Sunday, October 18, 2015

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3.03: “A Wanted (Inhu)man”

“I’m done fighting with people over who gets to fight the real fight. It’s a colossal waste of time and resources.”
- Coulson

This is a pretty big episode for a lot of our characters. As you might recall, Hunter and May are on the hunt for Ward, Fitz just rescued Simmons from the alien planet and the Inhuman population is on the rise and under fire by the ATCU. All of those stories move forward this week and things get very interesting on several fronts. Let’s start with the main story of the week, though. Thanks to the damage at the hospital, Lincoln is now being hunted by Rosalind Price and her men. The poor guy really just wants to be left alone but that’s not going to happen. First, SHIELD taps into a phone he just bought and Daisy tries to convince him to go with them but he’s not having it. Price thinks the best way to find Lincoln is to plaster his photo all over TV like a wanted criminal or a terrorist. Seriously, do these people know nothing? Have they not seen how persecuting a group of people who they deem “different” has gone in the past? It never ends well. Never. And it just makes me so twitchy! Anyway, Lincoln gets on a bus but then has to short out the electrical system and make a mad dash for it. He ends up calling someone who sounds like an AA sponsor. I have a feeling there is a lot about Lincoln we don’t know and I’d love to find out (good think Luke Mitchell is a series regular now). Anyway, things seem to be on the mend for poor Lincoln when his sponsor sees a news clip with Lincoln’s picture. He has called the ATCU which of course makes Lincoln panic. He uses his powers to disarm his friend but it causes the guy to have a heart attack. So, freaking out, Lincoln calls Daisy and says he would go with them (but not join SHIELD). Hey it’s a step in the right direction. Also, he and Daisy share a pretty steamy kiss before all hell breaks loose (okay, yes I totally am shipping these two and have since he was first introduced last season). Too bad Coulson has to make a deal with the devil and call off Mack’s escape plan for them to protect Daisy. Lincoln sees this clearly for what it is (a betrayal) and runs off again. Daisy is furious with Coulson for what he’s done but he explains that he’s done fighting with people over who gets to fight the real fight. So he’s going to team with the ATCU and give them his expertise. It’s the only way he could keep Daisy safe and as we all know, that’s one of Coulson’s top priorities.

On the Hydra front, Hunter believes he can get in to the low levels of Hydra but he’s going to need the help of a guy he used to freelance with. This leads to a rather amusing night of drinking in which May just sort of stares at them (it involved subtitles for the two Brits although I didn’t have any trouble understanding them). I like May as the kind of quiet badass type. She’s amusing when she’ bored. But all the drinking leads to an invite. Apparently the only way to get in to Hydra these days is to get into a fight and win. May is all for doing the fighting but Hunter rightly points out if word gets back to Ward that a kick ass little Asian lady wants to join, he’d assume it was May right off the bat. That doesn’t mean that May has to sit by the sidelines and watch (at least not for long). Hunter gets into the ring (so to speak) but it turns out his drinking buddy is the one he’s going to be fighting. And then things get bloody. Like really bloody. Hunter basically gets his ass beat within an inch of his life. Meanwhile, May gets dragged off by some creeps whom she handily takes out. Girl’s got some skills! (And I have to say I know Ming Na-Wen doesn’t do all her stunts but damn, she’s pretty awesome for being 50). All the pain and no doubt broken bones for Hunter are worth it, though. He wins his fight eventually and gets recruited. I just can’t see this going well in the end. I also hope it doesn’t last the whole season because really, that’s just too much.

I saved what I consider the best part of the episode for last. As is probably obvious, Jen and I both adore FitzSimmons as a couple, especially now that they’ve both admitted their feelings. Jemma is having trouble acclimating to our world having been gone for so long. The gravity is different and she’s hearing sounds more acutely. Basically the poor girl is on overload. But Fitz is right by her side to support her. It is so sweet and touching and she’s so grateful for him being there. And the best part, Fitz has kept their dinner reservation for the last three months. After a chat with Bobbi, Fitz thinks the best course of action to help Jemma heal is to do something normal and human, like a date. Jemma is touched and everything is going fine until she just sort of breaks down. But that’s okay with Fitz, he just lets her cry on his shoulder. They have a long way to go to being the happy FitzSimmons of season 1. But I hope they get there. Although, given the way the episode ends I think we may be in for a wait. All episode Jemma has been kind of jumpy around the remains of the portal. Bobbi assures her it’s inert and can’t hurt her anymore. But at the close of the episode, Jemma insists that it has to be reconstituted because she has to go back to the planet! Is it me or is anyone else getting Lost feels from this?

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