Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sleepy Hollow 2.12: "Paradise Lost"

“Evil has taken hold in men’s’ hearts. It must be lanced out like a sickness of the flesh, burnt out before it corrupts completely.”
- Orion

As you may recall, when last we hit the “pause” button on journey to the End of Days, Henry had surprised everyone (well some people anyway) by using the Sword of Methuselah and killed Moloch. Oh and Frank is dead. Ichabod comes to and is very disoriented, as is Abbie. But one’s for sure, Moloch is dead and Henry is gone. We jump six weeks ahead to find Ichabod and Abbie at a farmer’s market. We assume it’s just Ichabod reacting to another modern thing until he starts getting a little crazy and waving a knife around at a fruit stand when he finds a rotten apple. It turns out, they’ve been chasing snatches of something maybe supernatural this whole time and it comes down to a farm. Before heading out to search it, we learn that Ichabod and Katrina are “contemplating” their marital issues separately and she’s keeping an eye on Abraham. No one likes dealing with conflict but come on Cranes, get it together and try to work it out. At the farm, Abbie wonders if Ichabod’s been chasing all this stuff because he doesn’t want the fight to be over. If it were, they’d both have to find out who they’d be. Just as they think the farm is clear, they hear weird chanting and find some of Moloch’s minions trying to find him. Abbie and Ichabod get a few shots off but it’s only when an actual angels swoops in and using a circular weapon that glows to kill them, are they good. Yeah, so apparently everyone is into angels now and they’re all British.

Anyway, our winged hero’s name is Orion and after a little tense moment they start swapping information. He was in Purgatory for 200 years and with Moloch’s demise, he was freed. But so were some demons, including the ones they were all after. Before he explains much else, Ichabod gets an urgent text from Katrina so he goes off to see her. It turns out she thinks she can separate Abraham from the avatar of Death. But Abraham isn’t really keen on that idea. He’s still you know pissed at his ex and his best friend for screwing him over back in the day. And Ichabod’s not too happy about the idea either. Their plans, whatever they may be, might become moot though. Orion says the demons are trying to find the next Big Bad that they can pledge allegiance to (sounds like the minions from Despicable Me) and that would be our buddy the Horseman of Death. Orion is very keen to kill Headless. We also learn that Orion used to be a member of the angelic host but he left which was tough for him. Makes me wonder if he’s more Lucifer than Michael (not literally obviously…although can you tell I miss Dominion?).

In short order, Abbie and Ichabod swap details on Orion and Katrina’s plans while those two suss each other out. I don’t think Katrina trusts him (and neither does Ichabod) because she goes and sets Abraham free with a promise that while she tries to separate him from the Horseman he will not kill. Elsewhere, Hawley shows up to meet Jenny at a bar (she’d been intent on flirting with the bartender with Abbie as her wing woman) and he’s brought a demon hunting rock thing. They argue a bit about it and eventually Hawley admits he’s kind of jealous of Jenny and her interest in the bartender. They finally make the rock work and see that the demons Orion is hunting have found Abraham at the old carriage house where he’s gone to ground for daylight. Abbie is out in the woods and she calls for Orion with his little talisman and he’s quite pleased that she’s not standing in his way. He is very gung ho and avenging angel type with his lust for violence. In a sort of horror movie way, Ichabod calls Abbie right as she and Orion are about to get in the car and head off to the carriage house to warn her that Orion has shown up right before disasters throughout history. He might be an angel, but he might very be a bad one.

Abbie lets Orion lead her to Abraham, where the demons have gathered and are pledging themselves to him. He’s also remaking his axe (which apparently can be done with random bits of scrap metal….okay). As Abbie and Orion are on a collision course with Headless, Orion reveals his true plan. His weapon can take the Horseman’s power and then he will cleanse the world of all evil, which basically means Judgment Day and he’s judge, jury and executioner. Yeah, he’s definitely not a friendly, benign angel. Luckily, Ichabod meets up with Abbie in the woods and they forge a plan (sorry couldn’t help myself) to keep Orion from succeeding. While Abbie distracts the angle, Ichabod grabs Abraham’s new axe and uses it to pry Orion’s weapon out of Abraham’s’ back and then smashes it. Orion can’t understand why they are all siding with evil but Abbie explains it pretty well; the enemy of my enemy is my ally. And at that particular moment, Abraham was the lesser threat. Orion eventually flies off (oh Abbie’s distraction method involves shooting him and finding out he’s bulletproof) and Abraham and the Witnesses come to an agreement. He will remain free in the carriage house while Katrina tries to separate man from demon. Speaking of, Ichabod is still very unhappy that Katrina basically used their marriage as a bargaining chip to try and get him on her side. She didn’t use logic or fairness. She’s not particularly apologetic but he does say he wants to try and redefine their marriage. One small step at a time.

It seems both of our Witnesses have accepted the fact that their role is not yet played out and that the field has changed but the fight is still the same. And as Abbie contemplates that over coffee, we see that Captain Irving is not in fact so dead anymore. He’s not looking very good but he’s back!

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