2.06: "And The Abyss Gazes Back"

“Those who fight monsters should see to it in the process they do not become one.”
- Henry

Well we are nearing the mid-way point of the second season (three more episodes to go to get there). I have to say, as much as I love Abbie and Ichabod, I do miss the shorter episode count. We’ve had a few episodes that were sort of filler so far this year and this show is so much better than that. That said the opening of this episode had me cracking up a lot. Abbie and Ichabod are doing yoga to try and strengthen their minds to fight Moloch but Ichabod is not in the mood. He’s still miffed (and hurt and disappointed) over Katrina’s lies. He gets that it was because his role as a Witness is too important to mess up but I mean he has a right to be angry with the woman. She did lie to him about some pretty important stuff. But he still loves her, I’m sure. Ichabod decides that a round of drinks (and a toast stolen from Ben Franklin) are what will cure his wife-y ills.

So he and Abbie head to a bar where their reveling is quickly interrupted by young Joe Corbin, Sheriff Corbin’s son, just returned home from a tour in Afghanistan. He’s drunk and not happy to see Abbie. He blames her for his father’s death and apparently something bad went down overseas to his platoon because he got honorably discharged. Joe takes off and we next see a group of people in the wood partying it up and growls from what sounds like a wolf emanating from the tree line.

Abbie tells Ichabod that she used to have a better relationship with Joe and that worries her. It is also worrying when she gets a dispatch call for a noise complaint and Joe’s car is at the scene. On the way, Ichabod mistakenly tries to identify superman’s secret identity. It’s rather amusing but hey, he’s learning! They arrive on scene ad find several mutilated bodies and Joe really out of it. He says that his dad knew and that “it” is going to get them all. Am I the only one thinking that Joe is a werewolf or something? He tells Abbie to leave him alone at the hospital so he heads back to the archives to find Ichabod trying to find the creature. We get a little history lesson on Daniel Boone, and his brother Squire, who the Shawnee tribe believed to be a wendigo. It is a beast that can only return to human form once it has consumed human organs. So Joe is a creepy supernatural beast? It would seem so since the incident report from his platoon overseas had similar dead bodies.

At Terrytown Psych, Captain Irving is still trying to find a way out from under Henry’s thumb. But the Horseman of War is being manipulative as usual. He says that he gets Irving’s soul when Irving dies. And there is a way to reclaim his soul, he has to kill someone. Henry offers up the man who hit Macey and paralyzed her. I’m kind of hoping Irving does take him out to be free of Henry but then again, I don’t want Irving’s soul marred by that action. Still, it isn’t good for our Witnesses that Henry has such strong control over Irving. Irving confronts the man who paralyzed his daughter and nearly kills him before he realizes that is exactly what Henry wants. Good thing Irving managed to stop himself.

Abbie and Ichabod head to Joe’s apartment and while Ichabod grouses about video games and yoga defeating the purpose of relaxation, Abbie finds Corbin’s will. He’s written a note to Joe, giving him map markers to a point in the park where they found him before. He’s digging for something and it looks like he might have found it. It’s a big metal ox and he takes off running when Ichabod and Abbie show up. They chase him and he gives them enough warning before he starts to transform. He nearly gets Ichabod but Abbie finally shoots him and knocks him out. It’s time for a few reinforcements. Abbie calls in Nick and Jenny for an assist. Nick is going to look into finding a cure, though his usual fare ends up with the subject dead so he needs to get creative. And at least, Jenny’s trip to the med school manages to turn Joe back into a human.

Joe fills them in on how this all went down. He got a letter with white powder (ground up cursed bone) and it said he was cursed and to remove it he had to trade the box. He was only told to take it to Fredericks Manor. Ah, so that’s why Henry was grinding up the bone flute. Apparently, the contents of the box that Henry so desires is a really rare and dangerous Chinese poison. Well of course he does. Naturally, our Witnesses aren’t going to let Henry win. Ichabod and Joe actually have a little heart to heart about being soldiers when Ichabod apologizes for his son’s behavior. He admits that he loves Henry despite everything and Joe begs Ichabod to tell henry that. I doubt it will work but I suppose it’s worth a shot.

Nick and Abbie find a little hiccup in their plan. The fourth transformation of the wendigo is permanent and Joe has already transformed three times so the pressure is on. Nick knows some Shawnee natives who he is sort of on good terms with and Ichabod tags along to be the voice of reason. It’s Ichabod who convinces the guys to help (naturally). Nick isn’t exactly diplomatic after all. Plus, come on, the accent is super sexy. Unfortunately, while they are off obtaining a cure, Henry busts in to the Masonic cell with some hired guns demanding Joe and the poison. This interrupts a touching conversation where Abbie explains that she chose to turn her life around because she wanted to be a part of the Corbin family; the way the sheriff talked about Joe really touched her. Joe agrees to go with him if Henry spares Abbie and Jenny. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that instead of giving Joe a cure, Henry facilitates the final change in Joe. It’s not a race to the finish or our Witnesses and their allies. And by some miracle, they save Joe. He heads off to try and join the FBI, leaving Abbie and Ichabod to fight the good fight (and Ichabod to hilariously play video games online). Seriously, someone ought to do a compilation of Ichabod interacting with modern stuff. It would be amazing. Anyway, Abbie gets a very disturbing call from Irving, cluing her in to what Henry’s done to him. This prompts Ichabod to declare his intention to find a way to save his son. Speaking of Henry, he’s reconstituted the bug that the poison comes from sends it off to infect Katrina. Why do I have a feeling the Ichabbie shippers may get one of the roadblocks to that relationship removed next week?

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