Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blindspot 1.06: "Cede Your Soul"

“Is that what you’ve done with me? Stayed objective?”
- Jane

This week kicks off with some pretty steamy stuff. Jane has her first dream and it’s a sex dream! In talking with her therapist, she comes to believe that maybe the man in her dream was Weller. She’s seeing him everywhere and clearly it’s freaking her out (it would freak me out, too). Her therapist suggests she try keeping her relationship with Weller professional only for a bit and see if the dreams abate. At the same time, Mayfair questions Weller’s objectivity in Jane’s case (again) and he sets out to prove he’s objective. He’s also kind of in a funk since his sister had their dad show up and all at the end of last week’s episode. Weller’s objective-face makes him come off as a real dick at times. He chews Jane out for having her gun holster in the wrong spot. Come on, dude!

The case of the week is at least an interesting one. We see a Saudi prince get killed while in federal agent custody (he was on his way to a peace summit). The team learns that the killers found the convoy via a tracking app. With a little digging by Patterson, the team finds the address of the person who built the app (and the source code behind it). The gang busts in thinking it’s a guy but it’s a teenage girl named Ana. She claims she made the app for the government and that she’s got a contact at the NSA. Some quick checking by Mayfair reveals there is no such person. While Weller is trying to figure out if Ana is lying, Jane goes into the room and asks about the logo for the app 9which is on her leg). She establishes a rapport with Ana (which Zapata tried to do being Latina and all but I guess our gambling junkie isn’t doing so well). Ana eventually reveals that she built the code for a guy named Shawn. He’s the one who told her the code was going to the government. They tell her to shut down the program but she claims she can’t because Shawn has it.

So now he team has to find a way to get to Shawn in his fortified fortress of tech. They manage to do it with some sweet hacking by Patterson. She and Ana had some great little nerdy banter while Weller yet again chastises Jane for not acting like an FBI agent. Again, man, back off! I get she’s not who you want her to be but calm down. Jane continues to try and bond with Ana even after the case is over (you know things can’t be that easy when the case is done halfway through the episode) and again Weller chides her. She tells him to back off and that she needs space. I have a feeling they’re all going to need each other shortly because Ana gets home and is accosted by three thugs.

The thugs force Ana to find a particular truck for them. She uses Patterson’s log-in (while she’s talking to her boyfriend who has done some massive cleaning in the apartment) which tips the team off that something is going wrong. Weller interrupts one of Jane’s sessions (in which Jane expresses concern that Weller has been pulling away from her) to bring Jane in on things. It’s not long before Patterson activates Ana’s webcam and they realize where Ana is. The team just misses Ana at her place but she left them a clue to where they are going and it’s now a race against time. The truck the thugs wanted 9who turn out to be Russian drug runners) is a Homeland Security vehicle with lots of weapons. Oh goody. In a move that should shock no one who has ever seen a cop show, a massive firefight breaks out once the team arrives. RPGs and grenades are involved. But our team is victorious and they even save Ana who just has a few bruises. I’m not sure how happy Homeland is going to be that their giant cache of weapons that was bound for overseas assignments got blown up but whatever.

Jane decides to keep her distance a bit from Weller when he offers to drive her home. She’s got her security detail waiting for her (oh and Ana gets one now, too). Weller gets home to find his father in his house again. He’s not happy but doesn’t have much choice in the matter. His sister basically forces him to put butt in chair and tell their father that Taylor is alive so he’s innocent. Weller doesn’t actually do much of the talking that we see. It’s very clear he is uncomfortable. I do hope they address the issue of the isotope test again (and make it clearer how both things could be true). Zapata finally pays off her bookie and claims she’s out of the gambling game. We’ll see how long that lasts. I do like that she and Reade seem to have a good partnership and if her issues go on, I’m sure he’ll figure it out and try to help. Jane gets home and tries to entice her security guys in for a drink but they’re consummate professionals and can’t leave their posts. Poor thing is just trying for a little human connection. It also turns out she wasn’t dreaming about Weller. She described a man with a tree tattoo on his arm (which Weller doesn’t have) and then we see a guy watching her go inside and he’s got that tattoo. This makes me wonder if it was really a dream or if he snuck in and was doing naughty things with her.

Overall, I liked that this didn’t really deal with government corruption. Sure it’s an interesting theme but I like that the tattoos can have multiple meanings (thanks to Ana picking up on the black tattoo covering Jane’s SEAL tattoo). This I’m assuming is going to lead into more questions about the FBI case involving Director Carter from the CIA and Mayfair. This show doesn’t waste a lot of time on keeping mysteries a complete mystery for long and I’m glad for it.

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