Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer DVR Dump: 12 Monkeys 1.03: “Cassandra Complex”

“I was wrong about the plague. People could have died because of me.”
- Cassie

When last we left Cole and Cassie, Jennifer had just been taken captive by someone looking for the Army of the 12 Monkeys and the virus. In 2015, Cole is teaching Cassie how to shoot so that when they find the man who killed her friend, she’ll be ready to act. But being ready isn’t all they are worried about. They still need to find the Night Room which means finding the scientist who got away. It turns out Cassie getting called down to the police station to answer questions about Jennifer’s kidnapping is fortuitous because she finds a photo of the missing man. And she fills Cole in on her own history with the man. He worked with her down in Haiti the year before handling a dangerous outbreak. Unfortunately, when she pays a visit to the CDC, she learns that he is dead. Cole says he has to go back to Haiti in 2014 and ask the guy about the Night Room before Jennifer breaks so they can beat the 12 Monkeys to the virus. Cassie begs him to stay away from her if he does go back. So Cole goes back to 2043 with his suggestion of finding the missing doctor in Haiti. The science team bickers about it for a while but ultimately agrees to send him back there with the warning that he cannot cross paths with Cassie. They also warn that there were massive solar flares recorded in 2014 so it might affect him when he goes back.

Before Cole gets sent back, we see how Cassie ends up in Haiti. Apparently she’s been chasing outbreaks ever since Cole grabbed her and told her about the oncoming plague. Aaron isn’t happy about her going off again when she’d just gotten back but she’s not listening to a word he’s saying. She gets to Haiti and ends up talking down a man with a gun who wants his sick daughter treated. That night, she and the guy Cole is looking for bond over some drinks. Well they do more than just bond. They totally hook up because come on, who didn’t see that one coming. I will be interested to see what the disease actually is as they were flashing around stats on Ebola (which as you know, was an outbreak of sorts in 2014). Cole lands in 2014 and looks around all confused. The next day he finds the tents where the sick people are being kept and he spots the doctor he’s looking for. Too bad he starts experiencing temporal interference and jumps back briefly (and by the looks of it painfully) to 2043 before rematerializing in 2014. His nose is bleeding but he uses it to his advantage to get into the tent and ask the doctor for help. Cole almost succeeds in getting the guy to go with him but he wants to grab supplies and Cole nearly has a run-in with Cassie so he takes off.

Cole starts following the doctor when he goes on a medicine run (the guy with the gun returned and took all the meds they had). According to Cassie’s boss, the doctor was shot when he went on the med run. Cole does a fairly decent job of tailing the guy until he gets turned around and distracted by a statute of an angry monkey head like the one Jennifer was sketching everywhere. They did seem to think that the 12 Monkeys symbol showed up in countries where large-scale diseases were unleashed so this epidemic would make sense, too.

Back in 2043, Ramse (Cole’s best friend) is checking out the outer perimeter after he found a knife and has some strong words for the soldier that’s following him. As we learned previously, the scavengers are pretty dangerous. In fact one jumps the soldier but Ramse gets the drop of her. Turns out they knew each other back when he and Cole were part of a scavenger group called the West Seven. The girl, Max, wants out and is seeking shelter but Ramse knows better than to let her into the compound with the scientists. So he sends her on a ten mile trek to a group of survivors. Why do I get the feeling she is going to come back and bite him?

Back in 2014, the doctor jumps Cole but he manages to get ahold of the doctor’s gun and explains himself, warning that if he could find the doctor, so can the 12 Monkeys. After a little arm twisting, the doctor agrees to tell Cole where the Night Room is after he gets the meds and returns them to the tents. Yeah, except he never returns from this trip so Cole really should have insisted on finding out the truth beforehand. Especially because the head of the 12 Monkeys shows up just as they are getting the meds. Cole does learn that they were trying to use viruses and manipulate the DNA to deliver medicine instead of poison. It’s nice to get some gaps filled in very early on so we can focus on moving the plot forward. We see how the head of the 12 Monkeys got his scar (courtesy of Cole) and we also see Cassie lose it and break down over the disease as it is killing people. She believes that what’s happening is the plague Cole mentioned. We know it turns out not to be the disease but she is so convinced she even advocates shooting anyone who tries to break quarantine. Lucky for everyone else, her boss puts a stop to things and orders her back to the States.

Cole gets the location of the Night Room (sort of, it’s kind of a mobile lab and he tells Cole to look for specific types of high tech equipment) and then predictably shoots the doctor to keep the timeline intact. In 2015, he lies to Cassie about how the doctor died which can’t be good for their relationship (yes it’s only three episodes in and I already ship them…deal with it). Cassie is going to go back to the CDC though so that sets her on the path she needs to be on to find the plague and gather information that will help Cole stop the outbreak. And in 2043, Ramse fills Cole in on Max showing up. He suspects that she’s really a spy and their old scavenger gang is going to be hot on their heels very soon. And Ramse would be right as we see Max returning to camp and filling the leader in on the fact she found Cole.

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