Friday, January 23, 2015

Sleepy Hollow 2.13: “Pittura Infamante”

“These memories of Abigail Adams are not meant to hold you back, but to guide you forwards.”
- Ichabod

With Orion handled for now, our Witnesses have a little time on their hands it seems Ichabod and Katrina will be spending it at an evening at the Historical Society. Apparently there’s an Adams exhibition and Katrina was besties with them back in the day. She delivered all five children. Ichabod is all dressed up in his eighteenth century best when Katrina shows up in a little black dress. Seriously, did she raid a Goth hooker’s closet? Anyway, they’re going to see if they can make their marriage work. Seeing all of the pieces on display brings back memories for Katrina. She apparently told Abigail (played by Michelle Trachtenberg, Dawn from Buffy) that she was pregnant before (well instead of really) telling Ichabod. But things are slightly amiss at the event. For one thing, Katrina gets some dark vibes going and the art restorer who is a friend of Ichabod’s sees a painting bleeding and then ends up dead, hanging from upside from the ceiling. While Ichabod and Katrina may be bonding over their sudden departure from the world they knew, they’ve now got a case to solve.

Before Abbie can get called to the scene, though, she’s got her own revisited history to deal with. Frank shows up at the station and gets arrested. He doesn’t say anything but he looks pretty worse for wear. Reyes has orders that no one but she can question Irving, which Abbie clearly disobeys because Team Witness needs to know what they’re dealing with. So while Abbie has a heart-to-heart with Irving about the fact that he died and was buried and is now likely back as a servant of Henry, Ichabod and Katrina are actually welcomed as assistants at the crime scene. Katrina is surprised to learn that Ichabod knows about tarot cards. Apparently someone left a deck in their parlor one summer and he thought they were for entertainment. But more importantly, Katrina recalls a series of murders of orphans that Abigail Adams was rather gung ho about. Together, she and Katrina surmised that the killer had a medical background as the manner of death was anatomically precise. But after observing the painting (it’s been altered a bit with lots more blood on the canvas), they realize that an artist would have had similar knowledge of anatomy and the killer has been hiding in the painting the whole time.

Unfortunately, Ichabod touches the painting before they figure out that touching the blood left on the painting marks you for death by the artist. He’s trying to finish the hanged man in the painting which would allow him to be resurrected. Obviously, that can’t happen but they need to keep anyone else from touching the painting. So what does Katrina do when one of the curators starts to come into the room to show off said painting? She snogs hubby which leaves him a bit dazed. Yeah, I know a lot of people don’t like Katrina and her powers are a bit inconsistent but I want them to work out their marriage. They have moments when they are so cute together! Katrina is getting sentimental while guarding the painting and tells Abigail’s writing desk that they found the killer. Through flashbacks, we see Katrina find something in the desk but we aren’t really sure what it is because she gets interrupted by the escaped artist. He’s off to find head curator and Ichabod.

Back at the precinct, Abbie fills Jenny in on the latest Irving news and sends little sister off to find a weapon that could put a dead guy back in the grave. Meanwhile, Irving’s wife shows up and gets the news, too. She wants to see her husband but Abbie can’t let that happen yet. They need to figure out if Irving is dangerous or not. I have to say as Jenny is retrieving silver bullets supposedly forged form the gates of Hell, the expressions on Abbie’s face are priceless. It’s pretty hilarious honestly. Then again, so was Jenny actually digging said bullets out of a corpse.

Elsewhere, Ichabod has tried to implore the curator to get away but he ends up getting pulled into the painting. The item Katrina found turns out to be secret writings from Abigail Adams. Apparently, she went into league with Reverend Knapp and the rest of Katrina’s coven to trap the killer in the painting. The cracks in the painting’s frame are rune meant to keep him in. Now, if there’s any hope of rescuing the curator before the killer can complete his ritual, Ichabod will have to go into the painting. But Katrina insists on going with him. No more separation which as I said before is a good thing. They enter the painting together, leaving Abbie to wonder what’s up when Ichabod won’t answer his phone (she and Jenny want Katrina to do a spiritual exam on Irving to see if hi soul is his own or if it’s been claimed by evil).

With a little luck, Katrina and Ichabod manage to find the curator and Katrina gets them out of the painting. Unfortunately, the killer is almost resurrected and just as Ichabod goes to try and destroy the paining with paint thinner, the killer crawls out of the painting. But, since Abbie knows to be suspicious if Ichabod doesn’t answer his phone, she shows up and uses the magic bullets to put down the killer once and for all. The curator is going to survive which is a good thing and as Katrina reminisces about the people she’s lost, Ichabod pledges that they will find a new state of being together. Hooray for working on their marriage. Katrina looked so happy that he said he was willing to work it out with her. I mean yes, she’s done a lot of things that would test their belief in one another but the fact that he’s willing to try just makes me giddy. I much prefer Ichabod and Abbie as friends. Not every male and female lead need to hook up.

Things with Irving a bit more tenuous though as we close out the hour. According to Reyes, the DA said they received evidence that vindicates Irving in the killings and so he may now go free. Yeah, I’m guessing Henry had something to do with this because having his servant out in the word is far more effective than sitting in a jail cell. I’ll be interested to see where the rest of the season goes knowing that there might be some tweaking (according to the network execs at the TCA winter press tour) happening before we close out our sophomore run.

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