Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blindspot 1.03: "Eight Slim Grins"

“Every time we get close to something real, it just slips through my fingers.”
- Jane

As is becoming customary with this show, the timeline picks up right where we left Jane, in the clutches of the bearded man from her memory in the woods. They end up tussling a bit before he cryptically tells her not to trust “them” (whoever that is) and gets riddled with bullets. Tensions are running pretty high at HQ when Jane gets checked out. She’s not really upset about the invasion, she’s just mad that a possible lead to who she is has been killed yet again. Reade isn’t overly thrilled to have Jane around either. He doesn’t rust her. It seems that this week’s theme is trust or a lack thereof amongst the team. As Weller argues with Mayfair about letting Jane in on the Taylor Shaw theory (they should have DNA by the end of the day), a jewelry heist crew hits up a high end place. One of the guys gets shot as they are getting away and the case falls on the team’s radar because he has an identical Navy Seal tattoo to Jane’s. Patterson points out that this should be a significant clue because no two Seal tattoos are alike. Interesting.

Weller and Jane head to the hospital in the hopes of talking to the wounded thief, who Zapata and Reade determine is a member of f vie man crew who were recruited by the Navy to be black ops and are an international heist crew. That’s honestly kind of frightening. Meanwhile, the identity of the dead guy from the safe house is hitting a dead end. Much like Jane, his DNA and fingerprints aren’t in any database. Curious, indeed. Weller and Jane strike out at the hospital because the guy, Casey, is being rushed back into surgery. Lucky for the team, they get a hit on a van that’s at a mini mall. Friction kicks off the op when Jane wants a gun and a radio and Weller tells her to stay in the car. She spots one of the thieves and approaches him but he ultimately gets away. Weller basically scolds her over the fact that she’s making it really hard to trust her when she won’t’ follow orders. I have noticed that’s kind of a thing with her. She rushes into situations when she’s told to stay out of them.

The next lead turns out a woman who met one of the thieves and is friends with one of his relatives on Facebook. She was spotted on surveillance at the jewelry store for several days casing the place. She tells Weller, Reade and Zapata that he has a boat somewhere on Manhattan. Great, because there are three marinas to search. Jane gets left behind on this little side mission which makes her feel aimless. Patterson tries to explain that this new dynamic is exactly that (new) and they all need time to figure out how they fit together now. Amidst the case of trying to find the thieves, one of Patterson’s people finds the FBI file tattoo that Mayfair had located in the pilot. Patterson has the hard copy pulled and excitedly presents it to Mayfair. Clearly, this is not something that Mayfair wants to be known. She kind of shoos Patterson away. The more we get of Mayfair the less I trust her.

Just as the FBI is about to search the marinas, Wellers gets a call that Casey is awake. So after exchanging heated words with Reade, Weller and Jane go to the hospital. And then the shit hits the fan. Casey’s brother and the rest of the crew show up and cut the power and jam the cell reception. They claim they just want Casey but they kill a cop and scare a lot of people. Working together, Weller and Jane sort of get Casey to safety. Weller even gives Jane a gun so she can protect Casey. Unfortunately, it takes both Jane and Weller essentially working in tandem to get the rest of the suspects down. Casey’s brother almost gets him out of the hospital but he spots the FBI (Zapata, Reade and Mayfair have all shown up because of the reports of gunfire at the hospital) and is confronted by a well-armed pair of bad asses. It isn’t really that surprising that Casey kicks the bucket. But he does recognize Jane and with his dying breath utters the word “Orion”. Is it an organization, an operation name, a person? We don’t know and the team is pretty damn frustrated by all of this. As Weller and Jane are heading to get checked out after the drama at the hospital is over, Weller admits that they have a theory on Jane’s identity.

Before we can get to whether Jane is or isn’t Taylor Shaw, the team has to reevaluate Jane’s role amongst them. Jane goes on the defensive when Mayfair starts pointing out that the cases linked to Jane’s tattoos are getting increasingly dangerous. But Mayfair just wants to arm Jane. He’ll have to pass all the field certifications but given her skillset, that won’t be a problem at all. So hooray, Jane is on the team! And in even better news, Patterson has the DNA results (which she ran three times). Jane is definitively Taylor Shaw. I’m very glad they didn’t drag out her identity for very long. Having this information only opens up a whole can of worms about where she’s been, what the relationship looks like now between her and Weller and still why she was taken and by whom as a child. And if the mystery surrounding Jane isn’t enough, Mayfair just keeps getting shadier. She meets with a guy and they discuss Operation Daylight, which I’m guessing had to do with the case file Patterson found on the leader of a nasty drug cartel. The guy tells Mayfair to handle Jane (he advocates just killing her) because if people beyond those involved in the operation are aware of it, that’s huge trouble for the rest of them.

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