Friday, January 2, 2015

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.10: “What They Become”

“No, I put her on this path, I have to try. If we’re not back before the bombs go off get everybody to the Bus. Just because Whitehall’s dead doesn’t mean Hydra’s gonna pack up and go home.”
- Coulson

Well gang, we’ve reached the fall finale for “Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.” and from the look of things, we are going out for the holidays with a bang. And for those of you who don’t know, during the winter hiatus, Agent Carter will be taking over the 9:00pm spot on ABC and we will be covering it. So throughout this week’s recap, I may be noting some possible tie-ins to the upcoming miniseries. We begin with the Bus trying to avoid a bunch of Hydra jets with orders to shoot them down. Thanks to some quick flying and thinking from May, they launch some decoys from the Bus and cloak in cloud cover, making Hydra think they succeeded in blowing up the Bus. Down in San Juan, May fills Coulson in on Skye’s kidnapping and FitzSimmons hypothesizes that the city turned Mac into something it could use (rather than killing him like foreign bacteria in the body). Well I guess we can hope that he’s still alive. But as Bobbi puts it, whatever the city turned him into plus a big drop probably didn’t do him any favors. She’s making contact with the local official she knows to make sure he doesn’t feed incoming Hydra agents with information and Hunter calls her on hiding stuff from him before agreeing to be her backup. They show up to find Hydra already there and Bobbie gets passed some information about an old theater which when laid out on the alien city map is right over where the temple should be. And Hydra has a big crazy drill that they’re going to use to bust in. May is pissed at herself for not shooting Ward in the head but Coulson reminds her that Skye is strong and smart and well-trained.

Speaking of Skye, Ward is keeping his promise (he is so creepy, he really needs to die now) and brings Skye to meet her father. Most awkward family reunion ever! As uncomfortable as the reunion is, it is also rather informative. We learn that Skye’s dad (Cal) was normal once and pretty well liked in China where he and Skye’s mom lived. But then SHIELD agents showed up and hauled her off and when he found her, she was dead in a ditch and had been dissected and mutilated. So, Dichen Lachman’s character is Skye’s mom. Interesting. Skye’s dad also tries to apologize for not being around for losing her. She’s not all that interested in his apology. She just wants to leave but he insists that she’s right where she’s supposed to be to receive the gift she’s owed by her bloodline. Things get even tenser when Whitehall summons Ward, Raina and Skye’s dad for a little chat and he drags Skye in, too. He has his theories about who Skye is and why she’s there and he makes her pick up the Diviner. She stabs one soldier in the neck with it while her dad stabs another guy with a knife. He’s intent on killing Whitehall to get his revenge for his wife’s death.

It’s going to take a little doing for Skye’s dad to get what he wants when Whitehall taunts him about killing his wife and he ties up Ward and Skye and threatens to torture Skye before killing her father. Raina susses out that Ward’s in it for Skye’s love and approval. Yeah, he’s so freaking creepy. While Coulson, May, Hunter and Bobbi are taking out Hydra at the source, FitzSimmons and Triplett are setting Howling Commando bombs down in the city to try and collapse it. They have to use old school tech since electronics don’t work. Fitz suggests they split up to cover more ground much to Simmons’ displeasure but she can’t really stop him. I do like that the Howling Commandos (and Trip’s grandfather) keep coming back. That’s definitely a nice little link to Agent Carter since it is set during that era.

I may have been a tinsy bit hasty about Skye’s dad getting what he wanted. As SHIELD busts in and starts shooting people, he kills a soldier and leaves Skye and Ward tied up (for safety…sort of) and goes to face Whitehall. He’s about to get very violent when Coulson shoots Whitehall in the chest. Yay that creep is dead (we hope) but now Skye’s dad is pissed that he didn’t get to inflict the carnage himself. I’m pretty sure there’d be less body parts if he got his way. He starts wailing on Coulson, shouting about how Coulson took Whitehall’s death from him. It gets even bloodier before Skye busts it up (she’s escaped courtesy of Ward whom she then shot several times). With Whitehall dead, Agent 33 (who still looks like May…so weird) is listless and Ward promises to help her if she helps him. As the rest of the team is clearing out Hydra agents, Skye is really upset that she let her dad live and that he hurt Coulson so much. She swears she’s going to stop all of this and goes down to find the Diviner and stop the drill. Well, she’s too late on the drill and Riana is down in the tunnels. She finds Mac (who as FitzSimmons predicted is part of the city) and she demands he take her to the temple. Oh and Skye’s dad called her Daisy which is a link to the inhumans I guess which might be a tie-in to Age of Ultron. But a lot of people were suggesting that Skye was Daisy Johnson and so now they are vindicated.

Coulson heads down into the tunnels after Skye just as Trip and FitzSimmons finish setting the bomb charges. Of course, once they know that Skye and Coulson are down there, Trip barrels back down without a hazmat suit on and disarms them all. Ultimately, Skye, Trip and Raina end up in the obelisk room together while Coulson is left outside with Mac who is trying to beat him up. Raina puts the Diviner into the glowing podium thing and everyone in the room turns to stone. It looks like Raina starts to bust out but Skye definitely does and it looks like she might have powers now (so her father was right that she’d go through a transformation). Unfortunately for Trip, he crumbles just as Mac comes back to himself. Man, I liked Trip more than Mac to be honest. And it wouldn’t be SHIELD without a little tag at the end showing a man with no eyes with a Diviner of his own. Apparently others are out there and they can sense someone new. But the writers weren’t kidding when they said that this episode was a game changer. Damn!

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