Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Kyle XY 1.04: “Diving In”

“Art is about drawing what you feel. Not what you see.”
- Amanda

So I have to say that this episode had some of the more physical comedy moments in it. I mean it’s kind of juvenile humor but I still laughed and it was kind of entertaining to see Kyle learning new things about how to exist in the world. He starts off dreaming about Amanda swimming to him underwater, nearly kissing him and then disappearing. It’s the first time he can remember having a dream but he doesn’t get much time to enjoy it. The police detective is back to ask about the symbol in his drawings. He claims he drew it the way he did because that was how he saw it. He gets a little reprieve from everyone being concerned about what’s in his head when Lori gets caught sneaking off to the public pool instead of watching Kyle. Even the detective is no help there (he is leaving which I totally laughed at). So the Trager kids are all going to the pool. Lori quickly abandons the boys to hang with Hilary and give Declan the cold shoulder. Left to their own devices, Josh explains that the purpose of pool going is to scope out hot chicks but not talk to them (I’m personally with Kyle. Why you wouldn’t talk to them if you thought they were hot is beyond me). Josh actually gets a smile from a hot girl and so takes off to get Lori to do his dirty work and get her number. While they are arguing, Kyle jumps into the pool and Amanda saves him (leave it to Hilary to be the one to notice Kyle’s absence). And then the super awkward moment that is the funny physical humor. As Amanda is checking to make sure Kyle is okay, he gets his first erection.

While teen drama is afoot, the man in the truck now has a name: Tom Foss. And Mr. Foss is leaving the company he worked for after putting in ten years of service. It’s kind of a strange little scene although we do learn that the dead man (Kern) and Foss also worked for the same company. And while Foss has been kind of a creepy stalker guy, he is kind of hot and I do want to see more of him. We do see him come home and the guy from the company who he dealt with earlier has broken in. it seems the key card Foss handed in was actually Kern’s. Oops! Things escalate quickly from there when the guy comes back and Foss being kind of a badass takes him out. So much craziness! The other adult drama this episode involves Nicole and Steven trying to register Kyle for school. The Vice Principal is kind of a pompous jerk who would rather dump Kyle in a special ed program than provide a one-on-one tutor (Which seems like he might have a point about the expense). They’re still railing about the Vice Principal’s stance when they get home and Steven has to have “the talk” with Kyle. It’s super awkward because of course Kyle’s never had an erection before and he doesn’t understand why if it is normal and natural why it has to be hidden. In an attempt to help out, Josh introduces Kyle to dirty magazines and masturbation. Yeah that’s way more awkward than the talk itself!

The next day, Josh finds a way to get Lori temporarily out of Kyle watching duty while also getting the number of the hot girl from the pool. They can get Kyle swimming lessons. Things seem to work out pretty well actually. Kyle learns to swim and Amanda isn’t quite so freaked out by everything. She’d stopped by and seen a lot of Kyle’s drawings of her. Oh and Declan had also stopped by to actually ask Lori out to the party on Friday night. She seems set on having sex with him at the party now which makes Hilary kind of giddy. Kyle pays Amanda a visit at home where she shares some of her dad’s paintings with him and explained that the arts are all about how you feel. So instead of just using crayons, Kyle incorporates some painting into his next drawing.

That night, Josh gets up the courage to finally call the girl (Ashley) thanks to Lori getting her number and they agree to go to the same party Lori is going to with Declan. And now somehow Kyle gets roped into going, too. The look on his face when he says he doesn’t like parties is pretty amusing considering the last time he went to a party he got super drunk and then fought a cop. But it is a chance to give Amanda the painting he made. Nicole isn’t happy about Steven letting Kyle go to the party even though the other two kids will be there and the party is chaperoned. Steven explains that while he understands the desire to protect Kyle, they need to let him make mistakes and learn from life to be a normal well-adjusted kid.

Things at the party really don’t end well for any of the Trager kids. Josh and Ashley do meet up and end up skinny dipping in the hot tub until they are caught by the chaperones. It is very awkward and Josh is humiliated. Elsewhere, Lori and Declan end up having sex in the bushes (um you couldn’t find a spare room in the huge house?) and it clearly was awkward and not very good. While all of that is going on, a drunk Hilary falls into Kyle’s lap and is kind of hitting on him. Kyle isn’t exactly oblivious but he’s more interested in trying to find Amanda. The evening ends poorly for Loir when Hilary drunkenly announces that she told Declan to ask Lori out on a real date because that was the only way he was getting into Lori’s pants. Yeah it was kind of a bitchy move and I can totally get why Lori is hurt and furious at both Declan and Hilary. To make matters worse for Kyle, he finally spots Amanda but her boyfriend Charlie shows up. I will admit watching this episode I did get a tiny bit emotional as Charlie is played by the late Cory Monteith. Kyle never gets to give Amanda his picture. Instead, just before he and the Tragers all head home early, he tosses it in the pool. Poor guy. But I think Steven was right in letting him go. It sucks that he got his heart broken but he needed to learn so he could grow.

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