Monday, January 19, 2015

The Librarians 1.10: "And the Loom of Fate"

“I want that life. I choose to save the world.”
- Flynn

And we’ve finally made it to the finale. In some ways it seems like it took forever to get here and on the other hand, it came way too fast. Things get a little in media res at the start with Eve lying on the ground with her hand slick with blood. Jake’s voice calls her back to a fight they’re having in an Egyptian tomb. They’re waiting for Flynn and he appears all dashing and handsome and announces he thinks he has a way to bring back the Library. Back at the Annex, he explains to our gang that the Egyptian afterlife isn’t such a myth as an inter-dimensional doorway to the void where the Library currently exists. And it seems that the entire season has been leading our heroes to this moment, gathering items that will power the door to the void. Unfortunately, Dulaque (finally figured out how to spell his name) and Lamia show up and use it to access the Loom of Fate (well Lamia gets stabbed as a blood sacrifice). Eve and Flynn run after him to the River of Time and unfortunately, Dulaque cuts the fabric of the Loom (at Camelot’s fall). I have a feeling we are going to get some much needed backstory on him and Jenkins. Things go sideways after the fabric is cut and Flynn doesn’t have any idea who Eve it and they quickly get nabbed by people with weapons. This is going to be a hoot.

They are in the Ukraine and there’s a war on but luckily they get rescued by the Librarian, Jake Stone. He looks rather worse for wear having been in the role for 10 years. Flynn never answered the call as it were. So Jake and Eve shared a long ten years together and she apparently died in his arms to stop Dulaque from taking the Library, much like in Eve’s timeline but reversed. Flynn is entirely flustered by everything and it kind of makes me nostalgic for his personality in the first movie. Noah must have had a blast going back to that version of Flynn. I am definitely enjoying all of this. Jake figures out that they’re not in the right timeline and thanks to some interesting stones and some misplaced trees which Flynn spots, they are able to activate some harmonic resonance and send Flynn and Eve off into a different timeline. This time, Zeke is the Librarian and he’s clearly not the same snarky thief we are used to.

Much like in Jake’s timeline, Eve had ten years of experience being the Guardian and took over for Zeke when he was a teenager. And like in Jake’s timeline, she got stabbed stopping Dulaque from taking the Library. I’m sensing a theme. Oh and the House of Refuge taken over by Katie spawned instant zombies. Charming, but with Flynn’s assistance (again sensing a theme and I like it), he manages to stop the zombies from spreading. Oh, and Zeke totally made a profit from the Library so he’s still a bit of the same old Zeke. Gotta love that. Before they have time to celebrate Flynn’s genius, they are popped into another timeline where they didn’t defeat the dragons. I’m guessing we are going to see another crazy side of Miss Cassie.

It seems that Cassie took on magic and used Excalibur to heal herself. Oh and Lamia is now her guardian and she killed Dulaque for killing Eve. So I guess Lamia isn’t all bad after all. But Cassie is kind of all magic’d up and had some lessons from Morgan Le Fey. Of course she did. And we also determine that Dulaque is somehow connected to Camelot. Eve thinks they can find a way to weave the threads of fate and history back together but they need the twine from the Labyrinth. Unfortunately they never found it in this timeline. But if they can splice together the threads using a commonality in each timeline (Eve and Flynn) they might be able to get to a timeline where it does exist. Oh and Eve keeps flashing to the blood on her hands so I’m betting by the end of the episode she will get stabbed by Dulaque.

Cassie’s magic pulls Jake and Zeke from their respective timelines to power a jump to Eve’s timeline so she can grab the twine ball and they head through to the Loom of Fate. Flynn is worried that these version of the Librarians will disappear when they fix the timeline but they’re okay with that. It seems they’ve learned Flynn’s lessons well and he’ll get to learn them again very soon. He starts weaving the loom back into the right order when Dulaque, as a young man shows up. And we learn that he is Lancelot and that Jenkins is Sir Galahad (I heard the theory thrown about before the episode aired). He bests Dulaque and Flynn is restored but Eve is still dying. Apparently it was her fate to die saving her Librarian but Flynn isn’t ready to give up on her just yet.

They manage to jump back to Eve’s timeline and with her blood, Flynn uses the storybook to bring back the Library. Things are looking dire for our Guardian until Flynn finds the potion he used to slow his Excalibur wound at the beginning of the season. Since Eve’s wound is non-magical it heals instantly and everyone’s happy. With the Library back it seems they will have a lot more resources on their hands. And as a graduation gift, Zeke, Cassie and Jake get mini clipping books and while Jake and Zeke mutter about taking a break, they jump at the chance to tackle something with Cassie in Peru. And while Jenkins professes not to remember much, he does explain that Eve remembered everything due to her time as Santa. And Flynn ends up asking Eve on a date, as they go heading off to their own adventure.

I really hope the network renews this for a second season. The ratings have been good (and I’m guessing the finale will be higher since Noah was in it) and while this episode would make a decent series finale, 10 episodes is not nearly enough time. We’re just getting started with these guys and I want more of their whacky fun.

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  1. Enoyed both episodes of The Librarians with Christian Kane.. gave me some flashbacks of my other favorite show Leverage;s series finale! Still hoping we get that #leveragemovie with Christian Kane and the rest of the #RobinHoodlums.. but also hoping that #TheLibrarians has a nice long run as well! thank you!