Sunday, October 12, 2014

Once Upon a Time 4.03: "Rocky Road"

“We’re a lot alike. When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s hard to let people in. Trust them. Even when they want what’s best for you.”
- Elsa

As I said at the end of last week’s post, it’s nice that Elizabeth Mitchell is done killing Patriots in Texas and can come wreak havoc in Storybrooke. The Hoods are out on the town and Roland demands ice cream. He even pulls a “Regina let me do it” to get his parents to say “yes” to sugary frozen goodness. Well maybe not so good. The ice cream shop is run by Elizabeth’s character (whose name we don’t actually know). Meanwhile, Emma, Hook and Elsa are off visiting Rumple to find out why she was in an urn in his creepy no doors vault. He claims not to know and even tells Belle to use the dagger on him as proof. While we know he switched it once for the real thing, he did take it back to make the sorcerer’s hat. So I’m guessing she’s back to having the fake. Over at the mayor’s office, Snow is trying to take charge and be a good leader and listen to her people but they basically start freaking out of the ice wall and snow monsters. In the middle of David trying to calm everyone down about Elsa, Marian passes out. Very evil ice cream.

Back in Arendelle, Anna has been gone for some time and Hans and his men are massing at the southern border, ready for a fight. Elsa wants to go find Anna but Kristoff convinces her that her kingdom needs her. And just as he’s about to head off and do some stealthy recon, she reminds him that when Anna does return she’ll probably want a groom who is alive to meet her at the end of the aisle. Not surprisingly, Kristoff doesn’t listen and he sneaks off to spy. It’s a good thing he does because he learns that Hans is looking for a magical urn to trap Elsa so he can invade. Well I guess we know where the urn came from and likely how Elsa got trapped. Something tells me it will not be a good outcome when she and Kristoff go off to find the urn and destroy it before Hans and his brothers find it. The two bond a little on their trek and then have to scale a sheer rock cliff the old fashioned way. With ropes and fear of plummeting to their death to avoid Hans noticing a giant ice slide or staircase. Of course Hans and his brothers do show up after Elsa and Kristoff and while Elsa and Kristoff take care of Hans’ brothers, Hans gets Kristoff at sword point and demands the urn. Elsa wants to study it and figure out if it can tell her why she has magic. She ends up giving the urn to Hans to save Kristoff. Hans doesn’t expect anyone else to be in the urn and when the Snow Queen emerges, she freezes Hans to save Elsa. I don’t trust her one bit but Elsa seems grateful. And she’s super excited to find out that not only does the Snow Queen have powers like hers, but she is Elsa’s long lost aunt. Because of course she is.

Henry and Regina are spending some quality time together at Granny’s. She’s brought him his favorite comic books and entices him with the idea of finding the author of the story book to change her happy ending. He’s thrilled with it and they begin Operation Mongoose. Their excitement is immediately dulled when Robin shows up asking for Regina’s help. To her credit, she does go try to help Marian. Elsa, Emma and Hook show up just in time to explain that it’s true love that will break a freezing spell. Robin goes in for true love’s kiss but it doesn’t work. I admit I cheered a bit. The magic might be blocking his love though. Emma’s off to find out who really did this and she totally shuts down Hook when he tries to tag along. She wants him on babysitting duty with Elsa. She’s going to need it because an angry mob led by Granny and Grumpy is on the way. Don’t they know angry mobs in this town usually end with the Charmings busting it up?

It seems Hook isn’t taking Elsa to safety at the Sheriff’s station. He’s taking her to Gold’s shop to call out Rumple for giving Belle the fake dagger. With Hook’s silence, they get Rumple to show them that the magic used on Marian was cast by someone with similar powers as Elsa but not quite the same. So he sets the magic free and they can follow it back to the source. I’m guessing they’ll be running into a certain ice cream vendor shortly. And so will Emma and David. They go to check Marian and Robin’s tent and find Wil Scarlet ransacking it. He does give them some helpful information about the ice cream shop still having frozen delights without power after Emma and David chase him down. I am curious to see why he’s here in Storybrooke and if it fits with any of the continuity established last year on “Wonderland”.

Back at the mayor’s office, Robin begs Regina to do something. She reluctantly agrees to perform something drastic and sends Henry to get the ingredient she needs. I’m worried that this is going to end poorly for all involved. Snow is having a bit of trouble managing the stroller and the baby at the same time and runs into Archie. He’s got a good point. While she doesn’t want to miss a moment of little Neal growing up, she needs to be separated from him, even for just a little bit. I hope she listens. She can’t just go around carrying a baby all the time.

Meanwhile, Elsa and Hook are following the magic and have a bit of a heart to heart. Elsa tells him that maybe Emma feels like she can’t let people in, even when they want to help because of the weight her magic puts on her. And it’s not about him. She does seem to be having a pretty crappy day. On top of feeling guilty over the whole Regina/Robin/Marian debacle, she lets Wil get away after breaking into the ice cream shop. But hey, at least Wil was mostly telling the truth! Hook and Elsa find the Snow Queen in the woods but Hook suggest caution and calling Emma. Hook with a cell phone is almost as amusing as Ichabod and modern technology. Almost. Unfortunately, they get caught and the Snow Queen messes with Elsa’s head, saying that Anna trapped her in that urn because she got so afraid of Elsa’s power. Emma and Charming eventually show up and Emma saves Hook and blasts the Snow Queen. There’s also a moment where the Snow Queen says Emma’s name like she recognizes her but then she brushes it off. Of course, she runs off so we have to hope Regina’s magic can save Marian (or you know…not). To that end, Robin admits to Regina that the kiss didn’t work because he loves her now, not Marian. He’s just with her because of that whole wedding vow nonsense. Henry returns with what Regina needs. A box to keep Marian’s heart in. Until they can find a cure for the spell, Marian’s heart will be safe and she’ll be an ice statue. Regina promises to find a cure but really, I think she doesn’t want to.

Emma is still in a really bad mood over the Snow Queen thing. And once again she yells at Hook for not following orders. She runs into him in the street later and admits that she is scared to be with him because every guy she’s been with is now dead. He tells her he’s a survivor and then plants a big one on her while standing in the middle of Main Street. And as the episode comes to a close, we see that Rumple knows a lot about the Snow Queen, including that Emma might soon remember the connection between them. It seems Hook may be right in not quite trusting Rumple.

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