Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Kyle XY 1.03: “The Lies that Bind”

“Lying’s not the way. Like I told you, tell the truth no matter what.”
- Steven

Now that Kyle has a place to sleep, you’d think thing would start equalizing out back to normal. But you’d be wrong. Lori and Josh are frustrated that Kyle sleeping in the tub is interfering with their morning rituals. And Kyle feels out of place within the family. Everyone else has somewhere to be or something to do. Steven ends up taking Kyle to work with him so someone can keep an eye on him while Lori and Nicole go to work and Josh heads to summer school. It turns out though that everyone’s day is not going according to plan. Lori has skipped out on work to have a hot tub make out session with Declan and Nicole gets sidelined by the detective calling about the skeleton we saw in the last episode. She sits down with him and gets kind of defensive with the detective for thinking Kyle might be involved in the murder. She thinks maybe Kyle witnessed the attack and that may be what caused his amnesia but she refuses to believe he’s a killer. She’s also hesitant to share crime scene photos with Kyle given his fragile mental state.

She shouldn’t be the only one worrying about Kyle though. Steven dumps Kyle on the new temp secretary before going into a meeting with the CEO of the company. The meeting doesn’t go well. It seems a lot of the people working for the company came along with Steven and now the CEO wants to lay people off but wait until the end of the quarter. Basically, he’s a giant dick. While all of this is going on, Kyle wanders off to the server room (he overheard the secretary whining about it not working) and after reading all of the manuals, settles into fix the problem. Of course it doesn’t look like he’s fixing anything when Steven and the temp stumble on him. Luckily, just as the CEO heads for the sever room because his email isn’t working, Kyle finishes his work and the problem is solved. Score one for the math and tech genius kid.

That night Steven and Nicole foist Kyle off on Lori for the next day so they can both work. Lori is so not happy about having to babysit. And it seems little lies are getting around this episode because when Nicole shows Kyle the photo of an ID card with a symbol on it, Kyle denies knowing anything about it or having seen it before. More on that a little later. While Kyle is doing Josh’s math test for summer school (and then being told to lie about helping), Nicole fills Steven in on what she learned from the police. He’s also upset that Kyle might be involved but he is also concerned about what that means for their family’s safety. As they talk, we see the guy in the red truck listening in. When Nicole mentions that whoever the killer is would likely have scratches, the camera pans down to show scratches on the guy’s hand. So he’s definitely the killer and kind of a creepy stalker dude.

The next morning, everyone leaves the house and Kyle is still asleep (of course the adults don’t realize this). Lori snuck out early and met up with Hilary to stalk Declan. Lori claims to not care if he sees other girls (they are more friends with benefits anyway) but she is clearly upset when she sees Declan getting into a car with a bunch of pretty girls. Hilary may be a ditz sometimes but she’s pretty much spot on when she points out that Lori cares more about Declan than she wants to admit. Poor Kyle is so confused that he was left home alone. He feels like he doesn’t have a place in the home or the family (I mean he’s sleeping in the tub in the bathroom that everyone uses) and he feels kind of useless. Well that is until he sees that the satellite dish is broken and he climbs onto the roof to fix it. But it seems the Tragers aren’t the only ones having issues and the need for lies this episode because as Kyle is getting down from the roof (okay he literally just jumps off the edge of it) Amanda drives by and sees it, crashing into some trash cans.

Amanda is freaking out (I honestly didn’t think hitting some trash cans would do the amount of damage done to her car) and she tries to hide the damage. But Kyle being Kyle suggests she just tell the truth because lying is clearly making her feel worse about the situation. And it seems Lori wants Kyle to lie for her, too. I have to say Matt Dallas has very expressive eyes when he’s playing the childlike wonder of Kyle’s early days. Unfortunately things take a turn for the awkward at the dinner table when Kyle spills Josh and Lori’s secrets because he just can’t take it anymore. But a little talk with Steven on the roof seems to clarify things for Kyle a little bit. It gives Steven enough courage to tell the CEO that he’s informing people of the layoffs and he’ll quit if the CEO tries to fire him.

Lori and Nicole have a touching mother-daughter moment and Kyle lies to Amanda’s mom about the car. It doesn’t earn him any points with her but Amanda seems grateful. And the Trager children seem to be bonding over the need to keep certain things between them. All seems well the next morning, especially with Kyle getting his own room, but of course it wouldn’t be an episode of Kyle XY without a little mystery leading out of the episode. As Nicole starts hanging up some of Kyle’s drawings she discovers the random black bits are all part of a bigger image. Put in the right order, they create the key card symbol. So he does remember it, or at least subconsciously he does. Very interesting to see where all of this goes.

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