Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sleepy Hollow 2.14: "Kali Yuga"

“Mr. Hawley, when we first met I considered you nothing but a faithless privateer. But I have come to know you as a man of courage, a man of compassion, a man who fights for his friends.”
- Ichabod

So fair warning folks, this is a Hawley-heavy episode. Team Witness (including Jenny and Hawley) are out for a night on the town and Abbie is doing some karaoke. She’s really good (which totally came from Nicole randomly singing around set) but the evening is interrupted when Hawley gets a call about some artifacts he’s been looking for. He promises Jenny he’ll be back in a little while but it turns out that won’t in fact be the case when he runs into Camilla, the woman who raised him. Not sure she was demonic when he was a kid but she sure is now. At the bar, Ichabod is singing an old sea shanty about a guy dying young from syphilis while the Mills sisters chat about the lack of Witness time Abbie and Ichabod have been spending together. Their conversation turns to Hawley though when he doesn’t show up and then the silent alarm at the archives is triggered. It appears Camilla has forced him to steal something. She gets away but not before attacking Jenny. Clearly, our heroes aren’t going to just sit by and let Hawley hang for whatever he’s doing with her.

With a little deductive reasoning and some fast lab work, the gang figures out that Camilla is a monster that serves the Hindu Goddess Kali. Unfortunately, not only do they need to find what Hawley took but they need to figure out who he is working with and who set him up. So the Mills sisters go talk to the fence while Ichabod and Katrina try to track down Hawley. Things really aren’t all sunshine and roses between the Witnesses. Abbie’s trying to not sweat the small stuff as she puts it and give Ichabod his space to sort out his marriage and feelings about losing Henry. Meanwhile, amidst a conversation about Mary Poppins, Ichabod finds the charm from Orion. He doesn’t mention it when the girls get back but they do have more information to go on. Camilla is a treasure hunter who is super dangerous and was also Hawley’s legal guardian until he was 18. We also see that he stole the original blueprints to the Knox estate which was built with all kinds of traps and puzzles to keep colonial weaponry safe. Apparently the current descendant likes to keep all kinds of freaky stuff locked away.

Hawley isn’t interested in helping Camilla further but she does explain that she was made into a monster and she’s after an artifact that will make her human again. We also learn that she killed someone when he was 18 and he ran off. But after a little cajoling, he agrees to help her get the artifact. One last job together. I doubt she’s going to let him go but we’ll see. Oh and I should mention that she is played by Jaime Murray (guess she had time to do one episode while filming Defiance).

Elsewhere in town, Irving officially is exonerated of all charges (some new evidence was sent to the DA). I can’t figure out if it was Henry or someone else. Irving thinks all is right again and he can go home to his wife and daughter but his wife knows he might not be human or in control of his actions. That night, Irving’s wife explains exactly what she’s afraid of and suggests that they talk to Katrina and see if she can tell them whether he is in the clear in terms of Henry or not.

Our Witnesses are going to crash one of Teddy Knox’s black market trading shows and also hopefully stop Camila and Hawley from stealing whatever it is they are after. On the way, Ichabod steals Hawley’s Mustang and is having quite the time driving it. Boy likes his fast cars, heh. They get to the party and Camilla and Hawley split up. It seems he’s taking care of security. Jenny goes after him while the Witnesses follow Camilla. Unfortunately, their plan kind of sucks. Jenny gets locked in a closet and Abbie ends up at Camilla’s mercy (which includes being threatened with acidic venom). And based on what Camilla had her hands on, I can’t tell if she’s actually trying to become human again or not.

Well it would seem that my suspicions were right about Camilla. Hawley shows up and convinces her to put our Witnesses in the vault and he’ll go with her. The statute she nabbed was used to turn people into what she became. She came back to make Hawley like her so he’d never leave her again. And seriously, I’m getting some weird sexual vibes from her towards him. I know it’s been a decade since last they saw each other but she was his godmother and legal guardian. Being locked in the vault though gives our Witnesses a chance to air some of their grievances about the way their partnership has been faltering in recent weeks. It’s good that they are finally talking about it for sure. Too bad Ichabod thinks he’s figured out the lock to get out of the vault and it just locks them in more, including giant spikes coming out of the walls. It kind of reminded me a bit of the trash compacter scene in Star Wars.

Turns out Abbie thought the same thing I did. Ultimately, she gets Ichabod to think about Knox like a man and not a hero and they narrowly escape the death trap. They reunite with Jenny and end up rescuing Hawley. But Camilla gets away. Hawley is going to go after her which he tells Jenny when he drops by the Archives to drop off the blueprints he stole. They certainly have an interesting relationship. And speaking of interesting, Abbie and Ichabod believe they are good but they need to make sure they tend to their relationship which this week means doing a duet of Proud Mary. Nice to know Ichabod is a bass!

And the hour wouldn’t be complete without determining that Irving is no longer under Henry’s influence. It should be a good thing but we see that Irving has no reflection so clearly he’s not just the same guy he was. You can tell that Katrina is unnerved by that revelation, too. It will be interesting to see where the show goes in its final 4 episodes of the season.

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