Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer DVR Dump: 12 Monkeys 1.02: “Mentally Divergent”

“Time is cruel, Mr. Cole. We’re risking everything by toying with it, taunting it. Believe me, I’ve learned enough about time to fear it. And so should you.”
- Dr. Jones

The action kicks off pretty fast in this second installment. With Cole’s revelation about the Army of the 12 Monkeys, Dr. Jones and the rest of the team are scouring old newspapers and other things and find the images of drawing Jennifer Goines was doing at the mental hospital in all different major cities. Since it seems to have started in Jennifer’s room, they plan to send Cole back after he and Ramse take a little trip to see if they can get any info in the present. Their trip is pretty uneventful (aside from a brief scavenger attack). So they head back to base and Cole gets ready to go back in time. He suggests that he meet up with Cassie for some help but Jones dismisses that. She doesn’t want him to corrupt her timeline and throw their mission out of whack. It seems that the team who is operating the time travel machine isn’t exactly experienced. They intended to send Cole back to Philadelphia in 2015 and he ends up in North Korea in 2006. OH boy. Ramse is not pleased when that happens and the team has to attempt a dangerous slingshot through time to get him to the right place and time.

In 2015, Cassie has gone into hiding at her grandparents’ old book shop (thanks to a lift from Aaron). She’s also trying to figure out anything she can on the 12 Monkeys but her dad’s contact isn’t answering his phone. So of course, she goes to find him. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’s dead. A man who claims to be linked to the 12 Monkeys did him in for asking questions on Cassie’s behalf. And he gets all threatening when he tells Cassie to back off and keep quiet about the death or else he’ll kill her and everyone she cares about.

Elsewhere, Cole gets himself admitted to the psych hospital after displaying some violent behavior towards some cops and in lock up. This gets him close to Jennifer but she’s pretty messed up. I’m not entirely sure what her diagnosis is but she is just rambling on about all kinds of nonsense when he tries to ask her about the 12 Monkeys. He gets dragged off by orderlies after she presses a panic button. Yeah that’s not particularly helpful to his cause. But I do have a feeling that she knows what he’s talking about.

Cole gets sedated and Jennifer is back in her room drawing more monkey faces. Her doctor is trying to question her about what happened and tells her that the 12 Monkeys aren’t real. Jennifer is really not in a good place but she does mention something about Cole wanting to know what the Army wanted to know: the location of something called the Night Room. Jennifer gets an extra dose of meds while her doctor calls someone to fill them in on her loosening tongue thanks to Cole’s appearance and run-in with her.

Back at the bookshop, Cassie is understandably freaking out when Aaron shows up. He did some digging into the police records (or lack thereof) on the night she and Cole were arrested. She claims that Cole killed Goines (he didn’t have a heart attack as it said on the news) when Aaron whips out some photos that the CIA got from the State Department from Cole’s little misadventure in North Korea. He warns Cassie that Cole is dangerous and deluded and she should stay away from him but she just tells him to leave.

Cole wakes up to find himself strapped to a bed and Jennifer perched on the edge of his bed. While she is kind of creepy, I do think she becomes a little more lucid as the episode goes on. With a bit of prodding from Cole, she reveals what she knows of the 12 Monkeys and the Night Room. Basically, in about 2013, she was working in her father’s lab (she’d had some mental health issues when she hit puberty that were mostly controlled with meds at the time) when the Army of the 12 Monkeys showed up and the same man who killed Cassie’s friend killed most of the scientists and demanded to know about the Night Room. Jennifer explains that something inside her broke and she couldn’t speak. They left her there and her father thought she killed the scientists (but one got away so I’m sure that will come back later). Cole doesn’t have much time to beg Jennifer to tell him where the Night Room is (it’s an offsite lab that supposedly houses the virus that screws over humanity) before the doctors come in and drag Cole out of the room, saying they are sending him back to lockup for attacking Jennifer. And of course, Cassie swoops in to sort of save the day.

Cassie gets Cole released into her custody but things take a turn for the dramatic when the man who killed Cassie’s friend shows up and tries to take Jennifer away. Cole races after them and is confused by how the man knows him (he really needs a lesson from the Doctor and River). Unfortunately, Cole gets beat and the man absconds with Jennifer. But at least he and Cassie now agree that they need to go through this together and their next step is to find the scientist that got away. Somewhere else in the city, the man ends up drugging Jennifer in the hopes of getting what he wants but I’m pretty sure she’s not going to give it up anytime soon.

Back in 2043, Cole is kind of pissed that Jones keeps harping on the Night Room and the missing scientist. He just wants to take action and get going. And he is not happy with her freaking out about Cassie being involved. In his defense, Cassie inserted herself this time. He had no contact with her before she showed up at the hospital. But Cole and Jones have it out a bit where Jones reminds Cole that she remembers losing the 7 billion people whereas he just remembers losing his childhood. They need to be able to trust each other and for Cole that means letting Cassie help.

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