Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Moonlight 1.03: “Dr. Feelgood”

“I’ll deal with the cops and the computers. The other thing, you’re the expert.”
- Beth

As you might recall, episode 2 ended with quite the revelation. Beth saw Mick as a vampire and he was not in a good state. She’s now fighting her nerves to go talk to him about what she saw. She wants him to tell her that she didn’t see it but he obviously can’t do that. He implores her to keep his secret but gets cagey and evasive when she asks how he became a vampire. As Mick is dealing with Beth finding out the truth and battling his inner demons about being turned, we see a man get his by a car. It turns out he’s a vampire and he ends up feeling on the guy who hit him (who is a doctor).

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that as Mick ponders his own turning, the doctor becomes a vampire and starts killing people. His first victim is a convenience store clerk. Apparently vampires can’t taste food and the newbie just wanted blood but didn’t know it. Beth shows up at the scene to cover the story and when her cop buddy tells her that all the blood was drained, she makes a trip to the morgue. Mick is already there thanks to Guillermo giving him the heads up. Realizing that it is a newbie vampire gone rogue, Mick decides to take matters into his own hands. Of course he has to contend with Beth trying to horn in on the case. And so he in a vague way, he explains how vampires are made. And as he does so, we see that his ex-wife, Coraline, turned him on their wedding night. Clearly he didn’t ask her to do it and he’s horrified when he wakes up the next morning with fangs and an aversion to sunlight. Super awkward! While Mick is off playing detective, Josh pays Beth a visit with some late night spicy Chinese food at Buzzwire. He’s concerned that she’s changing and it has something to do with him but she assures him that it’s just all the craziness with Mick and her new job.

Mick stops by Josef’s place where his handsome friend suggests Mick contact the Cleaner. It seems part of the way vampire stay under the radar is they have a service to clean up their messes. And as Mick retraced the rogue’s steps to the place he was sired, he’s got a clue to who the sire actually is. A little arm-twisting later, Mick has learned the name of said sire and pays him a visit at the jet propulsion lab where he works. The sire had no idea he’s actually turned his poor victim and he doesn’t seem very concerned about it really.

The sire really should be concerned because the newbie has killed a second victim. Mick sets Beth on the trail of checking police reports, specifically for the area where the vampire was sired. The next morning, the newbie’s wife comes home and finds him asleep in the fridge in their garage (naked). Yep, that’s how vampires sleep. Unfortunately for her, her husband is just super hungry and makes a meal out of her. It definitely seems like this guy just won’t stop killing until he’s stopped by someone else. Beth’s contacts pay off and give her and Mick the name and address of the newbie vampire. On the way, Mick explains he can eat food but doesn’t (again the no taste thing) and he’ll be 85 in November. Man looks good for a senior citizen! They get to the house and find the dead wife. As they snoop around the house to figure out where the vampire went, Beth sees a wedding photo and gets dangerously close to asking Mick about his own marriage. He tells her that he was married once but his wife is dead. Oh if only Beth knew the truth.

Apparently I misjudged the sire because he shows up at the house and stakes Mick to keep him out of the way. He hasn’t been able to sire before so he sees the rogue as a son and he wants to have a relationship with him. Something tells me that’s not going to happen. After a little hemming and hawing, Beth pulls the stake out and they head to the hospital where the rogue works. He’s clearly overwhelmed by all the blood around and he’s about to snack on a patient when his sire shows up. A brief confrontation ensues where the sire realizes he can’t control the newbie so he takes off. He doesn’t get far. The Cleaner has some words for him and she and her minions drag him off somewhere. This leaves Mick to handle the problem. Trying to remind the rogue of his own humanity doesn’t work so of course it devolves into a vampire fight. Mick gets the upper hand and stacks the rogue. Beth suggests turning him into the police but Mick has other ideas. Namely ones that involve an incinerator. Josef approves. And as they share a drink later that night, he reminds Mick that he needs to let Coraline go. He can’t keep carrying the weight of her betrayal around with him forever. Josef is a wise vampire I must say.

The next day, after having been able to think about what he wants to do, Mick goes to Beth’s apartment (not quite mirroring the beginning of the episode but close). She invites him in but what he has to say can be said at the door (also I’d be worried about Josh overhearing). He tells Beth about Coraline turning him into a vampire on their wedding night. When Beth points out I must be difficult for him to trust people now, he admits that she is the first human he’s even been completely honest with and he trusts her. Which is all very nice and totally going to get in the way of Beth and Josh’s relationship!

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