Monday, January 12, 2015

The Librarians 1.07: "And The Rule of Three"

“It’s a magic spell. Someone turned a magic spell into an app.”
- Cassie

This week’s case of the week takes us into the exciting world of high end high school science fairs. Everyone ends up coming into the Annex on their day off and the clippings book goes haywire after we see a kid literally freeze from the inside out. Cassie is beyond thrilled to be checking out the fair. As one might expect, she was quite the geek in high school and won lots of wards. Jake introduces them as the librarians to the foundation president who is hosting the fair which somehow makes them judges. It’s nice to see Cassie and Zeke getting some time together but it’s Eve and Jake who stumble on something potentially magical when a kid with a baking soda volcano (much to Eve’s excitement) has a huge crazy explosion that shouldn’t be possible. There’s definitely something amiss here.

Cassie and Zeke try to check out more displays to find out the source of the magic while Eve and Jake talk to the volcano kid (who has a massive crush on Eve). He explains he was the fifth alternate and at least two of the kids ahead of him came down with weird illnesses which is how he got into the fair in the first place. Zeke and Cassie find what kind of looks like an abacus and Jenkins shows up to assist randomly. It seems that the laws of reality are being bent in the auditorium. We see three kids looking kind of shady up on the balcony but it turns out they were just trying to serenade a girl into going to prom with one of the guys. The girl is way more focused on college (and I’m pretty sure it’s the actress who plays Sin on Arrow by the way). Down in the thick of things, Cassie and Zeke are trying to talk to one of the other contestants when a swarm of bugs just bursts out of his mouth (very gross and kind of plague-like).

Despite all the craziness, the head of the foundation isn’t going to shut down the fair (all the kids would lose their shot at the scholarships and stuff). They need to figure out who is wielding the magic so it can be stopped before anyone else gets hurt. Jenkins explains the rule of three (if you do something good or bad to someone, it comes back at you threefold). He’s convinced it’s a working by a small coven. I’m not sure about that one but what do I know, I’m not the writer of this episode. If I haven’t mentioned before though, I really hope this gets a DVD release and we get commentary on each episode like we did with Leverage. You learn a lot about the craft of putting together a TV show that way. Anyway, Jake goes to talk to the prom proposer (Dashiell) and learns that everyone at the fair basically hates Amy, the girl who he was asking out. She won the year before and so everyone wants her out of the running. So that would make sense to get her out of it but all the bad stuff is happening to other people so it has to be that she is involved in trying to sabotage everyone else. It would seem her mother is involved as well. Her mom is basically doing the whole project and spiel herself and Amy looks less than thrilled to be there to be honest. Zeke nabs one of their phones and they find a magical spell app on the phone. Because of course it would be on a smart phone.

With some expert hacking from Zeke and a little help from Amy (it was a very touching scene with her and Cassie bonding), we learn that there’s 27 kids using the app at the school at the moment. It means that there’s going to be a huge backlash right around the corner. But the foundation head has stumbled into the library and Jenkins needs some assistance from Eve. But things are a bit more complicated than they appear because our foundation head is none other than Morgan le Fey. I have to say I was wondering if she’d show up given we started this series with Arthurian legend (I’m still sad about Excalibur and I know it’s just a sword). I’m very intrigued to see what our typical villainess has up her metaphorical sleeve.

It seems Morgan was the creator of the spell that got put into the app on the phone and she’s eagerly awaiting the backlash. Jenkins is adamant that Eve kill Morgan but isn’t clear on why (I mean sure she kind of destroyed Camelot and murdered her own brother but that was ages ago). Back at the fair, Cassie figures out a way to protect everyone; a Faraday cage. Amy uses everyone’s dislike of her to convince them all to get in the center of the pentagram before the electricity in the room goes haywire. It seems that the day is saved until Eve shows up in a sort of void-like space with Morgan. It’s the space between seconds and Morgan warns that a war is coming and she’s got enough power now to hide away in another realm before this world goes to hell. Definitely not a good thing. And she’s got a message for Jenkins. Before Eve passes it along, we get a sweet moment with Cassie and Zeke where he gives her the stolen first place trophy. When she started having delusions her parents got rid of all her trophies for fear it would remind her of what she’d lost. Even if the trophy is stolen, the sentiment is what matters. But things can’t remain cheery for long because when Eve delivers Morgan’s message we learn that war is in fact coming and you can’t trust the hero. Intriguing indeed.

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