Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 2.04: "Go Where I Send Thee..."

“I’m saying you can’t change the past. Just work on changing the here and now.”
- Abbie

The opening of this episode of “Sleepy Hollow” was very reminiscent of an episode last season of “Once Upon a Time”. There is ethereal music playing and a young girl goes wandering off into the woods at night. The next morning, we find Ichabod conquering his latest modern foe; learning to drive a car. I thought it was rather amusing but then again, that’s just me. He takes the car for a rather fast zip around the parking lot, much t Abbie’s terror before they get the Amber alert on the missing girl, Sarah Lancaster. Ichabod is still on the Sheriff’s no crime scene list so he has to stay out of sight while Abbie interviews the parents. It turns out she’s got a connection to the mom. She was Abbie’s case worker in the foster care system back in the day. Abbie feels she owes a lot to this family so she’s going to try extra hard to find their daughter.

Abbie and Ichabod go into the woods to look for a trail and find blood spatter and an old bone flute. He also bemoans the fact that the family’s ancestor was a latecomer to the side of the Patriots and they no longer had need of his land holdings to help win the war. He apparently clashed with Washington, too. Ichabod plays it and sends Abbie into a bit of a daze. He determines that the newest evil to run amok in Sleepy Hollow is the demonic Pied Piper. For those not in the know, Peter Pan was the Pied Piper on “Once Upon a Time” (it’s how he got his Lost Boys). Ichabod, ever the Renaissance man, transcribes the notes that he flute can play. Abbie admits that having the flute played gave her a sense of being pulled somewhere. So Ichabod records a 30-second loop of music for her to play on her phone and they head off to the woods. Ichabod has to stop Abbie when they spot someone behind some rocks. It turns out to be Nick. He was apparently on a job to locate the flute when he saw the Pied Piper take Sarah. Nick’s a bit busted up so Abbie tends to his wounds as we get some more history on the Pied Piper. He apparently lured a regiment of Red Coats out of the Lancaster home on orders from Sarah’s ancestor. Apparently the soldiers were getting a little touchy feely with his daughters and he didn’t like that. More than likely, the Piper sold his soul to Moloch because he’s a pretty bad ass swordsman. Anyway, Mr. Lancaster betrayed the Piper (killing him) and so now every generation, he rises and takes a daughter on her tenth birthday. Something about her bones being the right size for flute making. Super creepy!

Much to Ichabod’s protestations, Abbie offers Nick the flute if he helps them rescue Sarah. She’s been gone less than 36 hours so they have a shot at saving her before she starves or dies from exposure. Nick is still pretty skeptical about all of this being real but he goes along with it because hey it means money for him. He’s decent looking but I can’t see how he’s going to eventually end up with Abbie. She seems too smart for his bullshit.

Things aren’t going particularly well for Irving. He’s still in Terrytown Psychiatric and he’s reading up on the Horseman of War in the bible. He’s turning some page in one of the bibles and he’s pulled into a fiery vision where he’s killing people with swords. He’s pretty bad ass himself and I have to say I bet Orlando Jones had a blast filming that scene. It seems Henry may have gotten his hooks into the Captain after all. It will be intriguing to see how he manages to get free of War’s clutches. And it seems he won’t’ be free anytime soon. He tries to fire Henry as his attorney but not only is Henry keeping his family financially and medically solvent, he owns Irving’s soul. I knew he shouldn’t have used that pen. I just knew something like this would happen!

Abbie, Ichabod and Nick make it to the Piper’s lair and while Abbie is busy trying to free Sarah from her shackles, Nick and Ichabod face the Piper. Ichabod is taken off guard by the Piper and it takes Nick using some flash bangs and a mini bomb to get them out of there alive. Nick just wants the flute now that the girl is safe but Ichabod refuses to keep up the deal. He’s disgusted by Nick’s motives of money and the fact that he won’t accept that the End of Day sis rapidly approaching if they don’t fight back. It looks like Abbie is going to give it to him, but she breaks it in half. It’s not so valuable now. Our Witnesses return Sarah and then head off to find a way to take out the Piper once and for all. Ichabod gets to try out some fancy noise cancelling ear buds which is pretty funny. But he notes that Mrs. Lancaster looked rather disappointed in her daughter’s return. A quick police record search tells them why. Each generation a girl has gone missing and found dead except once in the 1830s where she was recovered and then the other children in the family all died. The Lancasters adopted their three sons, likely hoping to avoid the curse, and now with Sarah back, they are in danger.

No surprise to anyone, Mrs. Lancaster is going to sacrifice her daughter to save her sons. Ichabod and Abbie find them in the woods before they get too far (thanks to Ichabod’s crazy driving) and it’s ultimately Ichabod who talks the mother down. It takes both he and Abbie to bring the Piper to his knees. And Ichabod’s fancy ear beds only work for a short time because he gets knocked around and they fall out. But hey, at least that’s one servant of Moloch down. Abbie even gloats about it. And Ichabod finds an instant fascination with a Frappuccino. Complete with foam all over his beard. It was kind of cute with Abbie wiping it off for him (I’m sure the Ichabbie shippers were tittering). Nick hands over the broken flute to some guy and he still gets paid for it. That’s probably because Henry’s the buyer and he didn’t need the flute in one piece. He’s grinding it up for who knows what purpose.

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