Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Librarians 1.06: "And the Fables of Doom"

“Give it your happy ending, tell your story.”
- Zeke

So when I read the description for this week’s episode, I thought it would be awesome if the gang headed to Storybrooke during the Snow Queen’s curse. Obviously that’s not actually what’s going to happen but a girl can dream (come on, someone wants to write some crossover fan fiction). Anyway, our craziness begins in Brenmen, Washington where an impatient truck driver nearly gets into an accident trying to get through a construction site. He then gets grabbed by what looks like a giant hand and tossed in the lake. Our crack team is on it and when Eve’s sort-of government mumbo jumbo doesn’t really work, Jake throws in that they’re from the Metropolitan Library conducting traffic flow studies in rural areas. Yeah, it sounded like crap to the sheriff but he’s kind of bewildered as it is. They go to check out the truck and Cassie sees waves and spirals on the window, aka a giant fingerprint. Jenkins fills them in that during the day, trolls are stone (sounds like gargoyles to me) so if they can get a photo or sample he can find a weakness. While Eve and Zeke go troll hunting (and Zeke goes on about how he’s in this for the fun until he gets bored and then he’s out), Jake and Cassie go to get surveillance from the bridge and things just get weirder. Well, before they get the surveillance Jake says he’s fine with the way he and Cassie are working now and that she doesn’t have to go around trying to earn his trust back (I hope she does one day but it’s not looking particularly likely at this point). From the photos of the bridge they see that there were two smaller cars on the bridge and then the town mayor comes jogging by naked. There’ve been some other strange occurrences lately and just as the team meets up again and a giant wolf with red eyes and a bonnet comes trotting into view.

The wolf starts going for someone in red hoodie (obviously) and Jake snags an ax and tosses it, killing the wolf. He’s not so sure on where the ax throwing skills came from but I’m guessing he’s playing the part of the Huntsman. Anyway, they head back to the Annex for a pow wow with Jenkins and he starts ruling out artifacts that could have caused it. He narrows it down to two and he orders the gang bring back the wolf for an autopsy. So while the boys find a way to get the wolf out of the local bar owner’s freezer and through town, Cassie and Eve keep said owner busy. It seems Cassie is being effected by something too because everyone keeps staring at her in kind of a very admiring way. It’s creepy. Jake and Zeke end up commandeering a guy’s truck only to determine back at the Annex that it’s neither of the artifacts Jenkins previously surmised (they pull a girl out of the wolf’s gut). We then see an older man reading to a very sick young girl in a hospital bed. I’m guessing he’s got the magic mojo that’s making all this happen.

Events continue to be kind of weird and everyone is still very attached to Cassie, including the girl who got pulled out of the wolf. She insists Cassie played an important part and won’t even give Jake the time of day. Jenkins has made the trek out of the Annex to help this time given the nature of the artifact. He explains that the stories build with the magic and new ones can be formed and reality can be changed. So while he and Cassie search for magic patient zero and Zeke gets into shenanigans, Jake and Eve try to find any old book collectors. They hit the jackpot at the library and find that they need Zeke’s lock picking skills. He’s a bit busy with patient zero (though he doesn’t realize it yet). Oh and I should mention the guy playing the librarian in the small town is the same guy who played Hugo on Warehouse 13! I love seeing genre actors show up places.

We get a mini pow wow where everyone is kind of talking over each other to share information when the sheriff shows up and tries to arrest Zeke for being in his daughter’s room. Of course, Zeke gets free of the cuffs and then the sheriff turns into the big bad wolf from the three little pigs. Unfortunately, just as the gang realize they are some of the heroes of the fairy tales (Cassie is Prince Charming, Jake is the Huntsman and Eve is Snow White), the rest of the town gets thrown into chaos as a giant briar patch type thing shows up and the rest of the gang is being chased by the sheriff and some high school football players. It turns out that the only person who always escapes unscathed in the original stories is Jack the nimble thief. I think we know who that is. Zeke races to the hospital to find the librarian reading from the book and the girl in unconscious. The book and the guy are glowing blue as the magic grows. This isn’t going to end well. But it might give Zeke the chance to really be the hero for once.

With a bit of luck (thanks to his role in the story), Zeke manages to temporarily paralyze the librarian and stop the rest of the gang from being killed (although Cassie does get to give an empowering speech). But really it’s the girl who gives it her happy ending and the librarian gets sucked into the book. Hopefully that means the magic is done and everyone will go back to normal. She does punish her dad with having to eat green Jell-O forever. Honestly, I think the yellow kind is worse. The gang manages to breeze out of town without too many questions from the locals (they pass everything off on localized swamp gas). Back at the Annex, it seems that things are back to normal although we do see Cassie still has some magic from when the girl turned her into Merlin. I’m guessing they all retained some of those qualities which are going to come in handy one day.

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